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How Does Scotty McClellan Live with Himself?

Bring Them Home Now Bus Tour - Day 1 and 2
by Cindy Sheehan

Since I was bone tired when I finally got to a bed, I didn't write my blog last night. This will probably be the last time I write for awhile, unless I think of something exciting to say. I am on my way home until the end of next week when I head back for the Bus Tour.

Yesterday, we left Camp Casey and it was very emotional for me. Like I said before, I never thought I would feel so badly about leaving Crawford, Texas behind. But I never counted on the Crawford, Texas experience turning into the Camp Casey experience. We actually walked around most of the time with stupid grins on our faces because being at Camp Casey was such a happy experience. However, we are carrying Camp Casey with us to the nation now.

I left Camp Casey on the same bus I pulled up in: The VFP Impeachment Tour Bus. It was excruciatingly hot as we rolled into Austin in 100 plus degree heat with no air. When we got into Austin and were still on I-35, our bus was greeted by honks, waves, and cheers from our fellow rush hour motorists. I was afraid we would cause an accident in the go sometimes, but mostly stopped traffic. We arrived safely at Congressman Lloyd Doggett's office and spoke to his aide. It was a great meeting and we are 100% behind Lloyd Doggett and he is 100% behind us.

From the Congressman's office, we went to the state's capitol and I received a Texas flag and a proclamation welcoming me to Texas from an Austin state legislator. I thought since I had been in Texas for almost a month it was nice that someone finally welcomed me.

We marched from the state capitol to Austin city hall. It was quite a sight as many hundreds of people followed us down Congress Street behind our "Support our troops, Bring Them Home Now" banner. We sang and chanted as we walked. People were joining us for our march from the sidewalks. It was the most remarkable march I have ever been a part of.

For the rally at City Hall, we were greeted by easily 2000 plus people, whom I joked with about moving to Austin and running for mayor. Most of the crowd had been to Camp Casey at one time or the other. We had VFP, IVAW, MFSO and GSFP members speak. My friend, David Rovics played a couple of songs, including: Every Mother's Son about Casey. My friend, Jim Hightower also spoke. It is always a treat to hear him.

I spoke and I talked about how George couldn't come out and see me when I was in Crawford, because he didn't have an answer for me: there is no "Noble Cause" so how could he answer me. He admitted the other day that it was for oil. I don't consider that a good enough reason for so many people being dead. Iraq could and would sell us their oil. I really believe immoral criminals are running our country and it is making me even more determined to save it with millions of my fellow citizen's help.

This morning, I was watching Scotty McClellan's press conference and the press corps was asking him about the failure in preparations for the hurricane. He kept on saying: "this is not the time to point fingers, lay blame, or for politics." Of course it isn't, when the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the people he works for. From diverting money to Iraq that was intended to shore up the levees and make New Orleans safer, to sending 70 percent* of the National Guard from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama to Iraq in a war that never has made sense, George Bush has failed this country. By his actions in the first few days of the Katrina tragedy, he has also demonstrated that he doesn't care about Americans whether they are in Iraq or in America.

We on the Bring Them Home Now Bus Tour really agonized for the last day if we should continue the trip considering what is going on in our country. We came to the conclusion that it is more important for us to "stay the course" and point out the failures of this administration and how this illegal occupation of Iraq is making our country far less safe than it was before. We will "complete the mission" to honor the sacrifices of our fallen heroes. We will strive and not give up until our troops are brought home from Iraq and everyone in both countries are more secure.

PS: Tom Delay's aide said he probably won't meet with me because I don't "comport" myself properly. I told him that we don't think Tom Delay "comports" himself properly and I could probably get a meeting if Casey had a feeding tube in him instead of being dead for his boss's support of a horrible war.

His aide said he didn't know what I was referring to...when are these people going to stop thinking I am stupid?


Check out for more info on the bus tour and how you can be involved.

Learn more about Cindy at or about Gold Star Families for Peace at

*Knight Ridder reported that 35% of the Louisiana National Guard was "been deployed to Iraq or to support the war," but Sheehan says the 70% was told to her by Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, who had heard it at a meeting about the catastrophe.

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Keep it up, Cindy. You're still heading in the right direction, and you've got millions of us right behind you!

Cindy I had the privledged to go to the chickenhawk ranch with you from the convention.I came every weekend to support your efforts and could not help but relize this is bigger than any one could have dreamed it would be.God is using you as his spokesperson.Like Moses,who would have figured.I think you are being lead by a higher power.Anyway you have my support and love.I will see you on the 24th.

Mike Young

I completely agree; stay the course, Cindy. You've got the criminals in our government scared with all of our support behind you.

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