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Katrina Marches on Washington?
by FluxRostrum

A thought. Which would be backed up with my complete, in-person, suppport, if there is serious interest in making this thought a reality. I am not currently close enough to NO to start the ball myself.

Evidence of bureaucratic failures in the handling of Katrina are starting to piss a lot of people off.

The fact that hotels are not offering - even temporarily - free rooms to refugees... the gas gouging... the depiction of survival as "looting", blocking domestic & foriegn workers and aid from entering the city ...

All of these issues clearly illustrate the fact that "Profit Over People" is not right or acceptable, at least in this level humanity.

Those who have lost everything have nothing to lose.
Your're going to have to leave anyway...


Real people and the truly compassionate churches will undoubtedly line up to support those refugees marching to the White House from the disaster area. You're going to have to go somewhere, and you're probably not going to be working for quite awhile - why not get some fresh air and demand justice!

Our government has obviously misspent billions and billions of dollars and have made every effort to ignore your plight both before Katrina Hit and After.

Personally, I'd rather be Marching for Justice and the realignment of US Priorities than sitting in a sports complex with 25,000 people twiddling my thumbs.

Whata ya say?
Have anything better to do?
Any better place to go?

In the best country on earth they would have been prepared for this kind of disaster. In the best country on earth they would be handling the aftermath competently. In the best country on earth Red Tape and Profit would not be getting in the way of saving lives and dignity.

Walk outa there with your heads up and on a mission.
Have faith, and the support you need will materialize.


PS. I've been named the 4th best video blogger in the world by the Independent UK

Peace Power!

Fluxview, USA


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Just one question: What do you propose to do when you get there?

simplifies saying "Impeach Bush, Cheney, Wolfy, Rove, Rummy, Condi, Perle, Libby, Bolton, et al " etc, etc, etc.

I've seen some items mentioning the 24th and others the 15th. Are there Washington events being planned on both dates? If so, isn't that an unwise division of efforts?

Got a website for the 15th, maybe we need to co-ordinate?

I think the march is a great idea.........see if Jesse Jackson could co-ordinate it.
But I have one request....please don't refer to these survivors as "refugees". The Black Caucus finds this term degrading. They are American citizens and I think they should be referred to as "displaced citizens". It gives them more dignity which they rightly deserve!


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