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More on FEMA Funneling Money to Killer Pat

By PogBlog

Fema donation page has Operation Blessing two below Red Cross.LINK

USA Today has Op. Blessing right under Red Cross. LINK

The original alert I saw on Sploid. LINK is the follow-up.


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Imagine my surprise that "Halliburton" was hired for New Orleans Clean Up.

"The Navy has hired Houston-based Halliburton Co. to restore electric power, repair roofs and remove debris at three naval facilities in Mississippi damaged by Hurricane Katrina"

So, does that include "contractors" with sniper rifles and "security personnel" with automatic weapons shooting all the poor black people?
You know, like what they are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan with the
"brown" people.


This article is really scary . . . What do these "Rapture Types" want?

"From the wide open front door the Pentecostal preacher's message echoed from within the plain wooden walls: "Thank you Gawd for giving us strawng leaders like President Bush during this crieeesis. Praise you Lord and guide him in this battle with Satan's Muslim armies"

(full story)

YES, YES !!!!!
I read this stuff about two years ago. It scared the hell out of me and I tried to tell everyone I knew would listen.
I'm so glad to see it here......Tell everyone!

The Operation Blessing phone number is 1-800-436-6348. Make use of it and state your protest that you will not tolerate the funding of a religious cult.

To all who don't care about the brown and the black American!!!!Let me tell you that this country of ours is allways beeen white power with haters those are the one whose are not in the rainbow of colores. show me white in god rainbows there is none becuse we of colores are the god chose us.pat is not god at all or for that matter bush but god will be done and he will be done.I ask god to help us take over this country of ours so we can drink brown coffee with my black borthers and others who are not white love all the people,but there are some real nom good for nothingout there that who's life blood is blooding others out there.

They want their own theocracy here---Taliban style preferable---and they do not want anyone else here who is not one of their own...Churches have become political and should pay taxes...US citizens do not like support churches who are trying to overpower the rest of the country to their own ways...

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