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US can handle Iraq, Katrina: Bush

(Editor's note: Some lawmakers have asked for the National Guard to be pulled out of Iraq and return back to the States where they're needed at home. Are we stretched to thin? Are there enough members in Congress to support bringing the troops home to help recover from this tragedy? What do you think?)

US can handle Iraq, Katrina: Bush
From correspondents in Biloxi
September 03, 2005

US President George W. Bush has rejected calls to pull resources from the war in Iraq to handle Hurricane Katrina, saying: "We've got plenty of resources to do both."

"The people (have) just got to know, we've got what it takes to do more than one thing. And we'll secure our country from the terrorists and we'll help rebuild this part of the world," he said after touring this devastated town.

Some US lawmakers have asked that Washington call home members of the National Guard whose homes were devastated by the storm, others worry about the multi-billion-dollar pricetag of funding both ventures.

"I just completely disagree," said the president.

"We've got a job to defend this country in the war on terror, and we've got a job to bring aid and comfort to the people of the Gulf Coast, and we'll do both. We've got plenty of resources to do both," he said.

"Somebody questioned me the other day about: Do we have enough National Guard troops? Of course, we do. These governors have got compacts with other states. If they need to call upon another state, the state will send Guard troops," said Bush.



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Get that damn lawyer out of his cush job and get someone with experience and logistics to help these people! My God Bush, you can't give all your PNAC'les jobs. Please, let's have someone qualified to do their job!!

Peace, back by popular demand!

His stubborn "stay the course" strategy in the face of all contrary logic is the best way for him to achieve his proper place in history that I can think of. And a place in history is exactly what he deserves as quickly as possible.

It's interesting to speculate which of his "achievements", domestic or international, will be awarded the greater amount of space. I suppose that probably depends on whether his country manages to survive in any intact form, the probability of which seems more doubtful every day.

But what the f*ck, I'm a jock strap, I have too! I know, it's a disgusting job, but some piece of rubber and fabric has to do it!

Peace, back by popular demand!

You cracked me up when i read your post! Peace to you too. But listen! Don't stretch yourself too thin or you'll pop! ok? One last thing brother. Since you support this president, i assume you also beleive we are in Iraq to spread freedom and democracy. If so, have you considered hurry'ing down to the recruiter's branch of millity service of your choice and enlisting and putting substance to that support?

He has no cojones

Bush has demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt that he can not handle Iraq or Katrina; his Iraq policies are a total failure and he is off to a running start failing at the Katrina disaster too. This bozo is so incompetent that he could not find his arse with both hands and a map. Little George is in way over his head; if they wont impeach his sorry arse for high crimes and misdemeanors, how about gross incompetence?

Every national guardsman over in Iraq represents an American citizen who was not rescued. Every water tanker in Iraq represents an American who died of thirst in New Orleans. For every generator in Iraq there is a devastated U.S. hospital on the Gulf Coast that goes without power. This calamity dwarfs 911, as bad as that was. Examine the ratio of dollars spent on the "War on Terror" vs. diaster preparedness. Our "leader's" priorities are way out of whack. This is leadership? Where does the buck stop? Disgusting. Unforgivable.

We cannot trust Bush nor any of his hand-picked buddies in the administration to lead our country. They are ALL truly incompetent, and our country is in danger. The World was watching this pathetic effort to help our own citizens, and now they know our weaknesses...God only knows what is next...

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