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Bipartisan investigation into Katrina failures

Bipartisan investigation into Katrina failures
by kos
Fri Sep 2nd, 2005 at 16:29:16 PDT
This might be a good thing, if done right.

Two key U.S. senators said on Friday they will open a bipartisan investigation into what they described as an "immense failure" of the government response to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican who heads the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, and Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, the panel's top Democrat, said they plan to begin an oversight investigation next week when the full Senate returns from a summer recess.

No whitewashes. Find out who fucked up. Republicans, Democrats, I don't care. Anyone who screwed up should be tarred and feathered.

(Funny thing is, given the two names on this effort, I trust Collins to get at the truth more than I trust Lieberman.)



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I hope someone in the mainstream press will point out that the conditions in New Orleans that we see all over our media, are very similar to what WE'VE CAUSED to happen to the people of Iraq. We have hardly been allowed to see that, though. God help us.

No whitewash ?......Who could ever know?
I feel that trust in our government is SO BROKEN.
Right or left.....I don't care anymore.

This tragedy has shown a very real face of America's
government, institutions and social agenda.....that is,
abandon the poorest and the most disadvantaged of
our fellow citzens. Whether that be in economics,
opportunity, education, a piece of the pie....or in the
aftermath of a hurricane.
It is shameful and disgusting.

"Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers......"

Do you really think BushCo cares about New Orleans?

These guys are rich "White Anglo Saxon Protestant" Social Darwinists in bed with the British Fascist "Ruling Class." They hate anything French and they hate anybody that isn't "white." And, they sure as hell hate Catholics!!!

And there is nothing better they love than to make Black people look scary and dangerous on their corporately controlled Main Stream Media.

New Orleans is nothing more than a thorn in their side to remind people of the dream this country was founded on . . . Brotherly Love, Liberty, Freedom and Equality.

Why do you think it was such a priority for these guys to erect New York Skyscapers taller than the Statue of Liberty??? Have to have those "Superman Penises" to show their POWER and make the statement, "NO, all men are NOT created Equal!! We are the Ruling Class. We shall create a mighty PNAC NEO CON New World Order Empire!!!"

I am surprised that we haven't received a letter from France saying,
"Dear America, since you let a bunch of dicks take over your country and turn you all into corporate wage-slaves, please return Lady Liberty. Sincerely, The People that stood by you for centuries that you stabbed in the back . . . "Freedom Fries" my ass.




Viva La New Orleans!!!!

George Bush fucked up! What in the hell does a lawyer have any business being in charge of the the Federal Emergency Action Commission? Has Michael Brown ever been in an emergency in his life? Well, maybe when that silver spoon slipped too far down his throat because he thought it was a penis! This government must be held accountable for their appointments. Good people, qualified people have quit FEMA because of the dimantling and their feeling of inablility to perform their job. George Bush and PNAC have raped and pillaged this country. God, please save us from these maniacs.

Peace, back by popular demand,

Get that damn lawyer out of his cush job and get someone with experience and logistics to help these people! My God Bush, you can't give all your PNAC'les jobs. Please, let's have someone qualified to do their job!!

Peace, back by popular demand!

Newsflash! Bush is lost without his Dick! Bush has no idea where his Dick is. Is his Dick playing war games as it was on 9/11 obscurring and confusing our country's ability to defend themselves against the Bush family's Saudi friends? Bush again laments, where's my Dick? Dick Cheyney, where the hell are you during this country's greatest natural disaster, other than the "election" of GW Bush and PNAC! God, please save us!

Peace, back by popular demand!

Uncle Dick is very busy in his bunker plotting the next war with Rummy and AIPAC/PNAC. They're just trying to decide how many nukes they should drop on Iran and whether they should use U.S. or Israeli planes.

Did I miss something here? Would someone ask these two loser Senators why there has been no investigation into the lies of WMD, Hussein and 9/11, etc, etc, etc??? Would someone ask them to kindly please get their asses in gear and put a stop to this illegal war and all the corruption behind it??? While they're at it, would these weeny Senators finish the useless Senator from Kansas' "promised" Phase II investigation into pre-war intelligence and HOW it was used (or mis-used) in the reasons for invasion???

I don't know, I just thought maybe it might be worthwhile that these worthless spineless Senators might actually go back to the beginning of this corrupt Bush Administration and start their "investigation" there!!! Just a thought. Who knows... that same corruption might have a helluva lot of answers into the disgrace of the Katrina/FEMA cover-up!!!

Unless you're really wealthy and actually benefitting from Bush malfeasance, you have to sooner or later to the conclusion that America has been conned big-time by the Likudite Bush regime. It is clear that they are not even an American administration. The problem with Americans today is that we have been too quick to pretend everything is normal and that what we hear and see on TV is actually how things really are. What occurred in New Orleans is nothing less than the a Federal government under foreign occupation, showing Americans in dire need, that they don't count in their own country! This is a wake-up call to all patriotic citizens as the rubber stamp congress and the puppet Bush whitehouse have literally sold us out. Powerful foreign and domestic special interests control Bush and he pretty much does exactly what they tell him. He hasn't the slightest concern about what regular Americans want or need. They were so focused upon the middle east for Zionism's needs, they were seemingly lost as to what to do about the greatest disaster here in the U.S.!

Now is the time for a new spirit of nationalism and realism to arise in this country! All Americans who are not wealthy, of all colors, are endangered by the federal government under it's current leadership. With the advent of paperless electronic voting, politicians have no fear of the will of the people anymore. We need to deal with that issue and a host of others. We have to wake up and realize that our nation is being commandeered to serve the whims of a foriegn power, by our own government! Its mindboggling but this is the essence of what Bush represents. If this is not enough to wake up every rational American to unite with our fellow citizens to save our country, then we don't deserve to be saved. Forget congress, forget Bush, Cindy Sheehan's got the right idea, and more of us need to get fired up about stopping criminals in congress and the whitehouse. This is a time for truth, and action and above all America first, for all Americans!

"An Ordinary Person's Guide To Empire", by Arundhati Roy

This is a slim read of only 118 pages but very powerful....
Quote from the book:
Some of you may think it bad manners for a person like me, officially entered into the Big Book of Modern Nations as an "Indian citizen", to criticize the U.S. government. Speaking for myself, I'm no flag-waver, no patriot, and am fully aware that venality, brutality, and hypocrisy are imprinted on the leaden soul of every state. But when a country ceases to be merely a country and becomes an empire, then the scale of operations changes dramatically. So may I clarify that I speak as a subject of the American empire? I speak as a slave who presumes to criticize her king.

In 1988 the U.S.S. Vincennes, a missile cruiser stationed in the Persian Gulf, accidentally shot down an Iranian airliner and killed 290 civilian passengers. George Bush the First was asked to comment on the incident. He said, "I will never apologize for the United States. I don't care what the facts are."

I don't care what the facts are. What a perfect maxim for the New American Empire. Perhaps a slight variation on the theme would be more relevant: The facts can be whatever we want them to be.

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