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Barbara Lee Drafting Resolution of Inquiry

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D., Calif.), Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus, is circulating a letter to other Congress Members asking them to sign onto a Resolution of Inquiry.

While Lee's Resolution is unlikely to refer to the possibility of impeachment, it raises the same issues that has been raising.

Her letter includes this request:

"Join me in cosponsoring a 'Resolution of Inquiry' to learn -- as the Downing Street memo indicates -- whether steps were being taken by the Bush administration to 'fix' intelligence and facts between the two countries around a decision to go to war."

Please encourage your Congress Member to contact Lee's office to support this resolution, and contact Lee's office to thank her for her leadership.

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Jail the whole bunch.

Sheesh ! I'd say they've already used up too many tax $$$ as it is.
How about...
The block ? Nah, they already lost their heads some time ago.
The guillotine ? But, hardly anyone knits anymore.
Firing squad ? People would probably fight over who gets to be on the squad. about their own personal suicide bomber ?
Actually that they could probably plan themselves. Seen the docu Loose Change ? Here it is, 3rd item down:

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