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Bush's Ventriloquist Declares Katrina Response 'Not Acceptable'

The secret cabal that controls Bush's mouth through his earpiece declared "the results are not acceptable."

Bush mouthed the words, but his brain didn't produce them.

Just watch his delivery. Watch how he utters sentence fragments, not full sentences. Watch how he pauses while he waits for the full sentences to be delivered into his ear.

Here's the play-by-play. Every time Bush pauses, he is listening to his earpiece. Usually this is accompanied by some telltale gesture - shaking his head, clenching his jaw, or waving his arms.

"Secretary Chertoff and I just finished a meeting with [uh...] Secretary Rumsfeld, General Myers, other members of my Cabinet, as well as [uh...] General Honore, [uh...] Admiral Keating, in charge of NORTHCOM -- General Honore is active duty general on the ground in Louisiana -- and Mike Brown, who's the head of FEMA.

[uh...] There's a lot of aid surging toward [uh...] those who have been affected: millions of gallons of water, millions of tons of food [....] Making progress about pulling people out of the [....] Superdome.

There's an issue right now at the convention center of New Orleans that General Honore briefed us on, trying to get food and medicine [uh...] to the convention center.

[....] Working with the governor and the adjutant general and the mayor to deploy 600 [....] of the newly arrived MPs to [uh...] secure the site so that the food and medicine and water can get in there.

[....] A lot of people working hard [uh...] to help those who've been affected. And I want to thank the people for their efforts. The results are not acceptable.

I'm headed down there right now. I'm looking forward to talking to the people on the ground.

I want to assure the people [....] of the affected areas and this country that we'll deploy the assets necessary [....] to get the situation under control, [uh...] to get the help to the people [uh...] who've been affected, and that we're beginning long-term planning [uh...] to help those who have been displaced, [uh...] as well as [....] long-term planning to help [uh...] rebuild the communities that have been affected.

Looking forward to my trip down there and [uh...] looking forward to thanking those on the ground and looking forward to assure people that [uh...] we'll get on top of this situation and we're gonna help people who need help.

Thank you. That's it."


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Really believe that bush has gone off the deep end
He knows his administration is in trouble
Really believe he is capable of anything
We are in trouble we need help SOS

Really believe that bush has gone off the deep end
He knows his administration is in trouble
Really believe he is capable of anything
We are in trouble we need help SOS

I don't know about that. I think he's just too stupid to form a coherent sentence or make public remarks without a teleprompter.

--- - under construction

I have developed an itch that the amateur and professional cheerleaders can't scratch. I'm sick and tired of this regime, junta, administration that masquerades for leadership. Maximum leader is and always has been an empty suit and the puppetmasters who control his mouth have always known that.

He is the wrong leader and he doesn't know how to address the needs of the 'wrong' constituency. There's no question that if folks from Reverend Robinson's crowd were stuck in several feet of water for days, with no food for days, with no water for days... But that's moot because they would have been evacuated before Kat even came ashore.


Okay, so who is the puppet master? My money is on Rove. He has been putting words into the Bush dummy's mouth from day one.

The troops and bush arriving on the same day!!!!!!!

Give me a break. This is just another photo-op.

If it took this long to evacuate Saigon we'd still be there.

When are the repubs going to stop making exucses for this sub-human?

Bush has a mind control faculty, and a good portion of Americans must find him sexually alluring, or something. He has, easily, been the worst president in US history, yet, already they are trying to spin him again as "DAS LEADER!!!HEIL!" The outcome of his presidency will be a bankrupted, third-world USA, and these morons could care less.
After all, I mean, he's just a "regular amurican joe". HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Anon Pop


Eli Stephens
Left I on the News

Why is our head of FEMA a lawyer? Why can't we have someone to head our Federal Emergency Management Agency, someone that has experience in managing emergencies? Please, fire Michael Brown immediately. Fire Chertoff too. Maybe we would have been better off with Giulianni's boy toy. I don't know. This government sickens me! Please God, have mercy on us.

Peace, back by popular demand!

This link is to an article at regarding our Prez' demeanor,I have been following this since June a year ago on this website ,they have two older articles about him coming unglued but you have to search for them check it out as I said it explains all

Then he had to correct himself. I heard it on NPR radio! Does he even know where Katrina hit unless someone tells him?

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