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Sheehan Ends Vigil In Crawford, Heads Out on the Road


Cindy Sheehan and her supporters began dismantling 'Camp Casey,' the makeshift camp they had erected outside of President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch. Sheehan staged a 26-day vigil in an attempt to meet with Mr. Bush. Mrs. Sheehan's oldest son, Casey, 24, died in Iraq. Subsequent information has come out leading Mrs. Sheehan to question what cause her son died for. Mr. Bush has refused to meet with her to discuss the matter.

Mrs. Sheehan's protest has given those who oppose or question the war in Iraq a focal point for their beliefs while also serving to rally Americans who continue to blindly support Mr. Bush's policies to speak their minds as well.

Mr. Bush ended his five-week vacation in Crawford and headed back to Washington yesterday. Mrs. Sheehan now intends to take her protest on the road. She will visit 25 states in the next three weeks before heading to the nation's capital for a September 24 rally. She has dubbed her forthcoming bus trip the 'Bring Them Home Tour.'

'We're going to keep on questioning him, and we're going to keep on until our troops are brought home because there's no noble cause,' Sheehan explained on Wednesday. 'And that's why George Bush couldn't come out and talk to me because he doesn't have a noble cause' for the war.

The presidents reasoning for the U.S. led invasion of Iraq has changed numerous times since the March 2003 start of the war. Initially, it was because Iraq allegedly had weapons of mass destruction. No WMD were ever found and subsequent documents like the Downing Street Memo shed serious doubt as to whether the president ever even believed that they did.

Once the WMD reasoning was debunked, Bush tried to link the invasion of Iraq with the so-called war on terror and the September 11 attacks. To date, no evidence has surfaced connecting the regime of Saddam Hussein and the al-Qaeda terrorists responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

In fact, there was no evidence that there was any major terrorist presence in Baghdad until after the U.S. started the war in March 2003.

Other excuses raised by the president have included the desire to 'spread democracy to the Middle East,' to protect Iraq from terrorists and to not let the terrorists take control of Iraqi oil. He has also raised illogical comparisons to World War II in an attempt to rally flagging support for the war in Iraq. None of these explanations have held up under close scrutiny.

Sheehan's tour began Wednesday in Austin, Texas where nearly 2,000 people marched from the state Capitol to City Hall.

'Thank you for being a bright spot in what is so-called Bush country,' Sheehan told her cheering supporters.

Thursday, Sheehan and her supporters are scheduled to visit U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's office in the Houston area.

While 'Camp Casey' may be pulled down, Cindy Sheehan's vigil and message are far from over.

Brad Kurtzberg



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