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Regarding your article listed above, I think you are missing the point of Ms. Sheehan's protesting. Many people have suggested that because she previously met with the president and made "some" good remarks about the visit and his sincerity, that she is now just a tool for the left wing. While I realize that you have not made this claim (at least not that I have read), I am mentioning this because it is directly related to Ms. Sheehan's reason for protesting the war.

Cindy Sheehan first met with the president soon after her son died (June 2004). A few months ago, the Downing Street Minutes were leaked. THIS is the main reason that Cindy Sheehan changed her perspective on the situation, and she has said this all along. She believes (as many others do, and as the evidence strongly suggests) that George W. Bush lied about the reason to invade Iraq and consequently has caused thousands of deaths across the world.

To suggest that this woman is really so cold and heartless to use her deceased son as a tool for a certain political agenda, is outrageous. If the statement about her refusing to pay taxes is legit, then I strongly disagree with her on that issue. I think that is certainly not the way to go about this.

As I said previously, you are missing the point. Ms. Sheehan and the majority of U.S. citizens are very upset and disturbed by the notion that the commander in chief intentionally brought us to a brutal war over false pretenses. Let me remind you, IRAQ DID NOT ATTACK US! And they were not planning on attacking us as far as we know. Osama bin Laden attacked us. Al Queda attacked us. The hijackers were not from Iraq, they were from other countries (Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, etc.). Also, in response to your reminder that Congress voted to go to war, they were lied to just like the American people were. I understand that some feel that what Cindy is doing is disgraceful to the troops because everyone sees things differently. However, Ms. Sheehan and her supporters DO support the troops. They support the troops by asking the president to bring them home safely so that no more American soldiers have to die because of Bush's lies.

I hope that you will take the time to consider my alternate viewpoint. Thank you for your time and feel free to reply if you wish.




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