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Time For Accountability Of Our Leaders

The time has come for Americans to demand accountability of our leaders. Never before has the corruption ran as deep as it does now in Washington. Everyday we learn more about the lies that led this country into war and the people who hijacked the tragedy of 9/11 to pursue an imperialistic agenda.

This isn't a partisan issue. It isn't red or blue. It's about the truth. George Bush said he had no intentions of nation building before he took office. Yet we know for a fact that many high ranking members of his administration were members of a group of people who lobbied and supported regime change in Iraq.

We've heard first hand accounts from former administration officials who said Bush had Iraq in his sights soon after taking office. We know for a fact that the administration used falsified evidence to convince the nation and the world that Saddam was a threat to our security. And then when confronted with the truth committed the equivalency of treason to try and cover it up.

From the Downing Street minutes we learned the facts were being fixed around the policy. From whistleblowers we learned that critical intelligence was being dismissed. There was no nuclear threat. There was no chemical or biological threat and before the invasion Iraq had managed to keep Al Qaeda at bay.

Even if you did agree with the war you have to admit that the post invasion occupation has been bungled from the planning stages. That those advisors who tried to warn the president the planning was insufficient were fired or retired.

Those who bungled the planning and lied to congress were promoted. Is this what we stand for? Are we simply going to turn a blind eye and let our children pay the price for our apathy or partisanship?

Now it's high time we had some answers. A movement has begun, focused around a grieving mother and now hundreds of gold star families. They deserve accountability. We deserve accountability. So I stand with Cindy Sheehan in asking the President to give a full accounting.

It didn't have to be like this.

Jim Shields



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I,like all Americans,was proud of us after 9/11,and so was the world. We reacted with shock,but our government with calm, calculated speed. On a global scale,we seemed to know just what to do and won the support and respect of the international community.
All that has changed. Was Congress sleeping or just too intimidated to uphold the Constitution? When I heard our president demanding the ultimate power of war-time Commander-in chief,I knew something was wrong. When I heard Colin Powell state that we would use nuclear weapons against Iraq if necessary,I could not believe what I was hearing. No president in this Democracy was meant to have that authority except in time of Congressionally declared war. Checks and Balances could have prevented this,but Congress let us down.
Now we are all awake. We have had to learn the hard way once again, that the price of freedom IS eternal vigilance. It is not too late.
The world will forgive and we can forgive ourselves if we are willing to take back the mis-guided power now and act thru Congress and the Judicial system to demand accountability of our officials who were elected to serve US.

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