You are herecontent / Dallas to house 25,000 refugees (Reunion Arena and the convention center)

Dallas to house 25,000 refugees (Reunion Arena and the convention center)

Dallas to house 25,000 refugees (Reunion Arena and the convention center)

Dallas soon will be the temporary home for at least 25,000 Hurricane Katrina refugees from Louisiana, state and local officials confirmed on Thursday. City and county leaders scrambled to locate suitable shelter for such an influx of storm victims, who they expected to arrive primarily by bus and plane beginning Saturday.

Reunion Arena and a 200,000-square-foot portion of the Dallas Convention center, both downtown, could house as many as 12,000 people, City Manager Mary Suhm said.

The police department will provide around-the-clock coverage concentrated at Reunion, the West End and along Industrial Avenue, Chief Kunkle said. Other deployments will be made as necessary, he said. The chief and other top city officials will meet at 9 a.m. today to plan their next moves.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit will begin distributing 1,000 two-week system passes beginning today to the refugees. Dallas has also constructed a makeshift animal shelter in a Reunion parking garage, complete with food, water and veterinarian care, for dozens of displaced pets, said Ade Williams, assistant director of Dallas’ Department of Code Compliance


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Anyone want to bet on how much of the $10.5B Congress is passing for hurricane relief actually gets to the people that need it? I'd give it 49%. (Of course, that assumes Halliburton doesn't get involved.)

I'm confused -- is it 25,000 or 12,000? We don't need another Astrodome screw up.

Apparently, the fire marshall declared that the dome could take in no more as it has reached capacity. As I understand it, there were approx 70 buses with up to 65 people each before this decision. That would put it at roughly 3600 people.

This is an interesting situation to say the least. A stadium designed to easily handle far more than the number that have been allowed is now deemed to be at full capacity. They've got some splainin to do!

BTW, I watched Scarborough tonight. I usually never watch the scumbag, but I have to admit he had some of the best coverage of the aftermath of anyone. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. I wonder if something has taken over his body. He actually showed more compassion and asked more damning questions than anyone I have seen. It was remarkable.

Yeah, what's his name was raising hell tonight. Seems like all the reporters working on location down there are getting pretty upset.

I think the housing that they're turning people away from is in Houston, though. This is a different one, thank goodness.

On CNN just now, Alan Gould, an evacuee at the New Orleans convention center, said there is no shooting inside any more. When Mr. Gould was asked to tell the interviewer about shootings and guns, he said there was nothing like that there now. He said many of them banded together to get rid of the ones with guns, told them if they wanted to act like that they had to go elsewhere. Mr. Gould said they are all one family now because no one else is protecting and taking care of them. He begged the interviewer to get them food and water.

Is the continuing story of shootings inside the conference center just an excuse for not helping these people? Why isn't something being done to help these people?

I hope someone will read this and check into this story further and very fast. These people need help to survive, and get out of that cesspool.

If no one is armed in the convention center now, this needs to be known so that troops do not storm the walls and kill the innocent who are simply in total dispair.


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