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Lies And Killing-For-Profit

This article is published under fair use clause and in the interest of securing U.S. Public Safety of American Citizens, the "public at large". joe martin,

Can you handle it? Not for the squeamish.

Lies And Killing-For Profit

What The Wealthy Media Monopoly Isn't Telling You About The Iraq War And Plans For World Conquest By Big Oil

Month after month the TV and other sections of media monopoly have bombarded Americans with propaganda villainizing Iraq and Afghanistan as "terrorist" nations which must be conquered to save democracy. Those not brainwashed out of their skulls by the boob tube should suspect something has gone terribly wrong since the 9-11 World Trade Center event. Out of that horrible experience has come the so-called "Patriot Acts" one and two which eviscerate the last vestiges of democratic form and personal freedom in America. Highway check points are being set up across the nation. Illegal search and seizure of personal property are becoming more common. Schools are being raided by body armored thugs carrying automatic weapons. American children are being terrorized into accepting a police state and the aggrandizing of wars of conquest. Children themselves are becoming more violent while we hear church organizations repeat the slogan "God bless our troops".
Nothing revealing anything more sinister has been media-aired since a New York Times reporter uncovered that President Bush ordered the FBI to cease its investigation of Al Qaida and that the Bushes and bin Ladens had been former business partners. The Bushes have long been connected to the oil business and the CIA.
There is a larger scenario which Americans aren’t being told about. In country after country the CIA and military have overthrown elected governments. Farmers have been evicted from their land to end up impoverished in cities, where they are used as cheap labor against American workers. Oil companies in turn explore for natural resource profits in the more promising vacated areas, acquired in places like Columbia on the excuse of fighting the drug trade. (Which the CIA has long been involved with.)
Low-witted TV line readers constantly prepare indoctrinated Americans to accept the next war-of-conquest that will send more of their jobs to foreign cheap labor havens while sacrificing our sons for corporate interests.
Formerly Saddam Hussein was a CIA asset used in an assassination plot to remove the the last Iraqi dictator. Complicity between Hussein and the CIA go back a long way.
Saddam wouldn't have been in power or stayed in power without the backing of US oil interests and other corporate profiteers.
In 1994 a Senate report revealed that US profiteers licensed by the Department of Commerce has sold the following items to Saddam Husseins's Iraq:
Bacillus Anthracis (the Anthrax bacillus) and Clostridium Botulinum, the source of botulism poisoning. Also shipped to Iraq with US government blessing was Histoplasma Capsulatam which attacks the lungs, brain, spinal cord and heart and Brucella Meliterisis that can damage major body organs. Other wonderful items which might later be used against US troops were the ugly toxins Clostridium Perfringens and Clostridium Tetani. Nicest of all, was E Coli. Dozens of other biological horror weapons were also exported for profit to Iraq. These bio weapons were later found to be identical to those confiscated by UN weapons inspectors sent to Iraq. Of course this didn't receive much corporate media coverage for obvious reasons. Newsday did however reveal some of the hidden facts. According to a 1996 article American Type Collection of Maryland and Virginia "made seventy shipments of anthrax- causing germs and other pathogenic agents to Iraq. Many other US companies were involved. One most interesting was the Matrix-Churchill Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio which was regarded by US Representative Henry Gonzales as "a front for Iraqi government".
When US planes bombed Iraqi weapons storage facilities during Operation Desert Storm American troops were certainly infected with these US supplied toxins.
In 1994 twenty-six Gulf War Veterans filed a billion dollar lawsuit in Houston, Texas against some of these US bio-weapons suppliers. These veterans had become victims of Gulf War Syndrome, displaying those well known symptoms associated with bio-weapons; memory loss, scarred lungs, (the ingredients for mustard gas were also US supplied), chronic fatigue, severe headache, raspy voice and fainting spells. The Pentagon did admit that about 100,000 US soldiers were exposed to Sarin gas, without even considering the other horrors released into the atmosphere. From 1985 to 1990 the US approved 771 licenses to export such material to Iraq. This also included high tech military equipment. Business volume was about $ 1.5 billion. Today, a substantial number of Iraqi children are being born with birth defects, a malady just beginning to appear in American veteran families. Another of the major players in Iraq is the Halliburton Corporation which was run by Dick Cheney before he ran for Vice President during the George W. Bush bid for the presidency. In 2001 KBR (a Halliburton subsidiary) grossed $ 13 billion, which largely came from military contracts.
The board of directors of Halliburton now includes present and former executives from Chevron, Hunt Oil, Phillips Petroleum and Southern California Gas Co. Named in research also are connections with American Airlines and AMR Corporation, (former)Assistant Secretary of State, Richard Armitage is also a former Halliburton consultant.(1) Vice President Cheney is reported to receive about $ 160,000 deferred salary a year from Halliburton. In 2001 Cheney received $ 205,298 and another $ 162,393 from Halliburton in 2002. The Vice President also holds 433,333 unexercised stock options in Halliburton. Halliburton also received control of Iraq oil and infrastructure restructuring without competitive bidding.
The ability to raise grain and other agricultural products has been severely curtailed by the ravages of continuous war in Iraq. Another player on the scene should be recognizable to Mohave County residents. The former operator of major area polluter North Star Steel (The Cargill Corporation) is busying itself attempting to take over Iraqi grain production and reportedly will be flooding the area with cheap grain (reported in the October 2003 issue of Acres USA). As Iraqi farmers are driven from their land by corporate agriculture, they will reappear into the cities to become the next batch of cheap foreign labor to compete with American workers.

Article By: C. James Matuschka


Editor's note: (1) Armitage is former Assistant Secretary of State, who according to sources leaked the Plame CIA Identity, see link:
and see link: "Armitage admits leaking Plame's identity"


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