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The Conyers Legacy

By David Swanson

About 47 of us spent 8 or 9 hours yesterday in jail for protesting a man who, at least when he woke up yesterday morning, only thought of himself as on the side of those who protest power.

While hundreds of us lined the hallways outside Chairman John Conyers' office, one of his staffers approached the door to his office but was unable to enter. The place was wall-to-wall media inside, with Cindy Sheehan, Ray McGovern, and Rev. Lennox Yearwood giving a press conference in Conyers' office in his absence. They'd gone in to speak with Conyers, but it would take him quite a while to show up.

The staffer was annoyed and complained to his colleague "It's bad enough they shut the office down with phone calls." Another staffer, this one rather pleased about it (the police, too, were on our side and three of them quietly accepted Impeach Bush and Cheney shirts), told me they were getting a pro-impeachment phone call every 30 seconds. They were also flooded with Emails and with thousands of faxes yesterday. But the message was not getting through to the Congressman.

He and several staffers met with Sheehan, McGovern, and Yearwood. It was a heated discussion. Conyers began by proposing to discuss impeachment sometime in August at a town hall meeting. We've been doing those for years. We held a huge one in Detroit in May that Conyers agreed to speak at. He showed up and left before it started. Yearwood, Sheehan, and McGovern told Conyers his time was up.

What was Conyers' objection to moving forward on impeachment now? Well, he said, if he were to do that Fox News would go after him and accuse him of being partisan. I kid you not. The Democratic Chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee is basing his decisions on whether a Republican cable TV station would approve. As Cindy Sheehan told me outside the jail last night: "If I based my decisions on Fox, I would never do anything."

As long as Conyers is working for Fox, maybe our next sit-in needs to be in their studios.

But Conyers expressed another concern as well. He's concerned about his legacy. I wish there were a kind way to tell him that he is about to flush it down the toilet. Conyers' judiciary committee staffers, who were in the meeting yesterday, including Ted Kalo, Perry Appelbaum, and Jonathan Godfrey, produced a year and a half ago one of the best reports summarizing and documenting the crimes of Bush and Cheney. Conyers is aware that Bush and Cheney are killing people every day that he refrains from fulfilling his oath of office. He knows that nearly a million Iraqis and 4,000 U.S. troops lie dead already. He knows that this president and vice president kidnap, torture, and murder human beings. But when pressed to act with the urgency appropriate to saving lives, Conyers replied that our nation has always killed people and that he wasn't "going to play politics."

At other times, Conyers told our delegation that they needed to wise up and move from working on justice to doing politics. But politics has become a bad word because of the way Conyers uses it. He places elections highest in the order of priorities and refuses to do his job in between elections because that would be "politics."

We elected Democrats in 2006 so that Conyers would have the committee chairmanship and move on impeachment. If he fails to act, he will quickly discover that yesterday was just a warm-up.

This Thursday and Friday, members of, World Can't Wait, and After Downing Street will meet to discuss impeachment with Congress Members Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison, and with the offices of Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff, Robert Wexler, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. We'll be delivering petitions for impeachment from all over the country.

Now is the moment for every member of Congress to take a stand for justice. Which side are you on, John?

Your legacy, Chairman Conyers, is about to be remade by the American people, and all the good and noble things you have done will be overshadowed by your grand finale: the enabling of fascism in our country.

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I have lost all respect for this man and the way I feel can be summarized by this very fitting moniker: John "Uncle Tom" Conyers!

I understand completely about losing respect for Conyers - in fact (like for most of your comments) I agree completely, buddy. But invoking "Uncle Tom" is not just a slap at Conyers, however richly deserved, but giving offense, wholesale, to ALL Black Americans.

Which is of course very fucked up from an ethical and social standpoint and I trust you did not intend that. In any case, it also would only damage our cause; alienating our friends and making us pretty hypocritical.

Because we can't exactly claim to defend a Constitution which proclaims "all men are created equal" while at the same time dropping racial-supremacist slurs, eh, my Brother?

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

I am disgusted at the way "politics" is taking precedence over the welfare of the American people. I thought Conyers was an exception, that he understands his roots as coming from an oppressed people in this country. It seems that he and many of those in power have been sucked in by the ruling elite and by dirty politics. He and others in charge may not like civil disobedience, but what other way is there when all the respectable, legal channels have been rejected and have failed? We must not give up on them entirely, but it looks like the voice of the people at the grassroots is more important than ever. We must push for impeachment within our local city councils and inform and involve more people of the dangers facing our country. So far, the black-out of the media, the smearing and intimidation of dissenters, and the muzzling of whistle-blowers has kept too people out of the process. Last week's Executive Order threatening dissenters with seizing their property and assets is another way to scare people. But when more and more people see their jobs, homes, heathcare, and ability to survive is at risk, they will more than likely take to the streets. I hate to think we have to wait that long to address these abuses. I still believe we must keep up the struggle and expose the "good people" like Conyers in leadership who are being co-opted. We must still pressure him and others to wake up to the fact that they are selling our nation down the river. The Democrats think they will surely win in 2008, and that all they have to do is bide their time and do nothing until then. But word of an upcoming terrorist attack is everywhere. Should that happen, the Democrats can kiss their chances for success in 2008 "goodbye".

True Blue Gal

Last weekend at two events in CA John Conyers intimated that he was going to start impeachment soon. He told me he would have a suprise for me that I would like. Was he teasing us? Making fun of us? We all were really encouraged that our constitution was going to be preserved. What happened? Did Pelosi get to him? Was he just trying to get through these events without confrontation? Or was he teasing you about Fox News? I can't believe he was being serious, but I guess I have to.

Thanks David for vital campaigns and reports on Impeachment..

Even the best in Congress produce major disappointment.

I would prefer Cindy Sheehan, rather than running for a
freshman congressional seat vs Pelosi, for her to run for
US President as a 3rd party Candidate..
Then she could accomplish something - at least real investigations.
she is one of the few the grassroots can really trust.

I updated above and video link article in the issue at
July 23, 2007 - Executive Order * LFAS * Roswell *

take care. keep on truckin'..


Fit to transmit in the post Cassini flyby era
<>~<>~<>~<>~ www.FlybyNews.Com ~<>~<>~<>
for life's survival in the 21st Century

If the leadership of the Democratic Party wanted impeachment it would happen.

I do not buy this bull shit from "Uncle Tom" Conyers and "Pussy" Pelosi that we do not have the votes for impeachment. Well then, get off your god damn stinking, shit stained butts and go get the votes! For crying out loud, a clear majority of Americans are fed up with Bush, are fed up with the war and are clearly ready for impeachment. The only thing standing in the way are gutless cowardly Democrats. The facts are on your side the people are ready, what are you waiting for? I have no doubt in my mind that once congress starts impeachment hearings that are broadcast on national television the American people, Democrats and Republicans and independents will be so outraged that congress will be risking their lives if they do not impeach!

George "shit for brains" Bush and Dick "dont confuse me with the facts" Cheney are clearly the two most impeachable scum bags in the history of the United States. If it is not happening it is because the Democrats do not want it to happen. They want to exploit the war to their maximum advantage to win the next election, and they do not care how many American soldiers they kill in the process. They are scum bags equal to Bush and Cheney!

your hate language is way over the top.
are there any groups of people you don't want to include in this rant?
deal with your own issues befor you try and fix others!

It's fitting, and honest to display the indignation and anger at the injustice being done. That's how we all feel, or we should. Anger motivates us to act. And after the debate last night, it's clear they're going for votes, not for what's right. They should consider we do have an alternative, for those of us disgusted with their excuses not to act, in the interest of being "non-partisan" -- Ron Paul. This is how an independent will get in--when we are totally disgusted at the same old same old.

Yesterday as I was frantically calling the Post, AP, and all the local TV stations trying to get them to come out to our City Council before our unanimous (!) impeachment vote, my phone rang. I immediately grabbed it, thinking it was a reporter. Irony of ironies, it was someone calling from the DNC asking for a contribution. I'm afraid I may have sounded rude (and I apologize to the guy who called if he happens to be reading this) but I said that I'm not giving the DNC or any Presidential candidate any more money until they start to address and work on impeachment. So if they won't use their power of the purse, let's use ours!

John gets the Gold Watch with a thanks for all of his efforts. My guess is that he isn't playing it close to his vest, and hopefully when he reviews what went down he'll move in the right direction.

Go Dennis and Co-Sponsors!

I was at a fun raiser a few days ago w/ Conyers, Maxine Waters, Stevie Wonder and about 50 others. We hit him hard w/ Impeachment and he said he will be making a statement soon which he thinks we will be very happy with. If he comes on board, great and I have the utmost respect for him as I have always had. If he puts politics before doing his job in fear of what Fox News might say he, with all the other back boneless politicians, will feel the heat that will burn them out of their congressional seat. The country needs leaders that are will to simply take the steps needed to get America out of this crisis and put us back in good standing in the world. That is by far the best Home Land Security policy to date. Their is so much we could do. Make no mistake, impeachment isn't the crisis, it is the cure to the crisis. America needs this medicine to get well again. Ricco Ross LA

I don't respond positively to dissing from *any* side, in *any* debate. I'm angry, too- I contributed money to Conyers' last campaign, etc., but y'all, this situation will require all the clearheaded and **solutions based** thinking and ***emotional sobriety*** we can call up in ourselves. There is a lot of fear and anger and collective paralysis and dig-in-your-heels denial out there right now. So my brother, ease up on the hatetalk and (damn! I KNOW how hard this is) Be the change you want to see.

With respect-

If "imitation be the highest form of flattery", then I guess identity theft should really make one happy, huh?

I am, of course, flattered that the new cyber-entity "Siemprefi" has copied from me the characteristic words and phrases, "Ease up on", "y'all", "my brother" (which should be "brutha") - and of course the name "Siemprefi" itself.

Although not seeing anything particularly sinister in the content of this first posted by "Siemprefi" - and recognizing that he could just be a compulsive plagiarizer/copycat - still it does raise the destinct possibility of, if not bona-fide identity theft then its "Second Cousin": IDENTITY CONFUSION. "Poor Man's" cover for a False Flag post.

So be sure to look beyond the style to the SUBSTANCE of each one's writings here. For example, peel away all the winking-hipster-dufus bullshit from the musings of "FrederickC" and you will usually find practically nothing of value remaining. Just an example.

And as for my posts, if you read any words that "look like" me yet don't add up to any point I would ever make, then undoubtedly it's not. Recheck the title header and signature carefully to see if it isn't an imitator.

And watch this "Siempre"; we will soon see if he's actually "fi" - or faux.

Semper FI!,

-Matty in Florida

I am HOPING to see some real catscalding soon... members of the San Diego PDA, should be screaming for Conyers head in a bucket!
They wrote an extremely GLOWING, almost adoring article about his visit there - where he TOLD them ""with 3 more Representatives..."" Read it yourself here:
...... "" Yes, we’re coming to the “I” word! We all knew someone would bring it up, didn’t we?
But Rep. Conyers is a man of surprises. He burst into our room, which was bulging at the seams with supporters and emblazoned with a big “Impeach” sign, and exclaimed, “What are we waiting for? Let’s take them out!” The room jumped with applause and shouts of approval.

He then spent time talking one-on-one and with small groups before he took to the podium. In his remarks, he said he needs three more Representatives to contact him in support of impeachment in order to move forward, with or without Nancy Pelosi. It is in his heart. It’s been there for a long time.

While warm and enthusiastic, sometimes funny, he is a sober and deliberative man. His plate is very full with grave investigations now.
What will happen? It’s very hard to tell. "" Contact Judy Hess ""

**** ...a man of surprises"??? gee, ya THINK? ****

Do not forget that the TWO reasons Voters elected a Democratic Congress was to 1.) STOP the war and 2.) because CONYERS PROMISED to start IMPEACHMENT INVESTIGATIONS - with his 28 (TWENTY-EIGHT!) Co-Sponsors!
As SOON as the election was OVER, CONYERS RENEGED, and has since refused to consider or even DISCUSS impeachment!

Face to face w/St Martin, founder of, Conyers said he will not even discuss it. St Martin said he seems to be AFRAID to talk about it.

And from founder of on Mon, 21 May 2007...the Massachusetts Democratic Party became the 13th state Democratic party to pass a resolution calling for impeachment. Meanwhile, 79 towns and cities have called for impeachment including Detroit, which
recently passed a resolution passed by City Council member Monica Conyers (wife of none other than Rep. John Conyers, chair of the US House Judiciary Committee).

And from Dave Lindorff
Thursday, May 31, 2007
""When it comes to defending the Constitution from the saboteurs of freedom and democracy in the Bush administration, my hero is Conyers.
Not Congressman Conyers.
NOT Rep. Conyers, who as chairman of the judiciary committee of the House would be in charge of impeachment hearings, has made it clear that he believes the president should be impeached, but he has not stood up to Speaker Pelosi, or challenged her absurd position on impeachment.

No, I'm referring to Conyer's wife, Monica.

As president pro tempore of the Detroit City Council and a political leader in her own right, Monica Conyers clearly isn't swayed by Pelosi. Indeed, last week she sponsored a resolution in the Detroit City Council which passed unanimously. That resolution doesn't mince words. It calls for the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney for defrauding the public to justify launching a war of aggression against Iraq. It also calls for their impeachment for ordering illegal spying on Americans, for ordering torture, and for doing away with habeas corpus.""

""WHAT HE SAID TO A CROWD OF PEOPLE at the San Diego Tri-County Health Summit last weekend (July 21st weekend) LISTENING TO HIM SPEAK -- WAS THAT IF EACH PERSON IN THE ROOM GOT THREE (3) MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE TO SIGN ON TO HRes 333 AND/OR SUPPORT IMPEACHMENT, THE MOVEMENT WOULD START and/or HE WOULD PROCEED""...[with impeachment]. (not exact words, but the meaning is accurate, according to his Office).

Conyers OFFICE reports a VERY DIFFERENT version FROM the San Diego PDA version that ONLY THREE (3) HOUSE MEMBERS NEEDED TO SUPPORT HRe 333 - in order to proceed with impeachment....

How many people were in that "crowd" at the Summit is not known at this time.... but it was a crowd....and each of them would have to muster three (3) House Members.... 3 times, what, at least 100 or 200 or so at the Summit?! After all, there ARE over 400 Congressmembers in the House of Representatives!

SUGGESTED BY THE OFFICE OF JOHN CONYERS, Jr. ""-- that Activists CALL each of the existing Co-Sponsors of HRes 333 -- and ask them to 1) get out into the Media re impeachment; and 2) to educate and encourage their House Colleagues to sign on with them for HRes 333 - Impeachment of Cheney.""

I'd like to see CONYERS face to face with ALL the people he has told opposite versions of his stance on Impeachment. Somebody's LIEING - and it aint "them" - it's CONYERS!!

I am convinced that ALMOST EVERY ONE of these "so-called" 'Representatives of the People' in Congress are nothing more than SELF-SERVING S.O.B.'s whose only interests are doing what it takes to be re-elected, whatever they 'need' to say! AND they are never too concerned about getting 'business' done to take time to vote themselves MORE RAISES.

WHAT WE VOTERS NEED TO DO, both dem AND repub, is VOTE IN THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES TO REPLACE THEM ALL!! What a breath of fresh air that would be - and set BOTH Party Machines (who are the actual demons) back 200 years!! THINK what a change there can be without the professional ticky-tacky, tweedle-dees and tweedle-dums rubberstamping everything. WHY do we need to pay OUR "Public Servants" soooo much money to begin campaigning the day after they're elected? It is ludicrous. Preposterous that ANY candidate should campaign for TWO YEARS and raise MULTI-MILLIONS that simply are plowed back into the coffers of Corporations who contributed it in the first place. There should be a TIME limit on campaigning AND a dollar limit. EVERY QUALIFIED person should be ABLE to run for ANY U.S. office.

We have a LOT of work to do. We HAVE TO RESTORE OUR CONSTITUTION. Cheny & his PNACers have installed their thugs in EVERY office, department and agency of OUR government.


Politicians have been too insulated from real Americans for too long. Not only Conyers, but ALL politicians haven't caught on to the fact that WE PEOPLE communicate with each other... even though they've made it impossible for us to communicate with THEM... and they are NOT USED to being caught in the conflicting lies they tell us.
Look at this picture:
Was he putting it UP or taking it DOWN? (depends on who's asking!)
...and for "censure" .... WTF? why not just send Cheney & Bush a nice Hallmark Greeting Card instead ? "censure" is to the PNACers what "shame on you" is to bin Laden.


I wonder if this has anything to do w/ the money they found in his freezer a while back? Did somebody get to him? Could he be getting blackmailed? Lest we forget about the case involving the escort service lady threatening to divulge customer's who were politicians? HMMMM.....Maybe that was all a setup by Bush & Co. to get some dirt on politicians to get them to cooperate....Afterall,she could be pardoned....Just a thought...

I was extremely happen to learn after last year's elections that John Conyers would be the chair of the House Judiciary Committee. This committee is the congressional check and balance to the judiciary arm of government, and it's jurisdiction includes constitutional and civil rights issues. I thought, like many other Americans, that Congress would shift the direction our country is taking. But the Democrats have done nothing. Conyers has done nothing.

Cicero once stood in the senate of Rome and said, "I defended the republic in my youth, I will not desert her in my old age; I have despised the daggers of Cataline, and I shall not fear yours." This man stopped Cataline from taking over the Roman state by force and plundering it's treasury. Then, after seeing the murder of Julius Ceaser with his own eyes, he still was willing to speak these words in the senate as an old feeble man. He paid a heavy price too, Anthony cut his head and hands off the nailed them to the speaker's podium in the senate, as a warning to any who would oppose him.

Conyers has served 21 consecutive terms in office. He fought in the Korean War. He stood with Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King during the civil rights era. He is the only person to have sat on the Judiciary Committe during the impeachment of both Nixon and Clinton. He has been an outspoken advocate of women's issues, and has served longer in Congress than any other member except for John Dingle. Yet despite all this service, Conyers fears the daggers of the Bush Administration.

In San Diego, Conyers told a cheering crowd, "What are we waiting for? Let's take these two guys (Bush & Cheney) out!" and made statements that if 3 more Representative stepped forward, he would begin impeachment proceedings. Well, one more has already stepped forward. Rep. Robert Brady co-sponsored House Resolution 333 to impeach Cheney the very same day Conyers met with over 300 people who showed up at his office to voice their desire for impeachment. In only a few days however, he had reversed his position. When confronted on where exactly he stood on the issue, Conyers first said that we didn't have enough votes. He's obviously forgotten that when Nixon was impeached only 23 people had come forward. Then he revealed his true reasons - he did not want to move forward because Fox News would go after him and accuse him of being partisan, and because he was concerned about his legacy.

Mr. Conyers, when the American people look at your legacy they will say, 'You defended the Republic in your youth, but you deserted her in your old age.' Shame on you. The Bush administration has already removed your head and hands and nailed it to a podium, not the one in the senate but one in the Fox News studios. We, the people, elected you, and we would have stood by you and supported you as you confronted the evils of this regime. Yet in our darkest hour, you have left us to fight the wolves unarmed.

To quote Cicero one last time, "O' what an age! O' what morals!"


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