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It's Up to Us

Journey for Humanity and Accountability
Day 14
Cindy Sheehan

I am lying in my hotel bed at the end of a very busy,
productive, yet sad day.

About 300 people gathered today and marched the 3½
miles from the entrance of Arlington Cemetery to
Congressman John Conyers' office to demand impeachment
and accountability from one of the leading figures in
American politics for the last four decades.

We were so thrilled with the turn-out and the energy
of the group. There was great media coverage and about
one dozen freepers on the opposite corner with signs
like: "Traitors go to Hell" and "Cindy Sheehan go to
Hell." Nice. I have learned that hell can be on earth
and if there is anything worse than burying a child, I
don't want to know about it.

At the end of the march, Reverend Lennox Yearwood,
President of the Hip Hop Caucus, Ray McGovern (retired
CIA analyst) and I met with Congressman John Conyers
to implore him to institute impeachment proceedings
against the pretenders to the White House who are
destroying our democracy, making a mockery out of our
rule of law and who are responsible for the deaths of
hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

This was my third meeting with Congressman Conyers
about impeachment. I hold a special place in my heart
for him and I revere him for his decades long service
to this nation but for the life of me, I cannot
understand why he will not go forward with impeachment

A year ago he introduced HR635 to impeach George Bush
while he was Ranking Member of the House Judiciary
Committee and not even chairman. He wrote the book on
impeachment called: The Constitution in Crisis and he
readily admits that BushCo have committed impeachable

It's about partisan politics, pure and simple. The
Congressman claims that there is absolutely no way
that impeachment can go forward and when I was nearing
the end of my hope I cried out: "So, if the people's
house won't help us then we the people have no
recourse against the executive branch." To which he
replied: "Yes you do, vote the enablers out in '08."
Firstly, Congressman Conyers told us to put Democrats
back in Congress to end the war and impeach BushCo. We
did that and instead of ending the war, they gave
George Bush more money to wage it and to conduct his
deadly and tragic surge. Secondly, '08 will be too
late to hold George and Dick accountable. Thirdly,
thousands of more people will die in these last months
of the worst Presidency in American history and
lastly: after Dick proclaimed that he was not part of
the executive branch and that his office does not have
to comply with requests to turn over documents to the
National Archives: 435 Congress Reps should have
signed onto H Res 333 to impeach Cheney. Only fourteen
have co-signed Congressman Kucinich's bill, so that
makes 421 elected Congressional officials enablers of
the crimes of the Bush Regime.

At the end of this day, Speaker Pelosi has not
supported impeachment and has not upheld her oath of
office to "protect and defend" the Constitution. Like
Congressman Conyers said almost a year ago, our
Constitution is in Crisis and we can't wait for more
meetings and more stalling from Reps who think the
problem will go away in '08. The Middle East is
rapidly falling apart under this regime and our
country is sliding rapidly into a state of one-branch
tyranny while our "heroes" the Democrats fiddle.

It was with very heavy hearts that Rev. Yearwood, Ray,
and I reported back to the media that the Congressman
had said that with over one million signatures on
petitions and with one phone call coming into his
office every 30 seconds supporting impeachment and
with 300 activists in the hall to support him, he was
still not going to move forward with the most urgent
duty of his career. The Rev and I were particularly
disheartened and broken because we do love the
Congressman so much, but we love our country and the
people of Iraq and the Middle East more. The Rev and
Ray spent many years serving their country in the
military and the CIA and I had a son who gave his life
to do what the Congress is supposed to do: protect our
freedoms, not hand them over to the mob that runs our

It is also with a heavy heart that I announce my
candidacy against Nancy Pelosi in California's 8th. If
anybody would dare think that I am not serious, I
would hope that they would look back at the last three
years of my life and everything that I have sacrificed
to restore our nation to one that obeys the rule of
law and can be looked up to with respect once again in
the international community and not as the hated
laughingstock on the block.

I am committed to challenging a two party system that
has kept us in a state of constant warfare for the
last 60 years and has become more and more beholden to
special interests and has forgotten the faces of the
people whom it represents.

I am committed to using our strength as a country to
wage peace and to elevate the status of every citizen
in our country by converting the enduring war economy
to a prosperous one with lasting peace.

Someone needs to step up to the plate to do this and I
challenge other Americans to do the same. Challenge
the status quo, because the status quo is no good. We
need to become plugged into our government once again
as active participants not just passive voters.

It is up to us.

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GO, Girl - kick some corrupt, exploitative, dead-wood-Democrat ass!

And we'll do a lot of crucially-needed public education, awareness-raising and REAL LEADERSHIP at the same time.

America loves you, Cindy - whether many of them yet realize it or not - and, even more, America NEEDS you.

Just tell us what you need for us to do!

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

Dear Cindy,

I do not know your personal beliefs regarding death or what happens after death, but here are mine: I believe death is not the final goodbye... I believe there is such a thing as a soul and a spirit, and that it continues to live after the physical body submits. I believe I will somehow, somewhere, see those I care about and love again who have moved on from this specific world and life. I will be able to be with them, to hug them, to share experiences with them, and to be in an existence somehow better than the one humans have created on this world...

I believe your son, and all those who have needlessly and cruelly had their lives taken from them are somewhere together, and they are all thanking you and blessing you every day. They are looking down and admiring your courage, your strength, your intelligence, and your compassion and believing that because of people like you, there is hope that this world too can still become a better one... I believe one day you will see your son and he will say, "Mom, I love you... you are amazing..."

Cindy, I also cannot thank you enough for all that you have done and are doing... I do not look up to many people, and rather, have found myself disappointed by many people over these past years. I hold you in the highest place of a human being, a place that hopefully we all can aspire to reach.

Taking inspiration from you, I will also be likely attempting to hold a public office come Nov 2008. The only way to truly change the direction of this world is to have moral, intelligent, caring people in positions of power. Although many of us may think we are not 'suited' for these positions, until we reason that we must take on this challenge, we will continue to struggle in pain and disbelief as we watch our world crumble at the hands of disgusting, wretched, morally vacant 'human' beings.

Take care of yourself, and always remember the many thank yous of those of us in this world and the next.

With love,


I am in awe of your courage and steadfastness, shame on Congressman Conyers, shame and the death of so many more Americans and Iraqis is on his conscience.

Let's say that in an ideal world things would suddenly take a turn for the better. Matthew and Mark say the tribulation might be cut short for the sake of the elect. Can we pray for it to be skipped?

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to D.C. I had to work late Sunday night, but, believe me, I would have gladly been right there with you in the jail. Hopefully, everyone was able to make bail,( I just sent another donation to your site, and I encourage everyone else to do the same)so I hope that helps a bit. Looks like there was a great turnout in D.C.....the Charlotte showing was pretty good, I thought, considering it was North Carolina. Enjoyed seeing you again, and had a million things I wanted to say, but when I was honored with getting to sit next to you while I ate at Tally's, I became practically speechless! You are my idol! Please don't despair, you have more and more people starting to support your endeavors everyday, and I know truth and justice will overcome eventually! Love you, Cindy

I also did not tell you how very much I appreciate you and what you have done for America. You are like a bright shining light in a very dark time. Many will revile you because they cannot face the light, but many more will gain a spark.

Isn't Dana Milbank the stupidest dumbbell you ever saw? He did not understand your joke about the airplanes and worse still he did not understand that we want Cheney impeached first. I don't believe he is as stupid as he pretends to be.

I know the people of San Francisco are smart and will not fall for DLC propaganda. Election stealing is another matter. There is a very strong possibility the twin parties will try to steal your election for one of them (Dem or Repub).

I love you and appreciate so much all that you have done and stood up to for our country. You are a true American patriot.

Is there an address wher I can send a campaign contribution?

Cindy, What you are just awakening to that the 2 parties are really one where they protect each other's back at the expense of our country is something I've been aware of many years. In 2002, 2003 I decided to run as an independent for my district, I'd be glad to send you one of the brochures I designed. To make a long story short, the election officials kept me off the ballot even through I did as I was told; I obtained 1570 signatures to get on the ballot after being told by the election board I needed 1256. Well, after the deadline was passed and it was too late, I was told they made a mistake and I really needed 1697. OH! too bad. Since then I've been aware of other districts doing things like issuing the wrong petitions to the candidate and when he got all the needed signatures to get on the ballot they were just thrown away. Just be aware that there is a concerted effort to prevent independent candidates from getting on the ballot. Have an attorney help you to avoid these attacks.

Although a decision to enter office is worthy a great deal of deliberation for you and others, perhaps this is a moment that can be seized in order to finally form a new party to compete with Republicans and Democrats - a party formed by the many peace and justice groups around the nation. This is something I was hoping for years ago, at the start of the Iraq invasion and even earlier. With so many organizing around the same cause(s), it would greatly economize on money, time, and energy for each and every group and individuals. After all many of us belong to a number of groups at once. And we cannot give money to all of them on a regular basis. Your visibility (among other things) would truly be a great asset. Perhaps UFPJ will take this on; groups do not have to agree on everything, only the core issues dealing with peace and justice. What about it??
Best of luck
Francesca Rogier

Thanks, once again, Cindy for always being on the front lines to help wrest back the democracy that both Democrats and Republicans have stolen, with our acquiescence, unfortunately. Thank you,, Democrats.nom, Alternet, Tom Paine, etc, for bringing us these articles, so obviously missing in most mainstream press.

You, Cindy, epitomize a phrase I keep repeating every day (I think by Gandhi), "Be the Change You Want To See". You are showing us every day in every action, every fiber of your being that we can take our democracy back, if we are willing to struggle for it.

Something else reminds me always of you…you are the opposite of Pastor Niemuller’s observation, in Nazi Germany, paraphrased here…”In Germany the Nazis came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the trade unions, and I didn’t speak up because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I was a Protestant and I didn’t speak up. Then they came for me and by that time there was no one left to speak for me”. And, you are speaking for so many, how tired you must be.

I heard an Iraq vet the other day on the radio, his heart was heavy and sad, that he came back to shopping malls filled with shoppers, while they were knowing little or nothing of the horror going on around us and the wars waged in our names.... he thought that "supporting the troops" and democracy, would be better shown by working to end the war, Cindy Sheehan and others were doing".... what a novel concept.... participatory democracy...

Your courage, your rising always no matter what is thrown at you inspires me. Please take care. You really are our National Treasure. Millions of other supporters, doing fabulous, tiring work, but you in your tenacity and strength and clarity of purpose have captured the hearts of many millions, many who might never have become involved, if not for your wonderful, bodacious activism, your mother’s heart. You, I am sure, are his heroine, and, lucky us, you have become the symbol for this time, and what a glorious one you are.

Your sacrifice is enormous. My son leaves for Iraq the first week of September, and the thought of losing one more soldier, my son, or any of the men or women in this illegal, immoral and grotesque war, is so horrendous, I think I cannot bear it, and then I see you, and I know I will bear it and try in my small way to make the change we so need.

I will be contributing whatever I can for your campaign - I may not live to see our struggles end, taking back our democracy, or to see you win any office you would fill with peace, dignity and true democracy, but in the struggle is the serious meaning, and, we are growing day by day - one action, one letter, one call, one $ at a time. Would love to see you win Pelosi’s seat, and if not next time around, the election after that.

May the Goddess or whatever other Beings may be out there, watch over you and keep you strong. And may we, your supporters, grow stronger backbones, and join you on the front lines, one by one, till we are done. Thanks, Cindy, from the bottom of my heart

Katy Kay

You've done so much....and there are MANY MANY fans of yours out here in LA, who're rooting for you to wake these folks up. Conyers should be ashamed of his weakness, I think.
"I'll get bad press from Fox?" Come on! Is that what it's down to?

You've sacrificed so much, and others have, too.
Would that our Congresspersons might step up to the plate.

peace, and justice for all,
David Joyce

the folks who live on my block might as well be 'ostriches' for all the avoidance of the subject altogether. I keep asking them about democracy and freedom and crimes by the bush bastard, and I get a lot of avoidance, inability to even address the issue, and changing of the fucking subject by them all. some of them ex military as well. very sad for former defenders of the constitution who now have no gonads between their legs anymore. pretty fucking pathetic.

if I were to judge the level of awareness shown by my neighbors, and extrapolate that into a nation wide awareness level, we're FUCKED, and FUCKED BIGTIME.

they could roll tanks thru my street and these morons who live on my block would look the other way.

that's the new America for you. ostrich farm is much more like it, all have their heads either in the sand, or firmly buried up their collective asses.

if it's UP TO US, we are VERY VERY FUCKED right now, judging by what the collective 'US' is now. sheep. cowards. morons. spineless piles of jellyfish shit.

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