You are herecontent / War Movement a Republican Creation; Peace Movement Shunned by Democrats

War Movement a Republican Creation; Peace Movement Shunned by Democrats

Imagine if the Democratic Party did for peace what the Republicans do for war. --DS

Pro-war Eagles tied to Republican Party & Conservative Media
By David Dixon,

The chairman of Gathering of Eagles (GOE), Ret. U.S. Navy Captain Larry Bailey (he was a leader of GOE's protest of Cindy Sheehan's Journey For Humanity & Accountability in Charlotte, NC on July 17), was the president of the Vietnam Vets for the Truth, "which attacked 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate Senator John Kerry's military record, on the heels of the more well-known" Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. (Raw Story). He reorganized the group as The Vets For The Truth in 2006 (& VFTT accepted donations on behalf of GOE). Bailey is a member of the DC chapter of Free Republic.

The GOE's press contact Kristinn Taylor is a co-leader of the DC chapter of Free Republic . Her bio on the FR site refers to her as "Warlord of the D.C. Chapter of" and having been a member of FR since 1998.

Free Republic (FR) has a Gathering Of Eagles section on their website/"forum", which is included in the menu at the top of their site. Free Republic is an openly right-wing, pro-Republican blog/forum type website and organization. Kristinn Taylor has a recent posting on FR concerning the DC Free Republic's plan to disrupt the July 23 March from Arlington Cemetery to Rep. Conyers for Impeachment, being led by Cindy Sheehan.

In fact, it appears Free Republic is a main driving force behind Gathering of Eagles, which serves as an umbrella group for FR and the organizations they are related too.

Key organizations that promoted and participated in the launching of the Gathering Of Eagles & their first counter-protest at the March 17, 2007 March on the Pentagon are Move America Forward, Free Republic, and Rolling Thunder.

Conservative journalists that promoted and covered the GOE creation/counter-protest include Front Page Magazine's Jaime Glazov and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin. Malkin had articles published in places such as National Review Online and The New York Post and, of course, posted on Free Republic.

In a Feb 28, 2007 article Malkin wrote:

"Sgt. Artie Muller, founder of Rolling Thunder, the POW/MIA advocacy group, has called on his 80-plus chartered chapters to turn out. Move America Forward, a grassroots, nonprofit, pro-military charity, is launching a caravan from California March 8 to join the Eagles and will bring flags from across the country for the event."

Move America Forward (MAF) is lead by California Republican activists, talk show hosts and staff members of the public relations firm Russo Marsh & Rogers. MAF's California Articles of Incorporation registration address was that of PR firm Russo Marsh and Rogers (their first .com web address was also registered under the name Russo Marsh and Rogers). The firm has strong ties to the Republican Party.

Move America Forward's "Chief Strategist" Sal Russo is the founder and principal of Russo Marsh and Rogers, though he chooses not to list that on his MAF bio.

Melanie Morgan is the chairman of Move America Forward. She is a columnist for WorldNetDaily and conservative radio talk show host at KSFO in San Francisco. She has, or at least had, an email address with the PR firm Russo Marsh & Rogers, Melanie@RMRWest.Net.

Rolling Thunder claims to be a POW/MIA advocacy organization. However, their ardent support of right-wing, pro-Republican organizations and their active role in organizing and participating in their "events" reveals another agenda as well.

Ar Rolling Thunder's last rally in Washington, DC on May 27, 2007, two of their featured speakers were "Capt. Larry Bailey USN, Retired" and "Kristinn Taylor". The leader of their group met privately with President Bush prior to their rally.

This is just a small sample of the close connections between Gathering Of Eagles, Move America Forward, Free Republic, Rolling Thunder and the Republican Party and conservative media. There is much more information available in the public domain, mostly from these groups websites and conservative media outlets.


Gathering of Eagles' website

Move America Forward's website

Free Republic's website

Rolling Thunder's website

Russo Marsh and Rogers' website

National Review Online

New York Post

Front Page Magazine


Raw Story

David Dixon is founder & coordinator of the social justice organization Action Center For Justice and To learn more see, or call 704.492.8527.


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I remember the March 17 march on the Pentagon. At least we were moving. The poor old eagles were standing out in the cold wind. One little eagle just broke my heart. He was a young fellow in a wheelchair. Did he come back damaged from Iraq? Will he walk again? Will he ever learn that he is in that chair because two chickenhawks sent him to war based on a pack of lies?

Sure the big wigs will do OK, but many little dupes are paying a high price for the lies of their so-called leaders. ThOse people must be held accountable, non-violently through the rule of law. WAKE-UP CONGRESS!

I was there on March 17, standing proud with my fellow patriots while you marched (cowered) across the bridge.

One thing you liberals will never admit, every single Eagle took time off productive jobs and paid our own way to let our troops know we care.

It must eat at you to know that you have to recruit and pay the expenses for all those unwashed and smelly “peace activists" (freeloaders).

Eagles up


P.S. I am not a Republican

In the second paragraph of the article, I mistakenly used female pronouns when referring to Kristinn Taylor, who is a male. -David Dixon

As a member of the Eagles I wanted to respond to your comments that the Gathering of Eagles is a Republican organization. You have it all wrong. First of all, let me remind you that the Vietnam War was started by a Democrat as with WWI and WWII.

Second, if you were to take a poll among the Eagles you would find that it is a diverse crowd of political affiliations. In my cavalry troop from RVN, we have Troopers that come with varying ideas and vote for other candidates than Republican. We have one brother who works for Obama's campaign and is a die-hard Democrat. We have another Trooper who was an Ambassador under President Clinton. They sure ain't no right wingers. But, they will always stand with their brothers! Our gatherings are about "keeping the faith" with each other and renewing old freindships that will never be forgotten and most important, pay homage to our fallen brothers.That's it. Pure and simple. Want to come and see.You are welcome.

At reunions we talk about everything except politics. The one thing we do agree on is the Congress and the White House represent only themselves. No Eagle will argue about that. Why, because we have no faith what-so-ever in the people who supposedly represent us. None of us have a desire to talk about those fools in DC.

What we know in our 'Band of Brothers' is politics and religion cannot dominate one side or another because it would divide our group.

What the Eagles have which you do not, is an understanding that all of us are not there in your face because we are right-wing, left wing, or independent. We are there to stand for our brothers past and present. We are there to prevent the few who want to desecrate our Memorials. We are there to stand with our brothers and make sure the wrong we suffered by this nation by the anti-war groups will not be placed on our present soldiers.

Most of the people I met on your side of the fence are no different than the ones protesting the Vietnam War. Except now they could be my children and grandchildren. Some express fears that we (Eagles) would cause them physical harm. That's not true. We have not in the past and probably will not in the future. Why; because we have a higher sense of duty and honor for our brothers. America can and has in the past (including the 'World's Greatest Generation who did stand up for us in RVN) disgrace our soldiers but we will not. I don't know who said this but 'a soldier will fight for his nation, but a soldier will only die for his brothers'.

I can't stand with your side of the argument. Why? Because I am bound by a sacred duty and honor to stand with my brothers. That is all we had in Vietnam. We maintained the faith with each other. The other reason being I believe the hate speech and name calling by Cindy and her people crosses the line. When you call people names like traitor and murderer, especially the office of the President, you change nothing. The average American regardless of the political or religous affliations believe the office is sacred no matter who is in office. They do not like to hear hate language and name calling of other people even if the person is truly a scum bag. You win no freinds for support your cause.

If the Eagles were to change over to a political action organization such as yourself, it would vaporize overnight. But knowing the Eagles as individuals, it won't. If anything it will grow stronger! The truth will stand for itself. When I came home from Vietnam, I was met by hecklers called us baby killers. Then myself and another soldier were doused in urine. You do not forget that! Other Eagles like myself haven't forgotten either!

Lastly, a lot of the young people I met March 17 in DC believe we really love war. If anything soldiers hate war because they have to make the sacrifice. There are thousands of veterans from all wars who see the horrors of killing and suffering every night in their dreams. It never leaves you.

I find it ironic that 38 years ago people when I came home to see people like John Kerry and Jane Fonda develop the tactics for what we see the Answer Coalition use today has solved nothing other than plant the seeds for organizations like the Gathering of Eagles. Obviouly their tactics which have been adopted for today have not worked. War Movement A Republican Creation? Don't think so. Peace Movement Shunned by Democrats? Why? That's one question you'll have to answer yourself. Thanks for the opportunity to reply and God Bless America.

J. Waldo Pepper
Order of the Silver Spur
RVN 67-69
Charlotte, NC

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