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Hundreds Attend War Protest Rally In Austin

Nearly 2,000 demonstrators led by Cindy Sheehan of Vacaville, Calif. marched Wednesday from the Texas Capitol to Austin City Hall changing and holding anti-war signs.

About two dozen Bush supporters held a counter rally nearby.

Sheehan and dozens of other war opponents left their makeshift camp near President Bush's ranch in Central Texas on Wednesday.

They plan to be in the Houston area Thursday as part of the “Bring Them Home Tour,

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She has had the courage to stand up to the big guys who run everything from their clean and sterial offices. Never having a clue as to what the real people, the regular people are feeling, and fighting for.
The school teachers, fireman, policemen, day to day laborers, sales clerks...all of us who are happy with a decent home and regular lives.
we do not need all gold and glitter and fame that these big 'boys' need to feel whole and good about ourselves, which is really a sign of just how insecure they really are deep inside.
so you go Cindy and all the brave and outraged people who are fighting this.
I support you!!!!

I vote Cindy for President! At least you can believe what comes out of her mouth and you know she has the Country's best at heart!

Major MISTAKE for HILARY CLINTON to think women don't see behind the BUSH WIZARD OF OZ curtains! SHE WILL DESTROY HER LARGEST BASE = MOTHERS!

There is NO LEADERSHIP except the deeply corrupt GOP and the worthless Dems.

I am a teacher and I am aching for the poor homeless victims of Hurricane Katrina, for the used and abused US soldiers in Iraq, and the PEOPLE of Iraq as well, who have really gotten the shaft and who are doing the dying, far more than the US troops are.

I just got a mass-mailed email from Hilary Clinton about Iraq. She says our mission is to "bring security into the region."

No it isn't. The USA has NO BUSINESS in the Middle East except making trouble and stealing natural resources from the people of Iraq. Granted that Iraq is in NO POSITION to defend itself now, but the USA alone has created this situation and the USA alone cannot do anything more than screw things up more and more as it attempts to remain solely responsible for what happens there. We need international leadership and it isn't forthcoming from the Bush Administration. They are interested in stuffing their pockets while the rest of the world burns.

I support Cindy Sheehan. Her voice needs to be heard, again and again.But she isn't a leader of nations. God help us and our children and grandchildren. and God bless Cindy Sheehan for having the courage to act on her convictions. And may God send us leadership that acts for the good of humanity and our children, and not the corporate feeding trough.

Sadly that will hurt HILARY very badly on winning the hearts and minds of ANY INDIVIDUAL for her WHITE HOUSE race. I have spoken to many mothers who don't have kids in or near the military. They will BOYCOTT her by their own vote! Most women who are EDUCATED feel we don't belong there!

BIG MISTAKE for HILARY to state " She says our mission is to "bring security into the region."

Darn, he's not American. But then again, neither is shrub.

Tom Delay's daugher, Danielle Delay Ferro, has a toddler at home, but then,so do many of the brave soldiers that have been sent to Iraq.
Please ask Congressman Delay whether he has encouraged his daughter to join the noble cause. Her enlistment would allow one of our weary soldiers to return to his/her family.
Tom Delay's Office:
242 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone (202)225-5951
Fax (202)225-5241

Better yet the time has come for exposure of his "personal financial investments" ! Gee I wonder why TOMMY is so WAR hungry?

To rdpaul:

Could you please send me a copy of the Hillary Clinton's message you said was sent to your mailbox? I would like to check it with her office and get clarification. My mailbox: Thanks for your cooperation.

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