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I had thought of this but you expressed it very very well. The media is showing destitute people looting destroyed business who will be collecting insurance of the stuff...but who starting the looting in the first place go unnoticed... The war profiteers will not suffer one bit
and upper class tax cuts don't as obvious as the petty looting of New Orleans. The only good is that this tragedy hit red states...maybe they will understand the meaning of fiscal responsibility as an attribute our leaders should have...

Looting, looting . . . you mean like what the US & British did to all the palaces, museums, and galleries in Iraq????

Where did that stuff go???

And what about that 9 BILLION dollars that just went "poof."

U.S. President George W Bush on Thursday vowed "zero tolerance" for looters and other profiteers from the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina and said he would send in more troops if necessary.

Countries such as France, Germany, Russia and even US critic Venezuela have volunteered assistance, but Bush said: "I'm not expecting much from foreign nations because we haven't asked for it."

SOURCE: News24 - South Africa

So, does this mean that we are now engaging in a "mopping up" operation? Are "Law Enforcement" and "Military Troops" going to be given "shoot to kill" orders for anyone left in the city that refuses to leave?

I guess that's one way to introduce "economic cleansing". It is so hard to sell a good "genocide" program these days. It was much easier in the "good old days" of the Republican Party; just call them "godless savages" and keep shouting "Manifest Destiny." (It impressed Hitler so much, that he adapted the model for his own purges.)

So, is this the new PNAC NEO CON domestic model? Force evacuate every city and kill everyone that has no place to go? "They were stealing" so some 20 year old with a gun becomes judge, jury & executioner? Man, I always heard that those Arab countries were harsh on punishment. ;-)

Perhaps we can have a new "Fascist Capitalist" twist on "Logan's Run" . . . when your bank account goes to zero because someone "more evolved" was able to screw you out of your last dollar, legally of course, you become an "enemy of the state" and get hunted down.

"I just spent 60 days in the jailhouse
For the crime of having no dough
Now here I am back out on the street
For the crime of having nowhere to go"
- The Shape I'm In by The Band


Looting indeed. Unlike an individual crime, this was an unprecedented conspiracy by a whole class of people, who own the corporations that did much of the looting.

How do you prosecute such a vast, loosely-connected gang of wealthy people, who used many intermediaries (their corporations and politicians) to do the dirty work? It would be virtually impossible to prove individual responsibility of these wealthy criminals in court.

I'd like to propose a remedy for this cluster of supercrimes. We can't prosecute the individuals, and even if we could, it wouldn't help the victims, who, for example, had to do without health care because of the looting.

Instead, tax their corporations. Any corporation that contributed to the Republican Party since 1998, that also showed an increase in income from government contracts since 2000, should have a special tax imposed on them.

This tax should confiscate enough of their criminal profits to discourage the wealthy from ever trying to steal from the peoples' treasury again. It should be high enough to force some of the biggest criminal corporations into bankruptcy, leaving the wealthy who directed and profited from the looting with worthless stock.

Spend the tax on a single-payer, universal healthcare system, and on improving the nation's infrastructure.

I'll leave the details to be worked out by people more qualified than I am.

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