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The Passion of Cindy Sheehan

The protest in Crawford has far greater meaning than just ‘one woman sitting in a ditch’

CRAWFORD, Texas – I’ll be honest: I went to Camp Casey this past weekend, the last of the summer before President Bush leaves his Texas ranch for the White House, with distinctly low expectations. I have absolutely no argument with Cindy Sheehan’s grief over the death of her son, or the emotionality of her appeal to the president to explain to her exactly why he had to lay down his life. She has brought the humanity and suffering of the war into American living rooms like nothing else since the fall of Baghdad, and for that alone her initiative deserves to be roundly applauded.

I did worry, though, that the very personal sense of disconsolate anger that has made Sheehan so attractive to the news networks might not be the most solid of foundations on which to build an antiwar movement. I also worried about the integrity of a protest so glaringly exposed to the media limelight. Would I find evidence of a genuine popular uprising in the making, crossing the usual lines of party and political ideology, or just the usual depressing spectacle of Jesse Jackson and a gaggle of other celebrity media whores mugging for the television cameras?

My first impressions were not entirely encouraging. I drove straight into a traffic jam created almost entirely by counterdemonstrators called to Crawford to show the world not everyone considered Casey Sheehan’s ultimate sacrifice to have been wasted. “Casey was our son too,

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This is a question for America: What did Casey die for? We have to answer this one as a nation...non-partisan. There is a new national security policy of aggression that did not exist before 9/11...and we didn't get to partake in it. This is a debate on do we go to war as a last resort or as the political elite see it. These are our children and grandchildrens lives on the line and we as a nation need to address this issue. Ane it can't be it's OK if it is a Republican and not OK as a democrat divide. There have to be constitutional laws that are set for whoever is in power... The media has made it a partisan serves their interest as pro war as long as they don't have to do their patriotic duty and serve in it...just cheerlead.

Tom Delay's daugher, Danielle Delay Ferro, has a toddler at home, but then,so do many of the brave soldiers that have been sent to Iraq.
Please ask Congressman Delay whether he has encouraged his daughter to join the noble cause. Her enlistment would allow one of our weary soldiers to return to his/her family.
Tom Delay's Office:
242 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
phone (202)225-5951
fax (202)225-5241

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