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Casey Bracelets: Red Cross/Men's Style Update

Wed Aug 31st, 2005 at 18:27:01 PDT
Cliff's Notes Version:

$900 in donations have already been made to Gold Star Families for Peace and the Crawford Peace House. Cindy has received her own specially-made bracelet.

September donations will go to the Red Cross.

Later donations will be split between Gold Star Families for Peace and Operation Truth.

Men's/Unisex style now available. Weightier and less sparkly. Available in various sizes (including women's sizes).

Ah, Katrina.

It's hard to think of much of anything else right now. I've been very busy and very committed to these little bracelets and what they mean to people and what they mean to the organizations who get the donations. But I have been mentally consumed with the horror unfolding in our own country for the past several days.

I don't think Cindy would mind very much if we took the money raised by these bracelets in September and gave it to the Red Cross. Her heart is unbelievably big. And my commitment is doubled.

One important note: Please do not buy a bracelet just to give money to the Red Cross. Just give the donation directly so they get the entire amount. But if you were already thinking of buying one, or if you were waiting for the men's style to come along, just know that the donation portion of the price (typically around $10) will be going to the Red Cross.

In the future, Cindy's organization, Gold Star Families for Peace will continue to get half of all donations. The other half will be distributed to Operation Truth, the largest Iraq/Afghanistan veterans organization, and one that has been dedicated to telling the truth about the war from the veterans' perspective. They are a remarkable and effective organization. Please read their Mission Statement.

A big thanks goes out to the Crawford Peace House, the recipient of $450 Casey Bracelet dollars, for all their hard work supporting Cindy's Crawford protest. Please bookmark them and continue to support them. They've earned it.

So, speaking of the Men's Style...

I got a lot of requests for something a little less sparkly than the original Casey Bracelet... something for the guys!

This is goldstone, sodalite, sterling silver, and black leather. It's not bulky, but it is bigger and more unisex-looking. (For visual reference, the rectangular stones are each about 12 mm x 8 mm.)

The material and shipping costs on these will be more than the original bracelets, so they'll be $20 instead of $15 to ensure that the donation portion will remain in the neighborhood of $10.

And, of course, you can always still get the delicate (but strong!) original style.

A large shipment of orders for the original Caseys will be shipping out on Tuesday!

And, yes, I am giving thought to a necklace (and the wonderful ideas already suggested by Kossacks), but I haven't grown any extra hands yet.

Questions I've missed?

Oh, I forgot! I'm planning to register a domain name of some sort for this effort. It'll end up in my sig when it's ready to go. A real web site instead of a rolling blog will make it a lot easier to keep track of things




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