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Harming Civilians is a War Crime

Journey for Humanity and Accountability, Day 7
By Cindy Sheehan

The Journey for Humanity and Accountability took a two days hiatus in Charlotte, NC while I traveled home to the Bay Area to attend the memorial service of a dear friend of mine. The rest of the group used the time in Charlotte to repair tires, rest, catch up on emails
and help work on the next few stops. In the meantime, to the consternation of the Democratic blogosphere, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has 7 more days to put impeachment back on the table. Very few people on these blogs recognize the fact that it's not my fault that Ms. Pelosi is not doing her job.

From the comments on the blogs many people are just pleased as punch to wait until George Bush is gone in January '09 or are happy to give the Dems more time to grow a spine. I would hazard a guess that not too many of these people have a child, parent or spouse in Iraq or have any heart-connection with our brothers and sisters who are being wiped off the face of Mesopotamia so BushCo can control their oil and so that the war profiteers who line the pockets of Democrats and Republicans alike can reap Midas-like fortunes.

War was never a good way to solve problem. However,
since World War I the disproprotionate rates that
civilians have been killed to combantants has risen so
dramatically and now it is about 200 civilians to
every one of our soldiers being killed. Why are we
aloowing BushCo to destroy a beautiful country and its
wonderful inhabitants in their corporate imperialistic

Not only is it a war crime to aggressively and
egregiously invade a country pre-emptively but during
an occupation it is against Geneva Conventions to kill
innocent civilians and not provide for their basic
human needs of food, shelter, medical care and
security. Security is a joke and not only has the US
not provided these simple needs, doctors, hospitals
and ambulances have been targeted.

I have heard from a doctor in Sadr City whose hospital
is in dire need of equipment and medical supplies. His
hospital specializes in blood cancer cases which have
risen 242% since the First Gulf War. 1500 people a
month need transfusions, when there is spare blood,
and patients often have to share a bed with one or two
other people.

Another humanitarian crises of monumental proportions
is the refugee crisis that the repulsive occupation
has created.

Millions of Iraqis have fled Iraq or have become
homeless within their own country. Just about
everyone who is able has fled the country. Refugee
camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iran have
compromised the stability of those countries while the
refugees are barely surviving. To make matters worse,
the imperialistic country that has created this
humanitarian catastrophe will only welcome 7000 to our
shores this year. We have plenty of resources and room
here in the US for the inhumanely displaced people of
Iraq and wouldn't it be great if helping these people
brought attention to the fact of our own homeless and
disadvantaged citizens?

The longer we wait the longer (if ever) that it will
take for the Middle East and our own country to
recover from BushCo.

Impeach BushCo for crimes against our country and

Remove BushCo from office for justice and to restore
the rule of law to the ruling class elite.

Imprison BushCo for their crimes against humanity to
reassure the world that the US will no longer harbor
war criminals.

Go to for more info
on our Journey or to donate to help cover our expenses
and to enable us to help the hospitals in Iraq and
Iraqi refugees.

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I support your run for Nancy Pelosi's seat in Congress but we need to find a quicker way to get her to step down from the Speaker of the House - PELOSI IS NO "LEADER" and her groveling speech before AIPAC was treasonous in stating Israel is more important than America and in her support for another illegal war on Iran for the sake of right-wing Israel and duel Israeli citizenship neocon traitors like Dov Zakheim who wrote in the PNAC manifesto that a "new Pearl Harbor" was needed to get Americans to support the genocide of Arabs and Persians. Zakheim is one of the main suspects in the atrocity called 911.

In all wars, innocent civilians are killed, plain and simple. This is all the reason I need to oppose every single aggressive war that the state wants to wage.

Of course, the politicians never like to talk about the realities of war. In Iraq, upwards of 2 million people have been killed since the war first started back in 1991. 2 million....

Aggressive war was once punished as a war crime back at nuremburg. All the killing in this aggressive war holds some serious moral and legal implications for all those involved.

Some additional reading on this:

"Collateral Damage is Murder" - click here

Great article that articulates the double-speak away, and replaces it with real words, such as "human beings".


I have been calling for Impeachment since the Illegal Invasion of Iraq on the unforgivable Grounds of Preemptive War, this, even before I had taken the time to research the available evidence of neocon involvement in 911 itself... an entirely different category of "Crime Against Humanity" and "War of Aggression", not new, but different.

CODE PINK and the entire nation are going to need a "rallying cry" to begin the Criminal Investigations against these monsters... going through the "political channels" is gong to force a reduction and stealthiness in Iraq War participation, while completely disregarding the High Level Corruption of nearly Every Federal Agency, the Ongoing Source of Militarized-Corporatism, their Congress, and the "Official" Secrecy/National Security/State Secrets/Executive Privilege which Protects it ALL...

We are already in a New American Revolution, one Symptom of which is the Iraq War!


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