You are herecontent / Daily Mail Thursday: Brits blame terrorists for stampede

Daily Mail Thursday: Brits blame terrorists for stampede

Daily Mail Thursday: Brits blame terrorists for stampede

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has condemned the "depravity" of terrorists who launched a mortar attack on pilgrims in Iraq, triggering a stampede near a holy shrine, Britain's Daily Mail will report Thursday. The Mail also asserts that more than a thousand are now dead after a stampeded on a bridge, which caused it to collapse...Excerpts follow...

CNN counters, saying it's not known that 'terrorists' were actually responsible. The cable news network's latest death toll is 843.

"Government officials are investigating that attack and the stampede itself -- which also led to the injuries of 323 people. The death count could rise as crews search for more victims," CNN reports Wednesday. "They also want to explore the extent of any 'technical defects" on the bridge.'"

The death toll in the incidents in Baghdad is now believed to have risen as high as 1,000.

Mr Straw said in a statement: "I condemn utterly this despicable act of terrorism against innocent civilians just as I condemn those who continue to use violence and terror more widely in order to further their aims in Iraq.

"The depravity of these individuals who commit these acts of terrorism against their fellow Muslims sadly knows no bounds."

Earlier, mortar shells fired by insurgents exploded close to the shrine of a 9th century Shiite saint, whose tomb attracted hundreds of thousands of worshippers who had to cross a bridge over the River Tigris to get there.

Rumours then spread through the crowds that a suicide bomber was present and railings on the bridge gave way, causing worshippers to fall into the river below.

Mr Straw offered the condolences of the people of the UK and said that such actions were "designed to prevent Iraq's progress towards a democracy".


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Sorry but something does not add up.

We are told that the insurgents want Iraq to descend into civil war because the ensuing violence and carnage will force the US out.

Does that actually make sense to anyone?

How exactly will Iraqis massacring other Iraqis, instead of US soldiers, force the US out when it is clear the US could not give a rat's ass how many Iraqis die?

If anything I would have thought it would be a welcome relief for US soldiers not to be the primary focus of the insurgents anymore.

And do you not find it intriguing that despite the terrible provocations the Iraqis are steadfastly refusing to be manipulated into attacking each other.

The only nation that desires Iraq to be permanently fractured and weakened is Israel and the US.

Also Israel is the leading terrorist force in the region.

You do the math....

When I heard about the thousand+ people dead from the stampede in Iraq I thought to myself, that it was George Bush that killed them. If we had not gone into Iraq there would not be suicide bombers, people would not have been panicked and therefore it would not have happened. Hope your sleeping well George!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I know I ALWAYS believe the British Government . . .

Just like I always believe everything that Israel's Government says.

They are our "friends." Why would the "Old Fox" or the "Through Deception You Shall Make War Boys" ever see a need to lie???

Well, other than Churchill and Pearl Harbor . . . or Israel's attack on the USS Liberty, of course . . .

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