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Chickenhawk Who Argued With Cindy Sheehan Is Secretary of Montgomery County Republican Club

Here's who he is.

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There is no reason why this tool can't enlist TODAY. He needs to put daddies money where his mouth is.

Has email address and phone number are there.

Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force would be very interested in his contacts too, for recruitment purposes, since his age certainly DOES qualify him:

Active Army - 42
Army Reserves - 42
Active Air Force - 27
Air Force Reserve - 34
Active Navy - 34
Naval Reserves - 39
Active Marines - 28
Marine Corps Reserve - 29
Active and Reserve Coast Guard - 27


Just like all these Congressmen and Senators. We can't get our hands dirty, send your children to die. Unbelieveable, I'll bet if they called his number he'd change his tune very quickly indeed. A truly brave person has researched this WAR and knows it's based on a lie!

I think they handled this guy very well. Using the Veterans to step in and "shield" Cindy isolated him and was well done. I don't understand though what is going on with Cindy Sheehan. I'm glad to see her back in, but I've missed a more public statement about what process she's gone through to take this new direction. Given the "heat" of her public withdrawal it seems more is in order.

Call the 1-800 number too. 1-800-467-8738 I did and he wasn't in so I asked if I could leave a message and told them to tell him to join the army instead of running his mouth. They weren't happy! I think I'll call a few times daily and fax some advice to him too!

Sheehan is disgrace to this country. This chickenhawk guy has as much of a right to speak as Sheehan does. Get a life losers!

You are so right. This blowhard needs to enlist and get a little education about the real world!

And what does that man mean by "we" ? He's standing there in Alabama, not Iraq! What unmitigated nerve, how dare he say "we"!


Ach Zo - the Club (Press) Secretary. Makes perfect sense. And from the video - including everything that Ms. Sheehan explained up front - one can see exactly how disingenuously incomplete was the AP "reporting" of the event.

Makes doubly valuable your willingness, Mr. Swanson, to track down the follow-up details like this; THANK YOU, sir!

I noticed at the above, earlier post, someone asking where/how to donate to Cindy's campaign. Anybody have an answer to that? Such a link would be good to have close at hand.

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida


she doesn't have her campaign up and running yet, and never will if Pelosi comes through before 7/23

thanks for this, I needed a reminder about Cindy's effort. I'm heading to the link to make a donation ( although it won't be all that much as I'm broke )

He can yell. That's about it.

The guy's a walking train wreck. A couple more minutes, and they would have had him saying that Bush was his Daddy, and Saddam raped his mom. Pathetic. Somebody needs to clean this video up and get it shown so people can see how ludicrous the right's arguments really are.

Chicken hawks never understand when freedom is working especially when it goes against their pipeline rhetoric.
The real threat of terrorism lies within our borders concealed as uninformed patriotism and support for a failed President overwhelmed by corruption and lack of leadership capabilities.

Semper Fi!

About 10 percent of the people are deaf and hard of hearing, including me. Audio-visual not in snync. I only picked up bits and pieces.

I'm sorry for the loss of your son. I really don't understand why it is that you can't just answer the mans ? What happens if we leave IRAQ? A lot more people will die including you and your friends. If they follow us to the US, and they will, and we don't defeat them here the loud liberal left will be the first to die. You can't talk to these people. They want us dead. They especially won't put up with free speech or any criticism. Reality check please! I await the usual nonsense verbage. Much love :)
Ted II

The reason that Cindy did not and Could NOt answer the man's questions is

1) he would not be quiet long enough to hear anything she said...he was just throwing REpublican "talking points " at her, not trying to get an answer
2) she cannot see into the future any better than he can or you can.
3) she was asking questions of him, too, which he refused to hear, much less answer: like, why doesn't he go to war if he is so much in favor of it?

And in response to your threats/predictions of harm to america and "us liberal left".....I resent you predicting harm to me and my family and claiming that we hate don't know my heart. you don't have any reason to accuse me of anything. Just because someone is against Bush and his illegal and immoral war doesn't give you the right to wish them harm.

What happens if we leave IRAQ? A lot more people will die including you and your friends. If they follow us to the US, and they will, and we don't defeat them here the loud liberal left will be the first to die.

If we leave Iraq then then you will keep wetting your bed every night like usual Ted. Sorry, liberals don't have a solution to everything. I can admit that.

Think they'll follow us here? You're wrong but I say "bring 'em on!" I'd much rather fight them here than anywhere else. If you want to fight them somewhere else, then why aren't you in Iraq already?

And what do you mean "if ... we don't defeat them here"? You think they'll win? Sounds like your plan for defending America is to run and hide. What a patriot you are. Don't worry Ted, liberals will still protect you. We'll even wash your urine-soaked bedsheets for you, when we commit you to a public health institution to cure your cowardice.

You can't talk to these people. They want us dead. They especially won't put up with free speech or any criticism.

That's an incredibly accurate description of the Bush/Cheney administration and their supporters. But it sounds like you're confusing them with either liberals or terrorists. Do you watch Fox?

Reality check please!

No charge Ted, this one's on me. You're welcome.

Reality check indeed. Your solution is to stay, Ted? Stay where? Behind your computer monitor?


Ted, though the majority now want for this OCCUPATION to end, we want to protect our country. Just think how much protection we could have if all the money spent on this unnecessary OCCUPATION had not been spent over there. Wouldn't you rather have all those soldiers protecting us here instead of there. No matter what we do, a lot of Iraqis are going to still die because we have made such a mess of things. IT IS TIME TO STOP THIS ADMINISTRATION. Just think, how much justification you are going to have to spout because of people like you who will not help us in stopping an attack on Iran. Did you hear recently that even the Bushies admitted that Al Qaeda has grown and is more organized than before 9/11. SO YOU THINK YOU WANT TO CONTINUE SUPPORTING AN ADMINISTRATION THAT HAS DONE SUCH A POOR JOB. WOULD YOU HIRE ANY OF THEM IN YOUR BUSINESS? Every dollar that the Bush cronies are making is dripping in blood. Shame on all of them. JOIN US TED. PEACE IS MUCH BETTER.

When a train is barreling for a cliff, you don't ask, "What happens if we jump off?"

Personally, I think if we leave Iraq, a lot of people die. Funny, though, if we stay there instead, a lot of people die. Pick your bad scenario. It's proven by now, that Bush/Cheney are absolutely incapable of a so-called "win" in Iraq. We can't help Iraq with them in charge, that's for sure.

The time to help Iraq would have been right after 9/11. We even got sympathy statements from Saddam! We could have gone in with humanitarian aid, to bring up their standard of living, and therefore their stake in peace. We could have done this throughout the region, and 9/11 would have been the reason they would let us do it.

It couldn't have cost more than the Iraq war has; Abu Ghraib and Gitmo would never have happened and be showing 24/7 on Al Jazeera; and Al Qaeda wouldn't be attracting converts right now.

Kill your TV, and free your mind.

At least this time the diversion came late. His purpose was to restate the stay the course argument. He hoped to "prove his point" that the Iraqi people somehow need us to protect them. The statement is laughable. The could use a little protection, from us, not by us.

On the subject of impeachment. Pelosi needs to be convinced that the American People want Bush/Cheney impeached. Pelosi is just taking his power away. Investigations of the administration are moving fast and furious. The administration is stuck, they simply cannot be stupid enough to think they are going to be able to get away with any more violations. They are not stupid enough to think they have gotten away with the violations already committed. Even if no one goes upstate to the Graybar Hotel heads are already rolling, and there are more to come. DeLay is an example, His corruption was Olympic, and the Triple A league crooks are watching their backs as a result.
We are winning, and Like it or not, good or bad, Pelosi is setting the ambush.

Sheehan is making one very serious mistake. It is the mistake of the Idealist. She is weakening her allies because they are not adopting the mentality of the mob.
Karl Leuba

Karl Leuba,

You imply that Cindy's "idealist" mindset is the "mentality of the mob."

If this is so, give me the mob, any day! But it's not so, because it's not a mob. It's not a motley crowd waving pitchforks. To paint the current dissatisfaction with our government as a wack-fringe fit of pique, does disservice to the large majority of Americans who want to yank back our government before it kills us all.

I'm with Cindy, on the idealism thing. If we had more idealists in government, we'd have a lot less pork, a lot fewer illegal wars, and a lot more support for citizens that need it; as opposed to fabulous support for rich citizens who don't need the help.

Bring on the idealists! To look for compromised principles, as proof that a candidate is "electable", is to surrender forever to the injustices we now have, and turn a blind eye to further injustices to come.

Without principles, money buys power. If the corporate bottom line is your standard for good governance, kiss freedom goodbye.

Kill your TV, and free your mind.

"they want me to make money" that what he said? Let me quess..."I can't keep any of it, I'm making it for The Troops". Just another wimp in an SUV that has a big mouth, a big, house, a big car, and a little dic#.

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