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Here It Is, Parts I & II

Part one, Here It Is. Concerning the failure of Nancy Pelosi to cooperate fully with impeachment efforts.

Submitted by joemartin on Sat, 2007-07-14 21:40. A while back a guy in Ca. (don't remember his name was heading a coalition, etc. for impeachment and he even furnished a video clip at this site to explain the big money interest reasons why Pelosi couldn't cooperate on impeachment.
Unfortunately, however, when I viewed the clip it was basically just generalities stating that big money interest conflicts simply could not allow impeachment at all costs, including the big money interest which Pelosi has. So I never bothered researching all Pelosi's money interests because what good would it do? Even if you pointed out emphatically the conflict of interest factors it would not necessarily compel her to change her position. The fact is the special prosecutors are not responding to attacking the conflict of interest angles probably because so many politicians are investing in so many varied interests nowadays.
If you want to get down to brass tacks nitty gritty HERE IT IS: many researchers and even conspiracy writers accept the concept that a favorite assassination tool of what they call the Bush Crime Family, aka, Bush-Clinton Crime Family, AKA Bush Crime Syndicate, etc., ad nauseum, use aircraft sabatoge as a means of eliminating opponents who are extreme liability persons. This is not paranoia at all, and I'm not joking about this.
You recall Pelosi asked for a larger, military type aircraft last year, didn't she?
I was informed it was Bill Clinton who drove Cokie Roberts's dad, Hale Boggs to the airfield the day he crashed. Long believed Clinton is part of the G.H.W.Bush leader of the pack gang. Also, I think after the October Surprise, John Tower, who probably had all the goods on Bush Sr. on this was killed in another aircrash in, I think, his private jet or turbo prop.

Here It Is, Part Two.
Submitted by joemartin on Sat, 2007-07-14 22:12.
support@informamerica.netI just lost part two and starting over. Will deliver this in two parts to eliminate hackers.
In addition to all the abovementioned crashes, you may recall that John Kennedy Jr.'s aircrash was noteworthy not as an accident, but as a murder. There was a fourth person aboard that fateful aircraft who is believed to have been a flight instructor, but I don't think the FBI is officially admitting it as of yet. They still cover for G.H.W.Bush. There was reportedly bomb residue on the rear seat-luggage area and this has not been officially mentioned either. It is accepted by some that a barometric or barometer bomb was aboard and went off at a certain altitude similar to the Lockerbee Scotland crash.
It does not take much explosive to separate the empennage of a small plane from the main fuselage body of the aircraft and without the tail section, the empennage it cannot fly but straight down. You'll recall that the plane descended rapidly, and this is contrary to the alleged pilot error where pilots sometimes lose their "horizon" and cannot tell what the aircraft's attitude (nose up or nose down) is in bad weather by instrumentation alone. In such type of accident where pilot error is involved the descent rate is not necessarily nearly so steep and abrupt. I have logged a few hours in four place private planes and I can attest to this.
Also if you check the FSS,(flight service station) records for that area at the time of his crash you'll probably find reports which state the weather was not all that bad, which directly opposes the television reports of the weather at time of crash. JFK, Jr. was actually a pretty good pilot.
But he stood in Hillary's way of getting the N.York Senator spot and according to documents at on the investigation ,"three U.S. Presidents were involved" in this murder.
After his death the copies of "True Colors", the Bush-Clinton Assassination teams documents were taken into custody and declared classified information. I think Madeline Albright, the Clintons, and I can't remember if the Smithsonian or some Archives has copy, etc.,etc., ad nauseum, but you can look it up,the same modus operandi of the JFK Assassination docs which were sealed. The favorite GOP method is to seal potentially damning evidence, declare it TOP SECRET, and thereby escape prosecution. I think they are sealed for a few decades. There's a link near top at right of my page, archive-1, just below the Libby article, etc.
In the case of Ron Brown's crash, the same thing that has happened in other flights with the manipulation of the radio beacon which guides the pilots on course is believed to have been used and flew the plane into a hillside in the rain. The radio guidance beacon works in rain or any weather as it is an electromagnetic radio beam. It's called flying "on the beam", etc.. Ron Brown was about to be required to testify on campaign fund fraud, or such, against Bill Clinton, and so his death is listed as another of the "Clinton Body Count". See my article at in archives on "Bloody Bill Clinton" link.
I could go on and on, and state one crash after the other, but what the hay. You folks can start looking some of this stuff up , too.
One thing you cannot say about me, I have never shied away from calling the current regime of current presidents and recent past presidents what they really are. They are in league in a grand CON, and massive coverup, and no doubt, Pelosi simply doesn't want to risk getting in their way. Other than black market nuclear triggers which allegedly are in place for a nuclear event on U.S. soil as a threat the CON holds over Pelosi's and America's heads, I don't think she wants to go down in another airwreck.
YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME AMERICA. YOU'D BETTER IMPEACH THESE BUMS NOW!!! Evidence indicates they are murderers. joemartin,


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