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Peace activist Sheehan argues with man outside Ala. Capitol

By Associated Press

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan got into an argument with a man Thursday outside the Alabama State Capitol.

The visit to Montgomery was part of Sheehan's 17-city "Summer of Love '07" protest tour that began Tuesday at President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch. Footage from Montgomery's WSFA-TV shows a man yelling at Sheehan as she walked away after briefly speaking to reporters.

"What happens to Iraq after we leave?" the man asked repeatedly.

Sheehan initially continued to walk away but then turned back to say something. The man, who identified himself on camera as Chris Vucovich, kept repeating his question as she tried to speak.

Sheehan then walked back until she was standing right in front of Vucovich and asked, "Are you going to be quiet so I can answer?"

He told her to go ahead.

"How many Iraqi people in Iraq have you talked to?" she asked. When Vucovich didn't immediately answer, she continued, "Zero. The people of Iraq want us out."

The two then both began speaking at once until Sheehan turned around and walked away. Vucovich yelled after her, "You were used by the Democratic party, ma'am."

As Sheehan and her supporters walked away, Vucovich was asked by reporters why he had come out to the Capitol.

"I'm out here today because I'm just sick and tired of all this," he said, adding that the country is at war and is committed to democracy in Iraq.

Sheehan's group planned to walk from the Capitol to the Civil Rights memorial at the Southern Poverty Law Center and then to walk through Montgomery's historic Cloverdale neighborhood, where the group planned a rally from 5-7 p.m, The Montgomery Advertiser reported.

Sheehan, who is from California, has announced that she plans to run as an independent against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi next year unless Pelosi moves to impeach Bush by July 23, the day Sheehan's group plans to arrive in Washington.

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This is a typical smear Op by the Press. We've seen it before. Note they are there in time to interview this accusatory asshole, but they report no follow-up statement(s) by Sheehan, nor any of the other activists, for that matter.

In fact the heckler was a plant, deliberately injected for the purpose of creating this "news" item, smearing Sheehan; to manufacture the title "...Sheehan Argues...". (Instead of the far more truthful "Unprovoked, Man Screams Accusations...".)


I am certain of the above because I've seen it myself before. After getting zero press coverage on several local events, suddenly multiple TV cameras appeared at a vigil we had back in April. And along with them showed up one, and only one, muscular buzz-cut redneck, who proceeded to heckle the speakers. We ultimately gave him a chance to speak, yet he had nothing, absolutley nothing, to say. After which the TV cameras crowded around him to highlight and get shots of him anyway. And nobody else. I didn't bother to look for the "reporting" on it later.

This is a Totalitarian and Fascist country in which we are already living - growing more so each day - and the Associated Press hereby proves they are active conspirators in the repression. Anyone still proud to be a REAL American - fearless, free and HONORABLE - is not going to take this shit. Make your news and information choices accordingly.

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

How can I donate to directly support Cindy Sheehan's current activity? Is she still Gold Star Families for Peace? Is there an organization taking donations specifically for her walk to DC and campaign to run against Pelosi?

just one more manifestation of Republican FREAKS losing it, because they know that 'We The People' have fucking had it with their FASCISM and their INCIPIENT DICTATORSHIP and their PERPETUAL WARS FOR OIL and their GREED.

we've had it with them. They know it. They're desperate fuckers, and the MSM is so co-opted and part of the GOP PARTY now, they're also waking up to the fact NOBODY BUT THE HARD CORE BRAIN DEAD WATCH THEIR BULLSHIT OR READ THEIR FASCIST CRAP ANYMORE!!!!

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