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Mr. Bush, Go Cheney Yourself!

By Larisa Alexandrovna
Huffington Post

We have no leadership, no captain at the helm as it were. We are, in effect, being led from disaster to disaster by a headless horseman run amok with stuffed pockets and an empty conscience.


On September 11, 2001, The Vacationing and un-elected President of this country was tooling around on his holiday and even making time to fit in a little PR in Florida too.

Later it was the "bring it on" hubris of a boy-king, who had spent his entire life doing absolutely nothing of value, now deciding the fate of thousands upon thousands of people.

Still later, it was a Veruca Salt-like tantrum of "I want it now Daddy, I WANT IT NOW!" demanding of either Rummy or Cheney that he get his golden- egg- laying Goose.

Now this dim-witted and loathed bully of a child still sits on his beach blanket while his toy soldiers are sent to kill "his" toy victims. "Daddy, I WANT IT NOW!"

Daddy VP Delivers:

So what happens when, once again, our leadership is sun-bathing and there is a national emergency? What happens when children are drowning in attics while others are burning in the sun on Cajun hot roofs? What happens to a great city like New Orleans when funding for emergency spending has been cut so that "toys can kill toys?"

What happens when the entire military and emergency resources of a nation – the ones not yet outsourced to Project Lying Bastards – are tied up in simulations of being prepared for emergencies, and by being tied up are not prepared at all?

Just a few of these simulations listed below, taking place over the last few weeks, have tied up all of our resources that are otherwise needed for a catastrophe like Katrina that is unfolding before our eyes:

Alaska, also here


Fort Monroe

Town Hall Set, Roll Camera:

So while children are drowning and others are floating around, dead in the water, the wannabe Yale cowboy struts around the set of his faux town hall meetings, has a bit of cake with John McCain, and takes in some fresh air in Colorado.

Congress? Anyone?

Dick? Where is Dick? Anyone?

Condi? Rummy? Any other Iran-Contra Folks?

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?


So where does that leave us, the citizens of this raped, pillaged, terrorized, demoralized, freedom loving nation?

Floating face down, eyes affixed on a once great New Orleans!

Screw you and the horse you rode in on:

I am more afraid of my leadership than I am of the looming “terrorist


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Ms. Larisa, you've articulated my very own thoughts and feelings to the letter.

Thank you

Yes, ma'am. You got it.

You are daily packaged and sold to advertisers through that wonderful "vast wasteland" medium that holds your attention between commercial "breaks" with such incessant mind-numbing drivel that you can't even bestir yourself when the same 125dB (chain saw level) advertisement is repeated five times every half hour.

It's not so much "dumbing down" as it is total destruction of the human brain -- or whatever remnant may be left after the daily grind of low-wage slavery.

and the horse you rode in on....

this country can't last with 3 more years of this group.

If the President is so stupid in the eyes of the left how is it that he was re-elected?

He cheated.

Wake up and smell the river.

Bush and his rich beholden buddies fixed the vote:

Karl Rove -- a liar, "swift boater" and traitorous betrayer of U.S. intelligence assets.

Awe come on Wayne, everyone knows this Jackass stole the election.

He was re-elected by fraud, voting irregularities, cheating, intimidation and voting machine tampering.

Did someone not once say, "you get the leadership you deserve"?

How true.

Yes, Katrina was horrible and caused massive damage, and nothing any human being (Democrat, Republican or Intelligent) could have done to stop the devastation in Biloxi or Gulfport or the initial damage to New Orleans.

But, only a few hundred total died from THAT. (Yes, a few hundred mostly poor and black without the resources to escape, and for them I am, of course, sad.)

But THOUSANDS, perhaps even TENS OF THOUSANDS will die in New Orleans because of the GREED and EGO of the Republicans in power who refused to provide the necessary funding OVER THE LAST TWO YEARS that was needed to build up the defenses of New Orleans against exactly what has happened IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE STORM. Their reason? The money was needed for Iraq.

And sadly, this Administration will care little, because these are, as the author points out, poor colored people, and not white corporate CEO's like "Kenny Boy." The orders to "shoot to kill" will go out soon, and our media will not react. American troops will be killing Americans on American soil at the orders of a man who checked "please don't send me to Vietnam" on his war forms and then couldn't even make it to the National Guard duty he was called for.

When the count is finally taken, and more have died from the flooding in New Orleans and disease and lack of relief efforts and crime (due to the aforementioned) can we then decide that this was a TERRORIST ACT performed on New Orleans by the Republican Administration and the Republicans in Congress and go after them DEAD OR ALIVE as we did Osama? Of course, if we did, we wouldn't catch them, would we? We'd probably ALMOST catch them and then divert our resources to attack the Queen of England and the House of Lords or something.

Perhaps BUSH flying over the damage in a fast-moving plane and saying how "horrible" it is will be the moment when people realize what a pathetic hypocrite he is. Maybe.

Charlie L
Portland, OR

P.S. Ms. Alexandrovna, your words were eloquent and powerful.

What you have to consider is this. When you conduct protest,
If there is a city ordinance prohibiting nusiance horn blowing,
the cops have to enforce this ordinance. What i observed was cops acting in a very civilized and orderly manner and showed respect for the lady arrested. Thirty years ago, when the protest's got really roudy, the cops busted heads open. At Kent State, in 1970, four student protester's were shot and killed by the ohio national guard troops. Im not defending the cops, but i am saying it could be much worse.**Humphrey**


The American Republic was setup so that the people, if they remained smart, could have a say in their own government. The problem with such a system is that it relies upon the people to be ever vigilant and united in their own best interests! This is simple politics, but apparently way over most American's heads. After the uncomprmising activism of the 60's which addressed many social ills, and eventually forced an end to the Vietnam debacle, the American people promptly went back to sleep. The chastened Military/Industrial Complex regrouped and continued to plot the death of our Constitutional form of government. They went on to employ brilliant divide and conquer strategies to such a degree that today's American is so politically foolish they don't even have sense enough to unite to protect their own vital interests! How can we hold our corrupt leaders accountable when most of us today, don't even know how our system is supposed to work? We've been seriously divided by an Orwellian mass media and relentless political indoctrination. We now define ourselves through meaningless labels such as: Democrat vs Republican, Liberal vs Conservative, and now Red vs Blue! W. Bush represents a low-point in our political history. A testament to the people's political backwardness. Only a politically backward people would have allowed such a fraud to be installed in the whitehouse in the first place. Some things you just don't stand for!

We've allowed blatant government, and media, corruption yet remained silent. We've allowed the last two presidential elections to be rigged, yet remained silent. Our silence is a testament to denial and ignorance of the facts. Facts which we'll never get from our corrupt mainstream media. The challenges now facing us are so grave that we don't have the luxury of continued political backwardness. The Republican leadership is neither Republican, nor Conservative. The Democratic leadership is neither Democrat nor liberal. The leadership of both parties are thoroughly corrupt however, and a grave danger to our nation. Cindy Sheehan's revolt represents the first signs of life among an American people too long asleep at the political switch. We've voluntarily resigned ourselves to political limbo while the neo-cons, fundamentalists, and other extremists have literally run amok! Perhaps enough of us will now awaken, to hopefully come together and straighten out this mess?


But the challenge is great and the time for awakening is drawing swiftly to a close, if not already too late. I have to admit that I'm not optimistic.

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