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Police Crack Down on Protesters in St. Petersburg, Fla.


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This is how the cops became known as "pigs". They did it to themselves in the 60's and 70's and they're off on another foray into "pigdom" today.

You seem very willing to call the police pigs. This story is published in a liberal paper. I want to hear the other side of this story. There's nothing wrong with a peaceful protest. But, I've seen liberal demonstrators in action, harassing and intimidating people.

When cops behave like thugs, they are called "pigs"! Any questions, stooopid?

Wow! You've really put me in my place. Liberals are sooooooooo smart.

St. Petersburg does not support free speech. Their tough response to a horn honker, all the while they have at least 18 unsolved murders this year, and killers are escaping justice, the St. Petersburg Police, run by an idiot, (kinda like BUSH!) worry about horn honkers. It has always been a dreadful city, and now it is getting worse.

Is'nt it inevitable?

State capitals are rapidly becoming branch offices of Washington.

Municipal police branches of Federal Protective Services.

---The Bikemessenger


What should be considered is if there is a nusiance horn ordinace in effect, and someone lays on the horn, the cops will enforce this ordinance. what choice do they have? They didn't rough house her, she was gently cuffed up, and placed into the squad car and drivin away. was she beaten latter? then thats something else altogether.
35 years ago, the cops busted open the heads of protester's. In 1970, at KENT STATE OHIO, the Ohio national Guard open fired on protesters killing 4 student protester's. If we get to that point, then we;ll deal with it accordingly. alright?**humphrey**

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