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A Senator Speaks Up

Barbara Boxer: "Impeachment should be on the table" - Ed Schultz Show 7/11/07

She was the only Senator who cared to examine the credibility of the election results in Ohio. She is the only Senator willing to stand with 54 percent of Americans for the rule of law now. What would we do without Barbara Boxer?

Please call her at 202-224-3553 and thank her, and ask her to please speak with Nancy Pelosi.

Email Sen. Boxer here.

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... to ask, where is the impeachment, one knows that there is something wrong in the House.

and hence, she needs to be known as the 'pastatute' she is (spaghetti selling harlot she is)

The above comment is completely rude and obnoxious, and achieves nothing either original nor creative. It must have come from a Republican.

Quiet thought-out rationale. Intelligence to be admired.
Nicely reasoned arguments. I'm moved. I humbly await your next profound syllable.
Wow. I bet there's a long waiting line of women wanting to have your child, hoping to get the high IQ gene you so obviously carry.


hippies, all of you

and I hope a REAL Democrat runs against her next year. Most people I know (I live in her district) are vowing to vote for someone else next year. Pelosi loves the Bush crime family more than she believes in protecting and defending our constitution. Any House member that does not support impeachment should be replaced in 2008.


Barbara Boxer is one of the most progressive Senators, and has been the 15 years she's been in the Senate. In her first election, she won by 3% points; in 1998 by 10% points; and in 2004 she won by 20% points. Speaking up, taking a stand, is a winner with voters.

Here's someone stepping up to the plate. Read what Cindy Sheehan has in store for Pelosi, comment from The Nation. And further comment from DailyKos.

When Cindy Sheehan arrives in Washington July 23, she will issue the ultimate challenge to Pelosi.

If the Speaker has not put impeachment back on the table, Sheehan promises to announce that she will mount an independent campaign against Pelosi in November, 2008.

"Democrats and Americans feel betrayed by the Democratic leadership," says Sheehan, who is furious with Pelosi and her caucus for not doing more to end the war and hold Bush to account.

That betrayal is felt particularly in Pelosi's San Francisco district, where voters have overwhelmingly endorsed referendums calling for an end to the war and for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Now, members of Code Pink--Women for Peace and other groups are camping out in front of Pelosi's home to protest her failure to represent their views and values.

Sheehan, a Californian, sums up homestate sentiments regarding Pelosi when the activist says: "She let the people down who worked hard to put Democrats back in power, who we thought were our hope for change."

The depth of the frustration in San Francisco with the Speaker's leadership -- or the lack thereof -- is what makes Sheehan suggest that, "I would give (Pelosi) a run for her money."

Certainly, Sheehan's notoriety would make the race a more serious one than the easy runs Pelosi has enjoyed since she won her House seat in a 1987 special election.

Could a Sheehan challenge actually upset Pelosi? That's a long shot -- and Sheehan, who is far more savvy about politics than her critics recognize, knows this.

But she also knows that politicians are most likely to respond to political pressure. So Cindy Sheehan is turning up the heat on Pelosi with a political threat that George Bush -- after his long and bitter experience of tangling with the "Peace Mom" -- would undoubtedly advise the Speaker to treat with a good measure of seriousness.

that's good. will she support impeachment of her bff joe lieberman too?

I don't understand the animosity towards the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. She has held vote after vote to end the Iraq War, holding vote after vote. The reason the war will not be over in a year is because she does not have teh votes to override a Bush veto, and the Republicans have 50 votes in the Senate (including Lieberman). Some people need to realize that things can't just HAPPEN in politics because we want them to. There are certain political realities we all must face. Why won't she impeach Bush? Well, she knows they don't have 67 votes in the Senate to convict him, so it would distract from the real work that needs to be done. I hate Bush as much as any of you, but I think you need to redirect your anger towards the people in the administration and the Republican Congress who ACTUALLY defends them.

The Democratic Party is just part of the establishment, part of our broken political system of a party of the right (D) and a party of the FAR RIGHT (R).

The Dems are SPINELESS... how many f*cking reasons for impeachment do you need until you get off your collective ass and DO SOMETHING. But no, the Dems are too concerned about their POLITICAL ASSES so they're spineless. OMG imagine if CLINTON did all of this crap IN ADDITION TO LEWINSKY... the Republicans would be having impeachment hearings until the RESURRECTION!

Thank you, Senator Barbara Boxer for saying what needs to be said! Impeachment should be on the table!

It is extremely frustrating to hear so many people saying that impeachment would be a distraction from 'more important things'. Pay attention people—BUSH & CHENEY are the distraction from almost everything that needs to be done; they are the stonewalling deterrent for accomplishing anything that isn’t in their self serving agenda. When was the last time you actually felt as though they were serving YOU—people of the United States?

It’s hard to imagine anything that’s ‘more important’ than restoring/rescuing our Democracy, reestablishing our balance of power, reaffirming our separation of church & state, restoring respect for our country in the global community, and insisting that the officials of our government remember that they work for us—not in spite of us—they don’t rule us.

Impeachment of Bush & Cheney facilitates the implementation of most of the other things that need to be done. The Administration is standing in the way of anything that is not in lock step with their self serving agenda.

Take withdrawal from Iraq, for example. Most people agree that we could use a lot more help from other countries for Iraq so we could leave. Bush & Cheney have so enraged the world community, blown our credibility, and inspired so much resistance against us in Iraq, that we are deadlocked in the terrible quagmire in Iraq—as long as Bush & Cheney are our representation to the rest of the world. Impeaching them would begin the recovery process of our national image, the credibility or our country, and the inspiring of others to help Iraq for us.

Abbreviated formula:

Impeachment restores trust & respect for USA; that inspires help for us in Iraq; and that facilitates our withdrawal.

Bush & Cheney are a cancer on our country and they need to be removed as soon as possible.

Thanks, again, Senator Boxer!

Jim Lindsley; Durham, NC

Uncaring, incompentence that has killed many and enriched his friends
as I'm sure will enrich him as well- but not in speaking fees since he has no rationale. If he knows what even that means.

I, too, am disappointed that this congress hasn't been able to hold these flouters of the constitution accountable ... however, I understand Nancy Pelosi's dilemma. It would be portrayed by this media as a pure democratic power grab. And who stands to benefit? President Pelosi, anyone?

We need more than the original 46% of the population that always knew this administration was up to no good to get behind the notion of impeachment. When americans are truly outraged by Bush/Cheney's maniacal, monarchial reign of TERROR, perhaps the Dems, AND Republicans will find the political courage to do what is right. But right now I see people more outraged that their I-Phones aren't perfect.

Great interview on Bill Moyer's journal, with two guests, (one being Bruce Fine who wrote the articles of impeachment on Clinton) explaining why it is congress' constitutional obligation to have impeachment hearings, for the preservation of our constitution. To be passive is to forever miss the opportunity to rein in this president, AND FUTURE presidents.

Pelosi needs to rethink her position for the salvation of our country. And we all need to pressure our congressional reps. and senators.

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