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It Was the Oil, Stupid

By Cindy Sheehan
Day 25
The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford

"If Zarqawi and bin Laden gain control of Iraq, they would create a new training ground for future terrorist attacks," Bush said. "They'd seize oil fields to fund their ambitions. They could recruit more terrorists by claiming a historic victory over the United States and our coalition."(George Bush, August 30, 2005 in San Diego.)

So it is official, Casey had his blood shed in Iraq for OIL. He died so we could pay over 3.00/gallon for gas. Like I suspected all along, my dear, sweet son: almost 1900 others; and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis died so the oil fields wouldn't "fall into the hands of terrorists" and so George and his immoral band of greedy robber barons could become wealthier. Like I have said all along: how can these people sleep at night and how can they choke down their food knowing it is purchased off of the flesh and blood of others? We have found our "Noble Cause." And it is OIL. This man and his handlers need to be stopped.

Well, George and I are leaving Crawford today. George is finished playing golf and telling his fables in San Diego , so he will be heading to Louisiana to see the devastation that his environmental policies and his killing policies have caused. Recovery would be easier and much quicker if almost ½ of the three states involved National Guard were not in Iraq. All of the National Guard's equipment is in Iraq also. Plus, with the 2 billion dollars a week that the private contractors are siphoning from our treasury, how are we going to pay for helping our own citizens in Louisiana , Mississippi, and Alabama? And, should I dare say "global warming?" and be branded as a "conspiracy theorist" on top of everything else the reich-wingers say about me.

We are now packing up Camp Casey and leaving Crawford and heading to George's place of employment. He wouldn't talk to us, his employers, while we were here to give him his "job evaluation," so we must go to him to have our little chat.

I just want to thank a few people and groups for their support, help, and love while we have been here in Crawford. So many people made the Camp Casey experience possible and so successful. If I miss someone, I am so sorry: that is the difficult thing about thanking people. I love you all, even if I don't remember to thank you!!

My sister: Dede Miller: My kids' second mom who is always by my side and supports me 100% in whatever I do. My cause is her cause, and I couldn't do what I do without her.

Carly, Andy, and Janey: Who would love to see more of their mom, but who understand that we are trying to save their future by what we do. I love you guys, and I will see you very, very soon (yea!!) I couldn't do what I do without their love and support.

The Crawford Peace House: I got an email from Hadi Jawad the day that I decided to come and camp in Crawford and he pledged the help and support of the Peace House. At that time, they only had a few bucks in their checking account and the phone was turned off. Now, thanks to America, they have been able to keep Camp Casey going and they will be able to continue their good works indefinitely. Thanks to John Wolf who had the vision for peace in Crawford and I think that Camp Casey was a fulfillment of his vision. They are going to make a garden and call it "The Casey Sheehan Memorial Peace Garden." What a tribute to my son.

Code Pink: Jodie Evans and Tiffany and Alicia were the first ones here on Monday 08/08 to jump in and save me from going crazy and hopping on one of the trains that runs past the Peace House and pulling an "Agatha Christie." Code Pink also worked tirelessly (and I mean tirelessly) outside of Camp Casey.

MoveOn: For organizing the highly successful candlelight vigils.

Lisa Fithian: For all the organizing work she did behind the scenes.

GSFP, IVAW, MFSO, AND VFP: Our organizations with "skin in the game" for all of their support, presence, love, and help.

Bill Mitchell: Bill's son Mike, was KIA in the same battle as Casey and he was the first GSFP member to come to Camp Casey and take some of the heat off of me. He found a new love at Camp Casey (one of our miracles) and I am sooo happy about that. Plus, Bill is one of my most ardent supporters and he just gets in the middle of things, digs in, and helps wherever. I love him and he and his family will be parts of our family forever.

Fred Mattlage: For donating the amazing piece of land for our use that allowed Camp Casey to expand to include thousands.

Air America: The Morning Sedition, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, and Laura Flanders. Thank you for your support . Ed Schultz belongs there, too, although he is not affiliated with Air America Radio. Amy Goodman was here, too!

The bloggers on The Daily Kos (and most bloggers in general): I would read their comments everyday after I posted my diary and I was always heartened and encouraged by their remarks. After all of the negativity, their positivity gave me strength to go on. In addition, the first night we were in Crawford, and being harassed by the SS, they were posting things and getting the word out that we were there alone and defenseless, which may have saved our lives, or saved us from being injured, or harassed out of there.

So many other people: The Camp Casey volunteers…literally hundreds. The more than 10,000 people who came through CC. Ann Wright who kept CC going. Arianna Huffington for her advice and support. Joan Baez who kept CC's spirits alive while I was in California attending to my sick mother. George Bush for not meeting with me on August 6th. Martin Sheen for his support and presence. A.I.M for Dennis Banks and Russell Means. Gary Hart, John Conyers, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson Lee, Jan Schakowsky, Dennis Kucinich, Frank Pallone, Lynn Woolsey, Chuck Hagel, Ralph Nader, Jim McDermott, Walter Jones, Charlie Rangel and the other politicos who either came to CC, or called me to offer their support and love. I know I am forgetting some, but thanks to you all. Joe Wilson and his family for paving the way for me to be able to ignore and dismiss the reich-wing smear machine who always tried to marginalize and discredit me by exaggerating or twisting my words and lying about me. The clergy who were there with their love and support: Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Rabbi Dennis Shulman; Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Bob Edgars, Rev. Jesse Jackson (who prayed bed time prayers with me), Rita Brock, etc.

There were so many good people who donated money, goods, or services who want to be kept anonymous.

But especially to Americans who resonated with Camp Casey and gave us prayers, support, money, love and most of all hope for the future.

We will take our country back. And it will be a country that we want back.

God Bless America!!!!

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You people need to step back into reality although I wouldn't get my daily laugh at the stuff that is posted here. What planet do you people live on? Global warming? Yea, we have never had a big hurricane before... We have been recording weather history for a little over 100 years and the Earth has been here for millions, think about it when you stop blaming Bush for causing the hurricane...

Again, ANOTHER rebublican who "speed-reads" the posts and can't wait to begin typing without UNDERSTANDING the post.
No one said he CAUSED the hurricane. Re-read the post.
And yes, we HAVE had hurricanes before. But go online to see how many Category Fives we have had.
And try to do a little research to find out how excessive ocean temps affect the weather.
You are not very bright.

Dear webmaster,

Does it serve any useful purpose to keep Freepers' vitrolic posts on this site? Why don't you just delete them from the site?

Just a little example of how the Neocons are destroying freedom in America. I worked for a company for almost 10 years but then quit in Jan. 2004. Since then I have worked with great respect and admiration as a consultant for them until yesterday when the fairly new president of the company saw my anti-war bumper stickers and ordered me off the premises because he disagreed with them and said the company didn't need consultants who believed like that -- so much for freedom of speech. I feel sorry for all the wonderful people who have to work there now under such fear, control and suppression.

Your freedom of speech is protected from government suppression -- the federal, state, and local governments had nothing to do with your losing your contract. What you seek is not only freedom of speech, but also freedom from the consequences of your speech. Follow your reasoning to its logical conclusion -- that it should be illegal to choose not to do business with someone for political reasons -- and boycotts would be illegal! Now that would really be an infringement of free speech rights!

Hey asshole, Bush wasn't playing golf so stop lying. Oh wait, that would require you to STOP SPEAKING since all you do is spread lies. You should be shot for treason, and if your son were still alive he would probably want to do it himself!

If you can't be civil and have nothing of substance to say, please hold your peace. If all you can do is call nasty names and make unsubstantiated claims, you are not only ineffective, you make your point of view look very weak.

YOU are one sick person!!!!

Geroge Bush has just surpassed ANY PRESIDENT IN HISTORY for most vacation days, and he's only just begun his second term! You figure it out, moron.

wake up people this world is changing rapidly...........stop ignoring the signs written in the sky....we are conditioned to beleive what they(Government,Corporations)want us to your mind and your hate

Well, you are certainly a Class Act and a real intellect, and I am so impressed----NOT!!!!

What's even more repulsive than your completely booris and low-class language and behavior is the liberty you've so wrongly taken in invoking Casey Sheehan's memory. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HAVE DONE SO.

Since you're clearly so enamored with Duh-bya, YOU should go over to Iraq, and put YOUR lazy, neo-con, low-class self in harm's way.

I love it. The clown who put the comment up about Bsuh not playing golf, and Casey probably wanting to execute his mom as a traitor is not an American Cindi, because TRUE AMERICANS DO NOT SEND MAIL ANNONOMOUSLY. The other thing I know about that particular clown is that He or she is showing their ignorance and stupidity pertaining to King George and his court due to the fact that he is the LIAR.

Read that vile you just posted and imagine someone spewing it to your mother. If you really are that angry at someone you never met, you've got serious problems.

Besides, no matter what vitriol you throw her way, you know you can never change reality: Her son paid the dearest price possible for this war, and she has every right to demand answers from our president.

Yes, she does.
Vitriol and bitter hate are the trademark of today's republican party. Sad for our great country.

You're stupid this President, Bush, has spent more time vacationing on his ranch, playing golf than any other President. He is also slow to answer questions that he has not been fed by those who write for his stupid ass. And the war was all about Oil, asshole and I bet you drive a huge SUV. Are you also one of those so called Christians who agree with Robertson about killing another countries president. Christ taught love, not war and who made you and the war mongerers the conscious for us all. Who made Bush the world's Democracy pusher? Who made him the Defender of the world, when so much is wrong here at home (i.e. homelessness, jobs that are disappearing overseas (you know stupid outsourcing), taxes being so high that working people can't afford to live (decisions such as food for their children, or medical insurance that many corporations are not providing at reasonable cost anymore, failing education). Get your minds on the right things and off of what is happening somewhere else. Oil - to pay your cronies who backed your campaign. STOP.

To: President Bush,
The world is urging you to stop this tragic war in Iraq, bring home our troops, and quest for world peace. Stop goofing off by playing golf at your ranch and pay attention to Cindy Sheehan's plea "NO MORE WAR IN IRAQ AND BRING HOME OUR TROOPS!

Lily Leung

I am sure you are one of the church loving people who support george and who still thinks there are WMD...this man who has lied to the America people every day, hasn't explained why several highjackers are alive and doesn't matter if george is falling off of his bike, golfing, fishing, looking for bugs under trees...he sat on his butt and does nothing but deny reality

I did not vote for the anti christ. I knew what was to happen if he was to be elected. He claims to be a christian, but in the bible we are warned about wolves in sheep's clothing

Well, now that I've seen someone else say it, I'll confess that I too have felt for a long time that Bush is the anti-christ. If a person reads about the anti-christ, they will see that it is a pretty close description of bush.
Be very, very afraid.

All that I fear is when the raft of God comes. I'm a blessed woman and a mother. Mr. Bush needs to send his daughters over there to defend his cause. That will never happen because he wants to protect his children and he could care less about ours.....

Peace, Love, Hope and prayers


I agree with your Anti-Christ theory.

I hope I'm wrong...but, the shoe seems to fit ....

The devil is a liar and a thief and a coward as well. All Cindy wants him to do is face her. He has shown with just this that he does not care for the people that he is suposed to be protecting. Can anyone out there tell me how many funerals that he attened of the men and women who died for this county? It is time that he does the right thing if he knows how and step down. But of course we all know he can't do the right thing, he can not look into the eyes of a mother who lost her son. He is the one who murdered her son that is why.

No, it was probably a day where Bush was pretending to be a cowboy and clear brush...Or, maybe it was a day he put on his pretend uniform and glad handed a handpicked audience so he could read speeches that he did not understand...But, he is not a good golfer!

Guess that shows that it has hit the nail on the head for many war supporters.

All the republicans are stupid. Look at the government they have elected for us. Our governemnt cares more about lining their pockets than the welfare of the people in this country. Anyone who gets in their way gets talked down to and have lies spread about them. who are the real terrorists in this country? Id say the extreme right wing.

This came to mind as I was browsing through some previous posts.

Merriam-Webster: 'Agent provocateur' - "One employed to associate with suspected persons and by pretending sympathy with their aims to incite them to some incriminating action".

It's an old and tiresome practice of the extreme right. Although often funded, it is also a method employed by those who simply enjoy riling people they do not like.
The more we respond, the more fun it is for them.

Beware of those who use VERY bad grammar and sound a bit crazed. It's a rather transparent attempt by the dangerously under-informed to make us look - as they feel.

I think it best to simply ignore them and keep our eye on the prize.

I'll be pleasantly surprised if one of our local provocateurs DOESN'T take a whack at this comment.

My hats off the Cindy for her brave heart and soul. We should really be stopping the myth of war in Iraq now and look at the reality of this war. We must not be silenced!!!

Todd Pschierer

I am with you to stop the war in Iraq and bring home our troops! It's time for President Bush to stop sending the troops to Iraq for war and bring home our troops! God Bless America!


Lily Leung

and keep on going - straight to HELL. Mohammed Atta is waiting for you.

Funding to reinforce the barriers to protect New Orleans from hurricanes was cut from our federal budget by this administration in 2001, and both money and troops from the Louisana National Guard sent to the War for Oil in Iraq. This is "Homeland Security"? This is what it means to fight terrorism?

Interesting that the funding was cut to reinforce the barriers in N.O. Where did you get that information as it only makes sense to me but others who love Bush for some reason, just don't seem to know this, but facts usually don't persuade cult followers.

Then run for President your own DAMN self. Your son know what he was getting himself into when he joined the military. If anything you should be proud of him. You should be lucky that Bush is not filing charges for stalking. Do you really think that Bush is going to pull out 100's of thousands of troops because YOU say so. HELL NO!!!
Why don't you go to IRAQ and tell the Shites to stop shooting? Why don't you bring peace to the Middle East? You are dishonoring your son by acting this way. I have my husband leaving Monday and I coulding be prouder of him. He has made his choice. They all do when they sign up.

President Bush was hired to work for all Americans, not just the military. We as Americans have every right to speak out against what many believe to be an unjust war in the Middle East and many believe Bush has made the situation worse there. One can support the troops 100% and not agree with the policies that our nation has put forth. On another note, we as Americans could for one, buy more fuel efficient cars and dumpt the SUVS to save gas! And we need to contact our leaders to push for more fuel efficiency so we are not so dependent on Middle East oil.

As is so typical they won,t even sign their own postings. They support the war but only as long as it's fought by some one else. You say your husband is going? Why don't you do the patrioatic thing and join him?
PS If there were hundreds of thousands of tropps in Iraq it wouldn't be such a mess. While your husband is away in Iraq why don't you try to work on that GED you've always wanted?

You know what you liberals are? You're talking points. You're bumper sticker reading taking points. You spew the venomous crap you read on daily kos, or HuffPo, or Michael, or Not one original thought. The same, lame, overused words: Neo-con (what is a Neo-con? If you're going to use the word, you should know exactly what it means) Chicken hawks, and always a cheap insult or two thrown in for good measure, because unlike conservatives, liberals are obsessed with name-calling and inane sniping at their "enemies" on the right. You can't beat us in a war of thought or morals, so you have to try to win through rancor and hatred.

Typical liberal. No wonder you guys haven't controlled government for a generation. America is SICK of your pessimistic, defeatist attitude, and it only gets worse.

Here's hoping Cindy makes it to D.C. unharmed, she DOES have a lot of "Red States" to drive through, you know. And with all the insults the left has given to the South the past few months... hopefully the crazy rethuglicans with all their guns don't... I don't know... blow her and her ilk away.

You have issues you need to deal with! It's a sad world we live in and it's even worse we have to share it with people like you! If you don't like what Cindy has to say go to a republican website and worship dubya!

Right back atcha, you talking head for the reich-wing.
What is a neo-con? "Neo" is a prefix connotating "new" and "con" is merely a shortened version of "conservative".
Thus, "neo-con" represents The New Republican. The new, hate-filled, myopic, reactionary radical.
Look at these posts. Look at any posts on the web. Yes, SOME liberals resort to name-calling. But write down the numbers on a pad, you will see. The rabid republicans hate-dripping vitriol always outnumbers the liberals'. And also, you people have a disturbed propensity of resorting to things like "blow her and her ilk away"
How DARE you accuse liberals of "name-calling" and "inane sniping" when you post a death threat? We despise all of you.
Oh, for you information? I LIVE in a so-called "Red State" and Every Single Person I know and associate with, work with, EVERYONE is a Democrat.
Don't be fooled by "Red State", you hear now?

Re the You are Filth - RIGHT ON! I guess because of an ignorant populace, the Republicans, because they are the loudest, too, can shout their vitriol so long, that people fall for it. How sad for our country. They truly are the ones who are hate filled.

Did I really read "because unlike conservatives, liberals are obsessed with name-calling and inane sniping at their "enemies" on the right. You can't beat us in a war of thought or morals, so you have to try to win through rancor and hatred." in the same posting as "hopefully the crazy rethuglicans with all their guns don't... I don't know... blow her and her ilk away."?

If liberals are guilty of "sniping" at the right-wing with our view of how they are destroying our country, then YOU must plead guilty to, like Pat Robertson, promoting violence against other people for using their right as a democratically free citizen to have a different opinion. And where to you get off attempting to claim higher moral ground. I don't know about yours, but my Bible still has "Thou shalt not kill" in the ten commandments. Christian or not, most would agree that a sarcastic or frustratedly voiced opinion doesn't sink to a moral low of promoting assassination.

Dear jayaivaz, threats only lead to more hate. Love your brothers and sisters in God and your hate will be gone. I guarantee it. Despite your wish someone shoots Cindy on her way to D.C., I love you and wish peace for you, too.

Ah, I see another Republican who has shown his true colors after spewing a bunch of bull. You say we are just talking points and just use a cheap insult or two. Well you just did the same by classifying as "You Liberals". The same BS propaganda that Bush used to smear Kerry by calling him a Flip-flopper even though Bush has flip-flopped 7 times as to the rationale for this war. You also just made me confident that most of you are just like Pat Robertson in the fact that you sit there and preach about being a moral Pro-life party when in fact you have no morals and don't care about the lives of the innocent. You sit there and say Abortion should be illegal because it takes innocent lives while you have no problem sending innocent people across the world to fight in a war that has no meaning except to make the rich richer. Plus you allow the Environmental laws to be gutted which will eventually mean the extinction of all mankind and many animal species, all the while claiming to be moral and pro-life. HA! To wish to have Cindy killed by a bunch of gun-toting rednecks from the south (and I live in Florida by the way) is an insult not only to the Southerners who are a proud loving people but also another fact that your party uses groups to do their dirty work rather than do it yourself because your cowards. If anyone is constantly insulting and using cheap smears to silence the American people it is the Republican party. A woman who lost her son in an unjust and most likely illegal war is now being casted as the evil witch of the south because she wants Bush to apologize for her son being killed for no good reason. You obviously don't know how brainwashed you are since you're repeating the same old Bush propaganda that has been spewed for years and you don't even know it!
The fact is we didn't need to go into this war and it will be a waste of our economy and our heroic military because if you look at history which Bush is obviously not doing then you will see that Iraq can never become a beacon of democracy because most of the areas are run by Warlords who have no desire to give up their power to a bunch of foriegners who didn't like their dictator.

You are really a hate mongering idiot who obviously has let himself be brainwashed by the Right wing propaganda that tells you we don't need civil liberties to be free and we don't need Environmental protection to save the earth. I also just love how Bush allows big companies to regulate themselves but will not allow the American people to regulate themselves. So much for micro-governments and fiscal responsibility which used to be the corner stone of the Republican party!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You've just voiced my feelings, and most likely, many other's.

Well done!

Re The Real Right Wing... You said EXACTLY what I have felt for the last several years!!! Well said - you do speak for so many people who think logically and have never fallen for the right wing, Republican propaganda!

Here, let me help you, since, like all right-winged Bush supporters, your message is hate, ignorance and lack of tolerance, (thus the comment about wishing Cindy Sheehan gets "blown way") I will clearly define neocon for you:

Neocon or Neoconservatism is an expansive term referring to the political goals and ideology of the "new conservatives" in the United States. It is usually used to desribed what is believed to be the extremist view of many of the current, republican party.

Speaking of insults, what about Dick Cheney’s, "F*ck You" comment in public or George Bush, the president, flipping the bird? And we are insulting? Typical. Under informed, ignorant as hell and brained washed by a Texas idiot missing from his village. Oh, did I forget the drunk and alcoholic part...sorry.

Now that you have the definition of a neocon, if it fits, go hang out with your right-winged, Bush-backing, war supporting, death wishing, ignorant, self -deprecating, gas inflating, hypocritical, lying conservative friends, fill up your SUV with $4.00 gasoline and choke on the fumes!

While you are cruising around in it, why not stop off in New Orleans and explain to those people why the government does not have the money to provide disaster relief to them or why the levy improvement program, designed to prevent this type of disaster, was vetoed by your president; Mr. George W. Bush himself!

Sleep well, my friend...

for "Jew-lover".

And Dick Cheney did not say "fuck you" in public. He did tell Senator Frank Leahy to ". . . go fuck yourself" advice I share with you.

Since my energy stocks are up 2 points on average today, I'm going to sell a few of each and donate the proceeds to the Salvation Army for their magnificient work now underway.

Capitalism, I love it so!!!

Righties sure like to blow things away as long as THEY are not doing the fighting...


You should always challenge someone to achieve a higher level of education than you have. Get it?!?

I am so tired of hearing "they knew what they were getting into when they joined up" NO ONE WAS EXPECTING TO BE SENT TO BE KILLED IN WAR BUILT ON LIES AND DECEIT!!!! Our brave young men and women do not deserve to be put in harm's way for NO REASON. If you really, really support the troops then you'll demand they be sent home ASAP!!! If you are for this war then you do not support the troops at all - you're willing to let them die for nothing!!!!

Yea, right. And the D-Day invasion was to take attention away from the 'quagmire' in the Pacific.

First off, he is not our president. He never has been. He stole two elections and "ordained himself president" through deceit and corruption. Second, it is not, and never has been the policy of the U.S. to police the world or to start pre-emptive strikes against other countries just because we though Saddam was a "bad guy." Third, these young men and women, the Congress and the American citizens where lied to about the reason we had to go to war. There where no weapons of mass destruction, no ties to 9/11 and no threat to our country from Iraq. These are pure, undisputable facts!

Bush has changes his story and reason for going to war 7 times now! Yesterday he finally admitted it was all about the oil. The man is a war profiteer using the office of president to carry out his illegal and unconstitutional acts for the sole purpose of profits for his necon band of corporate greedy morons, religious-right fanatics and oil tycoon buddies.

I, for one, don't give a hoot about Shiites or the Middle East. I care about our country and its well-being. What about the devastation from Katrina and helping that cause? What about fighting the war on drugs, or gangs, or teenage pregnancy, or poverty or funding for stem cell research to cure the sick and ill!

Tax payer dollars should not and cannot be used for unjustified, illegal, self serving purposes and certainly not at the cost of American soldiers’ lives! The president cannot lie to get his way or the way of the conpirators that put him in office. That's called coercion and he is guilty as sin.

The constitution preamble starts out,"We the People of the United States..." Bush is not serving We the People. He is serving funded lobbyist groups and his own self-deprecating needs! He is supposed to be elected to serve the common good of ALL the people and represent everyone. The office of presidency is a priviledge, an honor and not a right of passage for a spoiled, oil-stained brat who tries to bully everyone through fear and lies!

Nobody ever signs on to the armed forces to die. They sign on to protect and serve this country and the Constitution, while George Bush uses the Constitution as toilet paper! Laughing at everyone he has fooled along the way. You included!

Wake up and get off your patriotic, right-winged high horse and take a real close look at our so-called president, with an approval rating of all most 2/3 of the country against him now and face the truth: This man has hijacked our country for his own person greed!

Impeach and Remove Bush Now!

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