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It Was the Oil, Stupid

By Cindy Sheehan
Day 25
The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford

"If Zarqawi and bin Laden gain control of Iraq, they would create a new training ground for future terrorist attacks," Bush said. "They'd seize oil fields to fund their ambitions. They could recruit more terrorists by claiming a historic victory over the United States and our coalition."(George Bush, August 30, 2005 in San Diego.)

So it is official, Casey had his blood shed in Iraq for OIL. He died so we could pay over 3.00/gallon for gas. Like I suspected all along, my dear, sweet son: almost 1900 others; and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis died so the oil fields wouldn't "fall into the hands of terrorists" and so George and his immoral band of greedy robber barons could become wealthier. Like I have said all along: how can these people sleep at night and how can they choke down their food knowing it is purchased off of the flesh and blood of others? We have found our "Noble Cause." And it is OIL. This man and his handlers need to be stopped.

Well, George and I are leaving Crawford today. George is finished playing golf and telling his fables in San Diego , so he will be heading to Louisiana to see the devastation that his environmental policies and his killing policies have caused. Recovery would be easier and much quicker if almost ½ of the three states involved National Guard were not in Iraq. All of the National Guard's equipment is in Iraq also. Plus, with the 2 billion dollars a week that the private contractors are siphoning from our treasury, how are we going to pay for helping our own citizens in Louisiana , Mississippi, and Alabama? And, should I dare say "global warming?" and be branded as a "conspiracy theorist" on top of everything else the reich-wingers say about me.

We are now packing up Camp Casey and leaving Crawford and heading to George's place of employment. He wouldn't talk to us, his employers, while we were here to give him his "job evaluation," so we must go to him to have our little chat.

I just want to thank a few people and groups for their support, help, and love while we have been here in Crawford. So many people made the Camp Casey experience possible and so successful. If I miss someone, I am so sorry: that is the difficult thing about thanking people. I love you all, even if I don't remember to thank you!!

My sister: Dede Miller: My kids' second mom who is always by my side and supports me 100% in whatever I do. My cause is her cause, and I couldn't do what I do without her.

Carly, Andy, and Janey: Who would love to see more of their mom, but who understand that we are trying to save their future by what we do. I love you guys, and I will see you very, very soon (yea!!) I couldn't do what I do without their love and support.

The Crawford Peace House: I got an email from Hadi Jawad the day that I decided to come and camp in Crawford and he pledged the help and support of the Peace House. At that time, they only had a few bucks in their checking account and the phone was turned off. Now, thanks to America, they have been able to keep Camp Casey going and they will be able to continue their good works indefinitely. Thanks to John Wolf who had the vision for peace in Crawford and I think that Camp Casey was a fulfillment of his vision. They are going to make a garden and call it "The Casey Sheehan Memorial Peace Garden." What a tribute to my son.

Code Pink: Jodie Evans and Tiffany and Alicia were the first ones here on Monday 08/08 to jump in and save me from going crazy and hopping on one of the trains that runs past the Peace House and pulling an "Agatha Christie." Code Pink also worked tirelessly (and I mean tirelessly) outside of Camp Casey.

MoveOn: For organizing the highly successful candlelight vigils.

Lisa Fithian: For all the organizing work she did behind the scenes.

GSFP, IVAW, MFSO, AND VFP: Our organizations with "skin in the game" for all of their support, presence, love, and help.

Bill Mitchell: Bill's son Mike, was KIA in the same battle as Casey and he was the first GSFP member to come to Camp Casey and take some of the heat off of me. He found a new love at Camp Casey (one of our miracles) and I am sooo happy about that. Plus, Bill is one of my most ardent supporters and he just gets in the middle of things, digs in, and helps wherever. I love him and he and his family will be parts of our family forever.

Fred Mattlage: For donating the amazing piece of land for our use that allowed Camp Casey to expand to include thousands.

Air America: The Morning Sedition, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, and Laura Flanders. Thank you for your support . Ed Schultz belongs there, too, although he is not affiliated with Air America Radio. Amy Goodman was here, too!

The bloggers on The Daily Kos (and most bloggers in general): I would read their comments everyday after I posted my diary and I was always heartened and encouraged by their remarks. After all of the negativity, their positivity gave me strength to go on. In addition, the first night we were in Crawford, and being harassed by the SS, they were posting things and getting the word out that we were there alone and defenseless, which may have saved our lives, or saved us from being injured, or harassed out of there.

So many other people: The Camp Casey volunteers…literally hundreds. The more than 10,000 people who came through CC. Ann Wright who kept CC going. Arianna Huffington for her advice and support. Joan Baez who kept CC's spirits alive while I was in California attending to my sick mother. George Bush for not meeting with me on August 6th. Martin Sheen for his support and presence. A.I.M for Dennis Banks and Russell Means. Gary Hart, John Conyers, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Sheila Jackson Lee, Jan Schakowsky, Dennis Kucinich, Frank Pallone, Lynn Woolsey, Chuck Hagel, Ralph Nader, Jim McDermott, Walter Jones, Charlie Rangel and the other politicos who either came to CC, or called me to offer their support and love. I know I am forgetting some, but thanks to you all. Joe Wilson and his family for paving the way for me to be able to ignore and dismiss the reich-wing smear machine who always tried to marginalize and discredit me by exaggerating or twisting my words and lying about me. The clergy who were there with their love and support: Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Rabbi Dennis Shulman; Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Bob Edgars, Rev. Jesse Jackson (who prayed bed time prayers with me), Rita Brock, etc.

There were so many good people who donated money, goods, or services who want to be kept anonymous.

But especially to Americans who resonated with Camp Casey and gave us prayers, support, money, love and most of all hope for the future.

We will take our country back. And it will be a country that we want back.

God Bless America!!!!

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It is so typical, it doesn't even cause me to raise an eye brow anymore.

Read the comments on this page and you can tell by the rage and the profanities that the poster is a republican. The rational comments belong to the Democrats.

Peace to you Cindy and keep going. All of us need you, republicans and Democrats. We got to steer this country back to a track of sanity.

Love, Tom

Have you seen some of Cindy's "vigils"? And you call that love? I feel for your wife or lover.

"The rational comments belong to Democrats?" Rational meaning what, without merit? Without any proof? Lies? Half-truths? The Downing Street Memos? HAHAHA!!!!

I love how your party in DC is standing behind you...NOT!!!!

Richie "The Right Wing Kook" Rich

The rational comments belong to the Democrats.

Wake up to reality. You live in a world of Hate. You hate George Bush for everything he does. If he didn't go to New Orleans you'd be slamming him for that, when he does, you'll slam him anyway.

Take off your tin-foil hat and rejoin the world.

I don't hate George Bush. I fear him and the ignorance of his "TRUE BELIEVERS". You are a BELIEVER when someone else tells you what is going on and what you believe them without double the facts. KNOWING is all about critical thinking which involves gathering facts independent of FAUX News, et al, and figuring out what these disparate facts mean all on your own. Thinking Rocks! Try it. You might like it. It's not easy to be a knower, but it's a lot better than just believing what Rush tells you. Check the facts of what people tell you sometime. It would help you and all the rest of us, too.

You are so right! The problem may be that thinking requires effort. Unfortunately, the right wingers would rather spew their knee jerk reactions without knowing facts. They don't realize that they endanger this country.

is you my brother, God gave you two eyes to see with and two ears to hear with and only one mouth. That is because we are to see and hear the truth and only speak when we have something nice to say that will make a difference. My question to you Mr. James Bond want a be is what have you done to make a difference in this mess up world that is being created by Mr. Bush?

I'm sorry, but not all of the rational comments are from democrats.
And not all of the profanities have been Republicans
(e.g., Doug Eldritch)

You are a friggin nutwhack. Congrats on reaching a new low. Bitch.

Are you afraid to let people know who you are? Come on out into the light.

There is another one pointing back at you. You all that use such foul words need to grow up and get a life. When you accuse someone of something such as this you are probably more guilty than what you accused her of being. And of course you are such a big person you had to come on anonymous. Cindy is a much bigger person than you she does not hid behind anything such as you do, she puts her name out there. You are just like the devil beneath her feet. Have a blessed day and sleep well tonight. This chick will be saying a prayer for you.....A prayer of forgivness

when your hero clinton got caught with his pants down he started a war in Serbia.
why no protest over that?

Did I say Clinton was my hero, that came from your lips not mine. My hero is Jesus. That is what is wrong with the world today they have taken God out of everything. Oh by the way is Bush a dem? He is the one allowing our children to die to make him look good, but I believe it is going to back fire on him. Why don't he send his daughters over there to defend our country? Did I miss something some where. George Bush had this planned before he became president. He just wants to go down in the History books as the President who got the most killed, and made his people poor. Boy that is something to be proud of and for him to tell his grandchildren. I honestly don't see how he sleeps at night. Or how he can go on a vacation while he has caused such a mess. That shows me that It's all about him. He is such a coward that he could not even face the mother of a fallen soldier. Since you are so imformed please tell me how many of the funerals did Bush attend of our fallen brothers and sisters? I personally did not vote for him. And am proud to say that. I warned many of my friends that they should not vote for him and they are now wishing that they hadn't. In my eyes he is a murder......

Someone needs to remind you that not one life was lost in Bosnia. You cannot say that about Iraq.
When Bill Clinton lied about Monica the only people he actually hurt was Hillary, Chelsea and himself. George Bush lied about everything to get our military into Iraq and they are still bringing our young men and women home in body bags or they are coming home maimed. Cindy has my support. She is one brave mother and you should show her all the respect that a Gold Mother deserves.

Drop dead bitch.

Or are you the same person? [chicken noises]

This has to be the most pathetic blog ever.

Love Tom? WTF.
Have her bring her bus thru my town. That will be funny, not for her.

Then why are you waisting your precious time even commenting about it. Don't you have better things to do, like go to church....

The book of Romans says all knee's will bow down before me and answer for all they have done and said. So will George Bush and all of his little helpers. And so will all evil doers that are against standing up for what you believe is right. God says to expose the darkness and bring it to the light. And I believe this mother's light shines bright. I am a mother as well, and God gave that position to us for a reason.

Peace, Love, Hope and Prayers
Tjuana Boulanger

Thank you for bringing some class and intellect to these Freepers from Hell! Cindy S has more class and decency in her little finger than all these Good Republican Haters put together.

It's so nice to read some sanity as well as a coherent response without all the profanity. People do not realize that profanity takes away their credibility. We have lost our civility so quickly. How sad.

your fat mother has no fucking cred

Boy if your big enough to talk that way don't be such a coward and us anonymous. Use your real name. You keep on talking your smack and God will come down on you like a volt of lightening

Amen to that! Bush is just showing his true evil and reasoning now. I don't want to die for oil, do you?

Your summer vacation is over. Get a job. First it was 'meet the President' (again). Now it's meet Congress? First it's Texas. Then it's Washington. So you shift around as it's convenient? Maybe you shouldn't have entered this publicity nightmare without a plan. Clearly you're mired in an intractable quagmire. You should turn tail and run.

get a job and pay your back taxes.
Maybe if you had payed your "fair share" like a good little liberal, the Pentagon could have afforded to buy more armor for Casey.

Dear Cindy:

Every time you open your big yap, terrorists get to butt-fuck your son in Hell.

just thought you should know.

You pathetic, self-hating, panty sniffing, booger eatin liberals are all alike... full of shit and wasting my air. Go away and live together in Oregon - you can have it - we'll give it to you. Every day you can hold hands, sing kum-by-ya, and choke kojak. Just turn over your driver's licenses and voter registration cards and we'll give you all the tofu and coke you can stand. Deal?

You "good Christians" might want to try readin' that Bible every now and then. You are so sad and pathetic.

You lunatic - who said I was a good Christian? You immediately associate right, as in wing, with Christianity. So typically immature knee-jerk reactions from you drivel swilling idiots. Don't write any more here until you rent an intellect.

Those veins on your temples must really be bulging with all that anger coursing through your viens. Keep it up. An early stroke may well be in your future. That would be good for America!

Who needs to read the bible is you, we are in the end times and we are warned through out the bible that in the end times there will be lots confessing to be of him, but they are wolves in sheep's clothing. The devil has many faces. The devil is set out to kill, steal (lives and souls) and to destroy and he is a liar. I feel sorry for you because you are the one that is sad and pathetic. Your lack of knowledge is getting you now where and your are being mislead.

Peace, Love, hope and prayers

It truly escapes me why people advocate Bush’s agenda.
I have to break it to the average Bush supporter, it's harsh but it's true. You and George W. have nothing in common. He is an Ivy League educated son of a Connecticut Yankee, who is also the son of a Connecticut Yankee.

These people are rich, filthy rich and they have been for generations. You on the other hand are comparatively poor, actually you are destitute in comparison.

I know that railing against the so called Death Tax for example allows you to feel like your protecting your money but your not, your not protecting your money, you're protecting Bush's inheritance, get it?

You’re not fabulously wealthy, if you earn 50, 60, 80, 100, 200, 300 grand a year I repeat you are not fabulously wealthy. Get it?

Because you drive a Hummer or a Ford F-150 does not mean you are fabulously successful, making 9 billion in Iraq now that’s a pay day.

Exxon getting billions in Tax Cuts, now that’s money. So if you are A Halliburton executive or an Exxon executive vote for these clowns and support their agenda, otherwise think of yourself, your family, your children, try to make the world a better place then you found it. Get It?

P.S. I understand there’s a religious state that deplores freedom of speech and loves Bush, and his father if your interested in a visit click here.

I guess it is the rich vs. the poor. Hmmmmmm. Which side am I on? I love George W. I have never been to an ivy league school (too expensive and too far from home) though I do have a law degree and an MBA (just like good old George). I live in a socialist country (Canada) and I like lower taxes, less government and social responsibility (that is, on the part of fellow citizens).

I really do not understand your hostility. Exxon? Who owns Exxon? Oh yeah, individual shareholders, investment funds, pension funds, etc. Don't pension funds exist to pay pensions to retirees? Are you against pension funds making a return on their assets under management so that they can pay the retirees? Am I missing something here?

Please clarify.

Vancouver Steve

Then why aren't you over there fighting for what he believes in, instead of telling us how much you love him. Actions speak louder than words.....

Vancouver Steve does NOT represent most Canadians. I, too, am from Canada which, contrary to Vancouver Steve's comments, is not a "socialist" country. According to the latest Canadian public opinion poll the huge majority of Canadians DO NOT SUPPORT George W. Bush nor do we support the War in Iraq. In fact, Canada refused to send troops to Bush's Iraq War. We bravely fought in WWI, WWII, the Korean Conflict, the Gulf War and we sent troops to Aphganistan to help get the 911 terrorists. But there was absolutely NO 911 connections to Iraq, no WMD, no "mushroom clouds"...just Bush's lies and flip flop reasons for invading that country. As a result of the US invasion of Iraq there sure are terrorists there now. Way to go Bush!

I am not surprised by the rantings, lies and vile comments posted to this site by the rabid Bush-Lovers. You see, these right-wing kooks say they stand for democracy, but they have absolutely no tolerance of any opinion that differs from thier opinions and ignorance. Like Karl Rove, if they don't like your opinion they will viscously attack, slander and "swift-boat" you.

If these Bush supporters had half the courage that Cindy Sheehan has, they would sign-up and go fight in Iraq to support thier President. But these cowards don't. Instead, they hide behind thier computers and blast insults to those who don't buy into the Bush lies. Like Bush, these Chickenhawks want others to go fight for them.

Cindy Sheehan is a brave woman who is standing up for what she believes. She is allowed to do that because, as Thomas Jefferson said, Americans have the absolute right to dissent. And given that she has sacrificed her son's life for her country, she has a special right to question and demand answers.

The bullies and right-wing thugs that have attacked her should simply thank her for her family's sacrifice and go back to thier hate-filled and ignorant world of Rush Lumbaugh, Bill O'Rielley, Fox News and Pat Robertson.

Victoria Dwaine

read the USA Today...1.1 million more people tahn last year below the poverty level..corporations making more profits but cutting health care so 80,000 more than last year do not have health care...Medicaid filers gone 20% of the americans reported higher earnings, the rest of the peoples earning went down... you have a MBA did your daddy buy it for you also like the idget Bush with a C average and IQ of 92..the lowest of any president...I guess that does give hope to the mentally challenge that you can even become president if your daddy pays for it...

The heads of both parties are obsecenly wealthy, get over the tired class war argument, it stinks.

The heads of both parties are obsecenly wealthy, get over the tired class war argument, it stinks.

The heads of both parties are obsecenly wealthy, get over the tired class war argument, it stinks.

Now that's the American spirit. You may as well be a Nazi. Just off anyone who doesn't agree with you or send them to Siberia. You're living in the wrong country, my friend.

Yuck, tampax, please behave!

Dear Cindy:

Every time you open your big yap, terrorists get to butt-fuck your son in Hell.

just thought you should know.

I believe someone will burn in hell for that comment, but it won't be Cindy!

It will come back to bite you where the sun don't shine.

I suppose you are one of those people who believe in honoring our troops? Honoring our troops means perhaps honoring the people who raised them to serve, ie cindy sheehan and other military parents. You should be ashamed.

You know what, I'm sorry your son died. HE made the decision to join the military. Or was he one of those pussies who "only joined for the college money"? Fuck you. Many have served, many have died. For FREEDOM. These fucking ragheads who killed 3,000 plus in 9/11 didn't fucking care about freedom...they just wanted to be martyrs and die and get their 20 or whatever whores to fuck in the afterlife....ya ok, Satan's ramming them in the ass in hell right now and he's enjoying every minute of it....YOU, Mikey Moore, and all these other fucking liberals need to wake up and smell the coffee....I have all the respect in the world for your son, but have ZERO for you.

Go to hell.

Hard to top the previous comment. I agree though. I have high regard and respect for Casey Sheehan. I even feel sympathy for his mother (though I have difficulty maintaining that feeling). The rest of Cindy Sheehan and her entourage can just go away (PLEASE).

Vancouver Steve

Go away, Steve, and take your foul mouth buddy with you.

If you think this war is justified, why don't you join and put your life on the line? Have you helped a homeless vet lately? Bush dosen't care where Osama Bin Laden is, but he is the one responsible for 9/11. Bush had Iraq on the brain before the Supreme Court made him President. We will always have terrorists and thanks to George Bushs' policies we have alot more than before. If our military had been used at our borders, airports and all ports of entry 9/11 may never have happened. Our military should be utilized to protect and defend us here on homeland. Young men and women who join the armed forces should not have to go to a war that is not justified. These brave soldiers will come home mentally and physically scarred. Will our President and government take care of them? It angers me that we have homeless vets on our streets, here in the good ole USA. Your tough and filthy-mouthed talk is not impressive. Try taking your blinders off and take a hard look at what the policies of this President is doing to this country. Keep your labels to yourself--I am just a citizen who is paying attention and I don't like what I see happening to our country. If Cindy Sheehans' son were alive and heard you talk about his Mom like this, you would not be standing and he would not want respect from the likes of you.

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