You are herecontent / Congressman John Olver Believes Bush Will Cancel 2008 Elections, Still Refuses to Support Impeaching Him or Cheney

Congressman John Olver Believes Bush Will Cancel 2008 Elections, Still Refuses to Support Impeaching Him or Cheney

By Bob Feuer

At 9 am, some twenty of the successful presenters of impeachment resolutions at their W. Mass. annual town meetings met at the Jones Library in Amherst, MA. We ratified our agenda and prepared ourselves for our 10 am meeting with Cong. John Olver.

At about 10 am, the congressman came into the room with his aid, and Susie Patlove welcomed the congressman, laid out our agenda, and the congressman approved. We commenced with individual introductions and brief reports on the outcomes in each of our towns. Cong. Olver asked us to spare him a review of what he already knew and believed about the
crimes of the Bush administration, and of the overwhelming majority of his district in favor of impeachment. When he aggrandized himself on his voting record, I took exception to 24 April 2007. When he asked what I was referring to, I challenged him to co-sponsor H. Res. 333; and he emphatically refused.

Nonetheless, we informed him of the good that would come out of an impeachment, and gave intelligent and caring answers to all of the objections he might harbor. We had present a young U.S. soldier, a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations, who directly asked the congressman what could we do to move him towards co-signing H. Res. 333. The congressman did not answer that direct question.

He is deeply concerned whether we will actually have an election in Nov. '08, as he believes this administration will likely strike Iran from the air, declare a national emergency, and cancel the '08 elections. He sees ending the war as his primary goal, and he believes the brilliant Nancy Pelosi has a strategy more potent than impeachment. He thinks impeachment is a futile waste of legislative energy, will be harmful of democratic '08 victories, and further tighten the "gridlock" he has complained of for the past few decades.

We adjourned at 11:45 am.

Bottom line: It's the Beltway, stupid.

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I get the same response from him every time. A polite pat on the head from the patriarch, a litany of his anti-war position but no mention of the votes in favor of continued funding for the war, no mention of his recent vote in favor of a House resoulotion leaving nothing "off the table" (read preemptive bombing) when dealing with Iran. Look, he's a well funded millionaire in a "safe" district ( which may be eliminated after the next U.S. census) and he dosen't fear NOT listening to anything not right down the middle of the road. Go along-get along Olver. Let's run someone against him in the 08 dem primary. What's to lose? F. Michael Tuohey

We also met with our Congressman Pete Visclosky on July 3rd. He also believed there was some sort of strategy by the Democrats to get the Republicans on record voting for the war this summer. He agrees that the crimes of the Bush Administration are too numerous to list, but has not supported impeachment. Below is my answer to him. Feel free to share it with your congessmen.

An Open Letter to Congressman Pete Visclosky,

Thank you for meeting with our peace delegation from the Northwest Indiana Coalition Against the Iraq War. You mentioned your 3 months of work as the chairman of the Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee in stopping the development of a new nuclear weapon and also your work funding veterans care. We applaud your diligence in these important matters, but if I may, I would like to draw an analogy.

As you know my father was a cancer surgeon and even though he was a Republican, I’ll try and think like him here. Our beloved country under the Bush Administration has become a criminal enterprise. Wars of aggression, warrantless wiretapping , torture, the loss of habeas corpus, politicizing the U.S. Justice Department, strangling FEMA so that they could not properly respond to Hurricane Katrina, overseeing the theft of the Iraqi oil through the Iraq Hydrocarbons Bill and now commuting the sentence of a subordinate who perjured and obstructed justice to protect the leaders of the Administration.

The Bush Administration is a cancer which is killing the good our country once stood for. If the patient is terminal you alleviate symptoms. If there is a chance to save the patient, you must eradicate the cancer with surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. So while work on issues such as stopping new nuclear weapons and funding for veterans care is important, it is only alleviating the symptoms.

The American People and all the peoples of the world need a surgeon to operate and remove the cancer that is the Bush Administration. Many was the time my father confided in me about a patient’s need for surgery and even though the surgery was risky and came with no guarantee of success, avoiding it was a death sentence.

Our country needs surgery and we need you our congressman to do it. The Constitution provides you with the instrument (impeachment) for the operation. I urge you to join your other colleagues in the congress who have signed on to HR 333 calling for the impeachment of the Vice President and support an impeachment resolution for the President. Do the job you were elected to do; uphold the constitution and allow the rule of law to return to our country.

Nick Egnatz
Munster, IN
(219) 838-0807
Northwest Indiana Coalition Against the Iraq War
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Veterans for Peace

Love it. Thank you so much for it and for your activism in general.

ADS readers, it's a great model letter.

But what I call a soft ball.

At this stage in the ball game we need to be throwing hard fast one's. Heck, the year 2006 was the softball 'message' toss.

Like: "What do you support when you look forward to an election rather than upholding your Oath?" or "You aren't defending, preserving and protecting the Constitution of the U.S.A. when you tolerate the usurpation of the Constitutional Laws of the U.S.A."

Go for the gut...

They want to make it about the 2008 elections? Then let them know, challenge accepted. Either THEY impeach or THEY face a job performance review and a possible (un)election in 2008 if they fail to uphold their Oath to America, Her Constitution, and We the People!

I mean, what kind of (re)election does he think he can win in 2008 when he ever so clearly demonstrates he'd rather not uphold his Oath and commence impeachment?

Hello Nick, it sums it up - i'll be send it to Rubberstamp Rehberg, Montana's only Congressperson.

Viet Nam drafted Veteran WIA Tet Offensive '68
Co-State Coordinator PDA Montana

Given what he's done, bush cannot afford to leave office:

---The Bikemessenger

He believes the '08 election will be cancelled, yet in the next breath says impeachment would be "harmful of democratic '08 victories?" What? I've heard of politicians talking out of both sides of their mouth, but come on...

every day we relent and don't do anything, this monster gets stronger. it's time to unplug the son of a bitch!

I guess I don't have a lot to worry about considering the kooks this site espouses as "resources"... funny impeach t-shirts as well...i would soil myself laughing seeing somebody actually wear one of those !

get the fuck out of here, you moron son of a bitch!

that's a pretty strong assertion, seems like a direct quote from Olver would be called for.

I just got off the phone with a represenative at congressman
John Olvers office (202)225-5335 1st district of Massachusetts.
I was informed that Olver did express his concern about an attack on Iran and the possibilty of suspending the 2008 general elections.
They made it clear that this was a "worst case scenario" but NOT a prediction. If you doubt this please call his office and report back anything to the contrary. I also called Senator Boxer and her represenative said this was the first he had heard of it and would get this to the Senator by this afternoon EST.

You guys are hilarious! What a great skit idea- socialist buffoons, listening to music by a commie prick like Pete Seeger and espousing your left-wing conspiracy theories. Hysterical! Let's cancel the '08 elections; I'm rolling on the floor. Please keep it up, especially calling that dimwit Pelosi "brilliant"- I haven't laughed this hard since your God Clinton said "I did not have sex with that woman". Or when Hitlery couldn't find her Whitewater documents. Or was it when she engaged in illegal futures trading. Or was it when she kicked the Marine Guard off the White House grounds. Or was it when she lied about donations from the Chinese...You guys should form a comedy troupe; maybe call it "Liberal Dickheads On Parade", or "Cowards Against The War", or some such thing. Keep up the good work, you spineless armchair weasels!

The Democrats and Republicans are a two headed monster. Bru$h, C!inton and Bru$h Jr. have all been impeachable. But the North American Govt. is no longer represented by the people for the people. Wake up before Jr. goes nu-ku-lar to prevent the $ from collapsing. (See OPEC, Petrodollar Warefare, The shift from oil being bought in $ to Euro, Yuan, etc.)

Ron Paul has some answers...Kucinich too. (they are the only Democrat and Republican I would vote for-all other candidates are puppets)

I have followed this thread "Will bush cancel the 2008 elections" all over the internet, and I have questions:

1) Do you really believe this? It's an impossibility. It's true he is commander in chief, but all military officers swear an oath of allegience to the constitution, and our military isn't the bunch of goose-stepping morons you might believe. If you really believe it is within Bush's power, or even within his inclination, then he isn't the same lame guy I've watched on TV; not a truly powerful or dangerous person. (Watch old clips of Hitler's speeches sometime) And people that really believe this, are indeed a left-wing kooks, with very little knowledge of history, and out of touch with the social fabric of our nation.

2) But if you don't believe this either, (and I don't think you do), then this means you have some kind of agenda, trying to lead others with weaker minds into believing propaganda. This makes you either dangerous, or just someone trying to sell tee shirts. Which?

I don't think we can really call anything an "impossibility" at this point. One would have thought it "impossible" to go to war without congress' approval. One would have thought it "impossible" to get away with spying on american citizens, or legally torturing prisoners, or disposing of habeaus corpus (spelling? sorry). Illegal, but certainly not impossible as recent history has shown us of this criminal administration.

who would stop him? would you? would I? lets face it, they have all the guns. unless every US citizen stood up at once, armed to fight against THEIR ARM, (the cops and us military) the "rule of law" CANNOT be enforced...or so it would seem! Thats the reason for all the detention camps, so they have a place to put the few who will actually stand up!

...and total losers. "The overwhelming majority" of Olver's district absolutely does not want to impeach the president. You are all living in some drug-induced fantasy world. There has only been one president impeached in the last 100+ years of American history and he was the only one who deserved it. President Bush has not done anything to deserve impeachment such as lying before a grand jury, then wagging his finger at the American people. That was just one of the many, many things Clinton could have been impeached for. Guess what, you losers: There will be an election this November and the the winners will be John McCain, Nathan Bech, and Jeff Beatty. You can all go back to Wendell and drown your sorrows in a purple haze.

P.S. every hear of deodorant?

Optimistic are you not?

Hi anonymous - You really are pathetic. Faced with a mountain of evidence of the ongoing crimes of the bush-cheney criminal empire, you willingly goosestep to the neocon - nazi march and babble about clinton's crimes. Keep it up - the rethuglican scum need good footsoldiers like you. You are an idiot!

Olver refusing to join fellow reps. in impeaching Bu$h does not surprise me. I write his D.C. office re: whatever I agree or do not agree with Washington or Bu$h. I always add he needs to join fellow reps. and impeach Bu$h and Chain-gang-cheney yet he never answers that request. Olver answers everything else but impeachment rquest.
Are'nt we all glad he was wrong about Iran bombing and the 2008 Election.
I know the other reps. in MA and they want to impeach Bu$H and Cheney but Olver won't budge. Must have stocks in oil.

Last idea he backed along with Blarney Frank was bailing the 3 Auto manufacturers for greedily over production of SUVs. After getting slammed with many calls and letters saying nea, he was wrong about that, too.

Time for him to step down. We need real representation.

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