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September 24-26 Anti-War Mobilization in Washington DC!

By Sherry Bohlen, National Field Director, Progressive Democrats of America

It's only three short weeks until we converge on DC for the Anti-War Mobilization! This will be a history-in-the-making event that you won't want to miss!

On Saturday, September 24, hundreds of thousands of activists are expected to gather for a mass rally and March. PDA will announce within the next week or so the specific intersection and time at which PDA members will gather. Watch for details in upcoming alerts and on PDA's web site for the latest information!

On Sunday, September 25, PDA has a stellar "Grassroots Strategy Day" planned. Click here for details of the day. Sign up early for this not-to-be-missed strategic planning day! Click here to sign up now!

On Monday, September 26, PDA members are encouraged to visit their representative. Watch for an on-line Lobbying Kit that will be available soon. Lobbying training materials will also be available on Sunday, September 25! Click here to get your Representative's contact information. Then click here to register your appointment. Be sure to list Progressive Democrats of America as your organizational affiliation under "Organization" on the registration form.

A PDA representative will call you within a few days of your signing up for the "Grassroots Strategy Day" to talk with you about the week-end!

Members of PDA from across the country are coming! Please stand with us!

In peace and solidarity,
Sherry Bohlen
National Field Director
Progressive Democrats of America
(480) 529-2131

Please consider supporting PDA by becoming a "sustaining member". You can now have your contribution processed automatically each month by going to:


In honor of my son, Thor, who was deployed to Iraq on June 10, I urge you to view the following film and to then take action:


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Please urge Americans in other countries to assemble at emabassies and consulates and demonstrate on Sept 24 and request meetings with Ambassadors and other staff on Sept 26 to express the need to end America's illegal war on Iraq, remove all troops from Iraq, remove all American mercenaries from Iraq, halt all American corporate control of Iraqi resources, and begin the process, via the UN and other agencies to pay the retribution for the devastation caused by Bush and the neoconsters illegal war on Iraq.


Cool! And, even though Islamic terrorists know exactly where you wackos will be congregating, you don't have to worry about a suicide bomber attack. Islamic terrorists love liberals, and want you to keep working for their cause.

What are you talking about...Bush is their man. He is the best recruiter Islamic terrorists could ever hope for.

Good news from Iraq: You won't see this in the mainstream news

Today Show: US Soldier in Iraq Zaps Media - "I'd be Depressed Too if I got my
News from the Newspapers"

Iraqi Sunnis Battle To Defend Shiites

Iraq national news agency launched by Reuters

One Small Step for Iraq, One Giant Leap for Iraq's Free Press,3566,165229,00.html

Women Find a Voice at Iraq Radio Station

Iraq still 'offers plenty of business opportunities'

"Despite the upsurge in violence and mounting insecurity, a state enterprise in
the restive Diyala province is doing roaring business."\2005-08-03\10472.htm

Successful Polio Vaccination Campaign Reaches 4.4 million Children


Ministry of Health designates 450 billion dinars for purchasing medicines and
medial supplies

USAID/IRAQ: Reconstruction Weekly Update

Iraq’s southern marshlands are slowly recovering

Helping schoolchildren and handicapped

U.S. soldier honored with title for helping Iraqis

Army reimburses more than $1 million to Iraq reconstruction

Iraqi Infrastructure : Multi-national forces report on Iraq reconstruction

Sanitation : Najaf projects focus on supplying more potable water

Iraqi Education : Another 43 Iraqi schools funded and approved for

All propaganda. The funds of US citizens should be used for our country and its citizens.

I understand. It's galling for you to see the good news. So, you dismiss it as propaganda.

This news seems factual. But, don't expect liberals to report or believe ANY good news.

"Good News" whether valid or not does not change the fact that America was lied to and deceived by our Commander in Chief. I hope everyday that there is good news and progress in Iraq and that it becomes a stable country. That has nothing to do with demanding that Bush be held accountable for his lies. We are not talking about sex lies...these were lies that killed thousands of people. If Iraq becomes a shining democracy (however unlikely)it does not excuse the lies and deceit that were used to get us there.

If protecting Iraqis from a brutal dictator and bringing democracy to their country is the "noble cause", then why didn't Bush go to congress and seek approval for military invasion using that as justification? Why did he have to "fix the facts" about WMD's and create the imminent threat of a mushroom cloud and attempt to connect Iraq to 911? He had to because he knows Americans are not going to send their sons and daughters off to die so Iraqis can vote. All lies should be exposed...but the consequences of these lies are so signifigant that ignoring them is not an option for people who honor integrity and honesty. But contrary to your accusations, I would love to get "good news" from Iraq and I am still waiting.

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