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Response To Representative Sullivan

Representative Sullivan,
Thank you for responding to my mail. I respect that you are worried about this country. I have doubts, however, about the daily threats you mention. When people cross our border from the South at will and inspection of cargo coming into our ports is almost nonexistent, yet no attacks, bombings or other mass killings have happened since 9/11/2001 I have to conclude we are not under any kind of attack. From 9/11/2001 to 6/26/2007 is almost six years and still not one killing of any kind. Are we under attack from the Three Stooges? As I said, our borders are porous and there are many ways the enemy could get through yet
no killings.... in the USA.
You express concern that we might surrender in Iraq. I hold that we should certainly apologize and make reparations to this once prosperous nation that
was once our proxy in a war with Iran. Saddam Hussein was a ruthless man but he needed to be to hold together a difficult alliance of Kurds, Sunnis and Shites.
AL-Queda was an enemy of Saddam and it has been proved to anyone lucid enough to listen that there were no WMDs in Iraq so our presence there, slaughtering thousands of innocent Iraqis and sacrificing our own is something Americans should be ashamed of.
I agree that leaving Iraq in the condition it is in today could very well cause bloodshed. Unfortunately, we will have no control over that situation. The longer we stay, seen by the residents as an occupation, the more we and the government we support are hated. As a consequence, it will become more difficult for that government to recruit soldiers that want to fight for it. What will happen will happen now or in ten years when we leave. We need to announce our leaving, hold new elections with the peoples votes based on that fact and in a short time turn the country back over to it's people.
Mark Manley
Tulsa, Okla wrote:

June 22, 2007

Mr. Mark William Manley
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear Mark,

Thank you for contacting me with your thoughts regarding the
Global War on Terror. I appreciate hearing from you about this
issue and welcome the opportunity to respond.

The Global War on Terror, both domestically and throughout the
world, is based on real, daily threats to our nation and our allies
that warrant careful consideration and oversight from every
Member of Congress, the U.S. Government, and coalition forces
from around the world. We must support our brave men and
women in uniform who are participating in the ongoing struggle to
defeat Islamic terrorism.

Recently, Congress considered two FY 2007 Emergency
Supplemental Appropriations Bills to fund military operations in
Iraq and Afghanistan, H.R. 1591 and H.R. 2206. H.R. 1591 was
vetoed by President Bush on May 1, 2007 because this legislation
contained provisions that tied funding for our troops to an arbitrary
date of their withdrawal from Iraq. Additionally, this bill contained
billions of dollars of funding for items that had nothing to do with
the Global War on Terror including pork projects at the expense of
our troops. I support President Bush's veto of H.R. 1591 and I
voted to uphold that veto when the measure came before me in the
House on May 2, 2007. By setting arbitrary timetables for
withdrawal, supporters of this strategy are trying to micromanage
the Global War on Terror from their offices in Washington, and
they are providing our enemies in Iraq, including al-Qaeda, with
comfort and a date certain for American surrender.

I believe that a rapid troop pullout would immediately create a
strategic, moral, and humanitarian disaster in this already unstable
part of the world. Additionally, such a withdrawal would create a
safe haven for al-Qaeda terrorists as well as Iranian and Syrian
militants seeking to undermine Iraq's growth and security.

On May 24, 2007, over 100 days after the President requested
emergency funding for the Global War on Terror, I was pleased to
support H.R. 2206, which provides our troops with the resources
they need to fight the Global War on Terror through the end of this
fiscal year without an arbitrary withdrawal date. Furthermore, this
bill contains political benchmarks for progress in Iraq that do not
tie the hands of our military commanders, but put pressure on the
Iraqis to do their part in securing their country. The Iraqi
government has proceeded far too slowly making necessary
political reforms and implementing security measures.

Like you, I feel it is time for the Iraqi government to take
responsibility for their own country. The Iraqi's must step
forward, end the sectarian violence and build a responsible
government. To this end, we must provide the Iraqi Security
Forces with the support they need to take responsibility and
succeed. The fact that al-Qaeda is conducting terror operations in
the al-Anbar Province of Iraq is a stark reminder of al-Qaeda's
resolve against the United States.

I will continue to steadfastly support our mission in Iraq. This
includes a freely elected and supported Iraqi government, secured
and fully functional Iraqi military forces, and continued progress
against terrorists and those standing in the way of peace and
democracy around the world. Throughout this debate on Iraq, it is
important that we continue to support the brave men and women in
uniform who are fighting to win the Global War on Terror.

While we may disagree on this particular issue, I respect your
opinions and insight. It is an honor to serve you in Washington. If
you would like more information on issues, or would like to share
your thoughts with me via e-mail, you may visit my website at Please do not hesitate to contact me
again should you have further concerns on federal legislation or


John Sullivan
Member of Congress


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