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Anthrax Coverup: A Government Insider Speaks Out

By Steve Watson

Is it possible that the anthrax attacks were launched from within our own government? A former Bush 1 advisor thinks it is.

Francis A. Boyle, an international law expert who worked under the first Bush Administration as a bioweapons advisor in the 1980s, has said that he is convinced the October 2001 anthrax attacks that killed five people were perpetrated and covered up by criminal elements of the U.S. government. The motive: to foment a police state by killing off and intimidating opposition to post-9/11 legislation such as the USA PATRIOT Act and the later Military Commissions Act.

"After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Bush Administration tried to ram the USA PATRIOT Act through Congress," Boyle said in a radio interview with Austin-based talk-show host Alex Jones. "That would have set up a police state.

"Senators Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont)
were holding it up because they realized what this would lead to. The
first draft of the PATRIOT Act would have suspended the writ of habeas
corpus [which protects citizens from unlawful imprisonment and
guarantees due process of law]. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere,
come these anthrax attacks."

"At the time I myself did not know precisely what was going on, either
with respect to September 11 or the anthrax attacks, but then the New
York Times revealed the technology behind the letter to Senator
Daschle. [The anthrax used was] a trillion spores per gram, [refined
with] special electro-static treatment. This is superweapons-grade
anthrax that even the United States government, in its openly
proclaimed programs, had never developed before. So it was obvious to
me that this was from a U.S. government lab. There is nowhere else you
could have gotten that."

Boyle's assessment was based on his years of expertise regarding
America's bioweapons programs. He was responsible for drafting the
Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 that was passed
unanimously by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President
George H.W. Bush.

After realizing that the anthrax attacks looked like a domestic job,
Boyle called a high-level official in the FBI who deals with terrorism
and counterterrorism, Marion "Spike" Bowman. Boyle and Bowman had met
at a terrorism conference at the University of Michigan Law School.
Boyle told Bowman that the only people who would have the capability to
carry out the attacks were individuals working on U.S. government
anthrax programs with access to a high-level biosafety lab. Boyle gave
Bowman a full list of names of scientists, contractors and labs
conducting anthrax work for the U.S. government and military.

Bowman then informed Boyle that the FBI was working with Fort Detrick
on the matter. Boyle expressed his view that Fort Detrick could be the
main problem. As widely reported in 2002 publications, notably the New
Scientist, the anthrax strain used in the attacks was officially
assessed as "military grade."

"Soon after I informed Bowman of this information, the FBI authorized
the destruction of the Ames cultural anthrax database," the professor
said. The Ames strain turned out to be the same strain as the spores
used in the attacks.

The alleged destruction of the anthrax culture collection at Ames,
Iowa, from which the Fort Detrick lab got its pathogens, was blatant
destruction of evidence. It meant that there was no way of finding out
which strain was sent to whom to develop the larger breed of anthrax
used in the attacks. The trail of genetic evidence would have led
directly back to a secret government biowarfare program.

"Clearly, for the FBI to have authorized this was obstruction of
justice, a federal crime," said Boyle. "That collection should have
been preserved and protected as evidence. That's the DNA, the
fingerprints right there. It later came out, of course, that this was
Ames strain anthrax that was behind the Daschle and Leahy letters."

At that point, recounted Boyle, it became very clear to him that there
was a coverup underway. He later discovered, while reading David Ray
Griffin's book on the 9/11 attacks, The New Pearl Harbor, that Bowman
was the same FBI agent who allegedly sabotaged the FISA warrant for
access to [convicted co-conspirator] Zacharias Moussaoui's computer
prior to 9/11. Moussaoui's computer contained information that could
have helped prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center and the

In 2003, Bowman was promoted and given the Presidential Rank Award by
FBI Director Robert S. Mueller. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote a
letter to Mueller, chastising the organization for granting such an
honor to an agent who had so obviously compromised America's security.

During the anthrax scare, the House of Representatives was officially
shut down for the first time in the history of the republic. Once
opposition from Leahy and Daschle evaporated in the wake of the
attempts on their lives, the USA PATRIOT Act was rammed through.
Testimony by Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) revealed that most
members of Congress were compelled to vote for the bill without even
reading it.

"They were going to move to suspend the writ of habeas corpus, which is
all that really separates us from a police state," Boyle said. "And
that is what they have done now with respect to enemy combatants [in
the Military Commissions Act of 2006]." Boyle added that lawmakers are
now arguing that Amendment XIV, which guarantees due process of law to
all Americans, does not mean what it has been taken to mean and that,
under the Military Commissions Act, any U.S. citizen can be stripped of
citizenship and be labeled an enemy combatant.

Continued Boyle: "In other words, they have taken the position that at
some point in time, if they want to, they can unilaterally round up
United States native-born citizens, as they did for Japanese-Americans
in World War II, and stick us into concentration camps." Boyle asserted
that top officials, such as White House legal advisor John Yoo and
former Assistant Attorney General Jack Goldsmith (now a professor at
Harvard Law School), are pushing for the legalization of torture as

"The Nazis did the exact same thing," said Boyle. "They had their
lawyers infiltrating law schools. Carl Schmidt was the worst, and he
was the mentor to Leo Strauss, the [ideological] founder of the
neoconservatives. So the same phenomenon that started in Nazi Germany
is happening here, and I exaggerate not. We could all be tortured; we
could all be treated this way."

Boyle stressed that it is vital to keep up the pressure on Senator
Leahy, who now chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, giving him
subpoena power. Since Leahy was himself a target, he may have
sufficient motivation to get to the bottom of the attacks. The FBI and
the Justice Department have so far refused full disclosure to Congress.

In addition to his credentials as a government advisor, Boyle also
holds a doctorate of law magna cum laude and a Ph.D. in political
science, both from Harvard University. He teaches international law at
the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Boyle also served on
the Board of Directors of Amnesty International (1988-92) and
represented Bosnia-Herzegovina at the World Court.

Boyle alleged that due to his activities as a lawyer, he was
interrogated by an agent from the CIA/FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in
the summer of 2004. The agent tried to recruit him as an informant to
provide the FBI with information on his Arab and Muslim clients. When
he refused, according to Boyle, the FBI placed him on the government's
terrorism watch lists.


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The more we learn, the scarier this gets. I hope Leahy pursues this, but no doubt he is scared for his life so he probably won't. Nothing like the politics of fear to promote an agenda. Jesus these people have to be stopped!


Your last sentence "Jesus these people have to be stopped!" is far more prophetic than you imagine. In fact, Jesus is the only one who can stop them, but not in the way you think. All the crap going on right now is written of in the Bible, and it's going to happen no matter what we do. But fortunately, the Bible also says that on judgement day, everyone is going to get what they deserve. And no amount of money, or crooked lawyers, or political connections will help them on that day. So get ready, the worst is yet to come. Just make sure that you aren't part of the problem, because the solution is comming soon too.



Chuckles and snickering from the back of the room....

Somebody elbow this guy and tell him he's singing from the wrong page. -lol

Is he a Mexican cab driver?

The Bible is a fairy story. God is an imaginary friend for grown ups. Get a life.

Here's a big shocker. The Patriot Act passed 7 years ago and we did not get a police state.

Sure, it was a neocon plot being that 145 democrats in the house approved the act including such noted conservative right-wingers as:

Charlie Rangel
Nancy Pelosi
Anna Eshoo

And in the Senate? Every senator but one approved it including John Edwards and Hillary Clinton.

Congrats and sniffing out this obvious neocon plot you turd burglers.

Are you quite sure we didn't get a police state? A state that advocates torture at the highest levels of government? A state where two of the highest ranking Congressional leaders of the opposition party can be attacked with deadly intent by Anthrax letters, only to have the FBI help to destroy evidence which would have certainly led right back to U.S. Military labs, and no doubt back to the current Administration? A state that operates a "Gulag Archipelago" of secret prisons around the world, where people are held without charge, without proof, without access to lawyers or anyone else from the civilized world? A state that monitors ALL of our phone calls and e-mails without warrant, using powerful, filtering computer systems? Yes, my naive friend, this has become a police state, right under your very nose.

A reading American

Thanks for posting it! Yes, we are already in a police state, and it's getting worse!

The Democrats are, as are the Republicans, controlled by the Israel Lobby and the neocons.Ariel Sharon, the barbaric Israel PM said before his term was up "I own your f*cking Congress".
So do some research and learn why the Dems pass acts that get forced upon them.First of all they were purposely shoved a 500 page act in their faces at a time limit frame and forced to sign it without reading it.

Nice try anyway!




The Neocons are obviously trying to stir up another Cold War. Fake Wars and suppressing the civil rights of the people are NAZI GOLD. This is how they are enriching themselves and their NAZI allies. Americans are morons for buying this recycled CRAP. But, the brainwashed armchair warriors can’t think for themselves. They are too dependent on the Government to lead them by the nose. Sad to say it, but the majority are COWARDS afraid to stand up against the NAZI crime ring that is controlling the White House. Questioning reality is not in their programming. The majority of AMERICA has one focus in life–making CRAP we don’t need for sale to MORONS who don’t need it, for the benefit of CRIMINALS who own everything including the White House.

Dr. Philip Zack . . . please pick up the white courtesy phone . .;-)

(clipped headline)
"The FBI knows of a man who was caught entering the lab where the Anthrax used in the letters was kept, after he had been fired for a racially motivated attack on a co-worker. So, why is the FBI wasting its time with Steven Hatfill?"

(full story)

. . . Or just google "Anthrax Camel Club", kidz . . .;-)

I sure wish my special friend Jerome "Answer Man" Hauer would return my phone calls . . . we could ask him . . . he knows LOTS of stuff about 9/11 and Anthrax . ;-)

"Through Deception You Shall Make War"
- Motto of Israel's MOSSAD

"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man." -Mark Twain

"So then I dropped it in the mailbox
And sent it special d.
Bright and early next morning
It came right back to me."
- Return To Sender by Elvis


The theory that this was an inside job was declared the week it happened and many of us believe it served to not only push through the Patriot Act etc, as it displayed even they were not immune from terror, but to tap in house phones as well. We thought it aloud, and we were discounted as conspiracy theorists. So where were all of these supposed whistle blowers while we were being slandered? When their support would have saved countless lives?

I mean look who they went after, Dan Rather's office , etc...


Alex Jones is a far right-wing conspiracy theorist. Anti-immigrant supporter of the Minutemen. Go to his website and see how Kissinger is really a Satanist paedophile. C'mon, Henry K. is evil enough w/o such BS.
And, Boyle mentions Carl Schmidt, it was Carl Schmitt.

does your opinion of Jones negate the disturbing info in this article? no, it doesnt.

Just sayin'

'cause Hannity & the neo-cons call Alex Jones a "left-wing conspiracy theorist". Maybe you guys should have some kind of a meeting and get this straightened out instead of just blabbering your bullshit.

so, it means that so very many elements of the GOP's machine were in motion that day, the Military Industrial Complex, the U.S. Military, direct participation as they controlled this Lab, as well as made sure that the entire North American Air Defense system (NORAD) was 'unplugged' in it's entirety that day. And as Bush sat on his ass in the classroom and read 'My Pet Goat', it's crystal clear that even the Secret Service knew what was going on, as they didn't IMMEDIATELY SCOOP HIS SORRY COMPLICIT ASS UP and move him when they got the word of the very first attack.

so where does it leave us? The Republican's were safely sequestered in underground bunkers where they couldn't be harmed, not a single Democrat was with them, no doubt even that bastard Lieberman knew of this plot, as it's now been proven that Rudy Guiliani had knowledge of WTC-7 about to be 'collapsed', as well.

where does it leave us? So very much of our government participated in this 'false flag' attack against the American People, so much of this has been exposed, and nary a single bastard has been tried, convicted, or otherwise punished for this TREASON.

why is that, America? Why is it that you stand by and 'ildly' watch murdering son's of bitches 'hijack' your entire government, loot you Treasury, and send your kids and family members off on an 'oil war' and 'occupation' to get that oil, and nobody says anything.

Shame on you, on this 4th. of July. Shame on you for being so mindlessly mollified and so utterly okay with this TREASON. Shame!

If Americans can not see what Cheney is doing then the are blind as hell. This administration is given all the wealth , control and our resources to Private Corporations and then can people do.
If they control the wealth , resources and have control of a private religious conservative republican corporate military while Cheney has destroyed ours and our equipment , what in the hell will you be able to do?
If people can not tell that we have lost our democracy , wealth and are controlled by Corporate American then they have lost their mind....


"'Soon after I informed Bowman of this information, the FBI authorized
the destruction of the Ames cultural anthrax database,' the professor said.
The Ames strain turned out to be the same strain as the spores used in the attacks.

The alleged destruction of the anthrax culture collection at Ames,
Iowa, from which the Fort Detrick lab got its pathogens, was blatant
destruction of evidence. It meant that there was no way of finding out
which strain was sent to whom to develop the larger breed of anthrax
used in the attacks. The trail of genetic evidence would have led
directly back to a secret government biowarfare program."

But this opens up a whole new trail: WHO AT THE FBI AUTHORIZED THIS DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE? This person is a key member of the conspiracy.

This is a prosecutor's dream case: obstruction of justice, conspiracy, attempted murder, treason, and of course, terrorism. Individuals in government who know what happened and say nothing will be accessories to capital crimes.

No one authorized it. The vet school at Ames called two offices and got a know nothing secretary-type who really didn't know the biology. ISU went ahead and destroyed it openly.

But yeah. That is where it came from.

ISU did not destroy their database of their own volition. Where bdid you get this information so that it can be verified.

I have been saying the same thing for six damn years. They had one researcher killed. I can't recall his name but he disappeared shortly after the attacks. Also, there was another scientist who was made to look like he had taken part in this and his name of course was tarnished because of the governments actions against him. I have said all along that this was homegrown. Our own government knew about it, covered it up and killed a few people in the process just to scare the crap out of everyone. The man who was killed that worked at the tabloid paper in Florida had written some kind of story on someone who mattered. Read a conspiracy "theory" that that was the reason that tabloid was sent one of these envelopes.

One who died was the photo editor who splashed the front page of the National Inquirer with Jenna, fall down drunk.

I wholeheartedly urge you to go to that website, and use the 'contacts' there to tell this to. this needs to be fully told. it's imperative that they get this truth out to the public about what happened, what was done by our government, to 'kill' people on U.S. soil.

please contact them with this. it's very important!

Just to add a point, he also had Bush's Military record That he was ready to release before the 2004 elections. and to to top it all off Rudy "America's Mayor" owns the company thats doing the clean up!!!!

I still don't know why the company that Neil Bush had a considerable stake in has not been investigated. It seems Elusys had government contracts for research/development of an anthrax treatment at Fort Detrick. Sounds fishy to me.

These things are to be expected. “They can do anything you can’t stop them from doing.” -- Catch-22

Americans are just too goddamn complacent. They have to start making a stink…

Several years ago when I was researching the Anthrax attacks after 9/11 I came across a small piece about Controlled Demolition Inc. It was an interview with Jack Loizeaux the founder of the company. He spoke of an upcoming demolition of the bio weapons lab at Ft. Detrick MD. I searched all over the internet over the years and have found no other mention of this demolition.
I thought it was odd that the same company that took down the rest of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City after the bombing and aided in the clean up of The World Trade Center after 9/11 was being commisioned to tear down the lab in Ft. Detrick. As you are aware The Ft. Detrick lab was central to the FBI's investigation after the strain of Anthrax was identified as the Ames strain and most likely came out of Ft. Detrick. Yet there was no mention of this demolition anywhere except in one obscure article. I would have thought this would have piqued some investigative journalists attention.

I read an article years ago that I thought was peculiar at the time. It was an interview with Mark Loizeaux the president of Controlled Demolition Inc. and son of its founder John Loizeaux.
In the interview Loizeaux mention an upcoming demolition. It was the bio warfare lab at Ft. Detrick Md. What made me think this was peculiar was the fact that not too long before this interview that lab had been singled out as the most likely source of the higly refined military grade strain of Anthrax that had been sent to Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy. Controlled Demolition was the company that made short work of removing and destroying the evidence from the scene of the largest crime in American history, the ground zero site of the World Trade Center.
Controlled Demolition is the Company that coincidentally finished the demolition of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and removed the debris.
What perplexed me most is that in all the time since I read the interview I couldn't find one mention of the Ft. Detrick lab demolition anywhere on the internet, not one.
Seeing as the Ft. Detrick connection to the Anthrax was quite prominent for a little while at least on the internet, I would have thought that the lab's demolition would've piqued some investigative journalist's curiosity.

You can read my book, "Anthrax Terrorism: Analysis of the United States Preparedness & Response," which is available for purchase on the internet. It discloses that the alleged destruction of the anthrax culture collection at Ames,Iowa, from which the Fort Detrick lab got its pathogens, was blatant destruction of evidence.


I was a victim of the Anthrax mailings that the FBI has covered up. The very first thing special agent Jim Page of the Raleigh NC FBI office said to me was "you can't tell anyone about this." He later said such asinine things as "why are you still pursuing this?" and my favorite was when I informed him that Otillie Lundgren, Cathy Nugyen and myself were posting on the same message board at the same time he said "that's just a coincidence."
I still had information and stopped calling Jim Page and started calling the Charlotte office speaking to agent Eric Davis. There is no doubt that Steven Hatfill was the field agent in charge of dispersal and monitoring results as he walked down my street twice that I know of once when I saw him and read his last name off of his army jacket. I relayed his name to agent Eric Davis at the Charlotte FBI in November of 2001. a full 7 months before his name became public. To this day my samples and the lesion cut off my arm still have not been sent to the CDC. Only our state lab tested them and later our governor Mike Easley publicly stated that all future test for Anthrax in NC would be forwarded to the CDC because our state labs were incapable of accurately testing for Anthrax.
BTW. I still have evidence in my house. Including Anthrax spores from the letter I received. The FBI and NC's health dept. refuse to test this evidence even when I offered to pay for the test.

Of course it's all true... I had it figured from day one...
This is why we should be very afaid... We have a preditory government run by merciless bad guys who hang out in the shadows. So, don't just blame the Bush admin!

When will they ever investigate the most obvious perp??!!

There is so little time before The National Security & Homeland Security Presidential Directive becomes law on August 15th. Then Bush and his gang will engineer another 9/11 catastrophy and declare martial law. Then there will no longer be a Congress or a Supreme court. Blackwaters gestapo will round up the opposition and lock them up. That's the last we will ever see them again. However, what am I saying. They will be us.

Are we a nation of sheep? Are we going to let this happen? Signing petitions, wearing orange, peaceful protests. It's a waste of time. Bush and his gang are laughing at us. We've got to show some muscle, before the Blackwater goons start knocking down our doors in the middle of the night and dragging us off to concentration camps.

I know so well how that works. I saw the CIA Phoenix Program in Vietnam first hand. They stopped at nothing. I'm sure that John Negroponte and Col. James Steel already have it in place ready to be activated at a moments notice.

Let's get a plan in place now.

They bleed just like anyone stop acting like you are unable to protect yourself from lawless agents of the Worldwide Crime Syndicate. They hire mercenaries whose primary motivation is money. When the *prey* shoot back then the risk goes way up and the payoff goes way down.

it seems to me that we can stop the terrorists as long as we have one for a president. since in office he has subverted our culter and media to create a warmachine. terrorism is wrong but the founding fathers of this country un g.w bush would be considered terrorists.
as the war progresses i have formulated meny unanswerable questions.
1. did isreal's terrorist cells stage the 911 attack to bring us into a war thay started in the middle east.
2. was the attack on the pentagon really an aircraft. because through video analysis (pardon my spelling i am dyslexic) of the debree left behind by the alaged dc9 that crashed shows no wings no aircraft at all just a smoldering hole in the building and no wreckage.
3. was the anthrax attact used to scare the american people in the war with iraq. ferthermore was it used to compell congress to sign the unconstitutional patriot act.
4. if the terrorists are so deadly how come there have been no ferther attcks withing the continenal U.S
5. how can we american citizens trust that our government is protecting us . when the leader and spearhead for global war george bush jr. family is in bed with osamas family

It is impossible for anybody to trust. The government not in a condition us to protect. And the government more than once proved the безсилие. To get rid of terrorism - it is necessary to change a policy of the government.

What the fuck are you smokin' dude?

Senators Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota) and Meat Leahy (D-Vermont)
were having it up because they recognized what this would guide to. The
first set up of the PATRIOT Act would have stopped the writ of habeas
corpus [which shields people from banned jail time and
guarantees due procedure of law].

Online Directories

During my attempts to bring Charles R Schwab to justice for his illegal activities against me, Bush conspired to protect him and tried to frame me for attempted murder. You can read the whole story at my website.



Thanks for a nice share you have given to us with such an large collection of information. Great work you have done by sharing them to all. simply superb.


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