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Bush and his famous false choices means, withdrawal NOW

Bush's favorite political gambit is the false choice. One alternative is what he wants to do. The other is unacceptable. No other alternatives are allowed, creating a false choice.

Remember this one: either use US military force to remove Saddam OR DO NOTHING. Other moderate alternatives, like UN inspections or containment or continued sanctions, were simply rejected or ignored to create the false choice: give Bush power to invade or let Saddam do whatever he wanted. America picked giving Bush power.

Now Bush's false choice is, give me yet another blank check for occupation in the way and as long as I want, that I may torture who I want, contract with Halliburton as I please, stop loss who I want---or just cut and run. Other moderate alternatives, like timetables or target dates, are simply rejected, as are little things like transparency or some stated metric by which we can say the mission is "accomplished". It's either retreat and leave Iraq a mess or let him do whatever he wants.

Well, sadder but wiser from the earlier false choice experiences, I say withdraw.

That's right. Bush has presented me with but two alternatives, thinking I would find one unacceptable. I do. I find the idea of giving the same bunch of lunatics and incompetents another blank check impossible to contemplate. I choose leaving, leaving Iraq a mess. It sure beats another round of Bush having absolute control and fucking it up royal until he offers us the same false choice two years from now.

It's not up to me to figure out a third way, a way out of Bush's false choice. He has no intention of allowing it anyway. His intent is to maintain the false choice rather than give up one iota of control to us or to a timetable or a target. So why bother? There will never be another alternative as long as Bush is president.

I choose withdrawal.

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This is a very clear article, thank you.
They misuse the principles of critical thinking very effectively,
ad hominum, ie slander, slippery slope, ie. if we dont contain em in Iraq they will be marrying your daughter and cutting off your head. Straw dog, faulty logic, illogic. They lie in 46 different ways, commission, omission, exaggeration, bait and switch, missing pieces, false logic, emotional appeals. Philosophy teachers could/should be using these examples in their critical thinking classes.

There are so many ways to lie. rove may have invented new ones. With control of mass media its no wonder people are not thinking clearly. People overseas can see our situation more clearly than we can cuz they are not surrounded with the barrage of propaganda and the mind sets of conditioned/hypnotized robots everyday.

Thanks for good insight. Thats exactly one of their tactics, false choices. Oreaallly used it the other nite with a Gold Star Mom . Do you support the president or Michael Moore? He badgered her with this false choice over and over,like those are the only two alternatives

Is there an end to this assault on the truth? Its like the aliens in war of the worlds. They just keep coming and coming and coming.These are the same people who waxed so eloquent about truth telling and morals when clinton redefined what the meaning of is was or is or..? In a way he was the prototype for the smear campaign.

Remember it was Henry Hyde and Sensenbrenner who attacked Clinton relentlessly while he tried to do his job.Lets start pressuring these two moral giants. These two repiglicking hacks now head two very important congressional committes and are major obstacles to getting our Resolution of Inquiry on DSM or investigations on other bushco scandals.

Speaker Hasstert has his own bribery scandal developing.He is also influential in blocking any attempts at developing accountablility or visibility with the most secretive administration since who? Stalin??

Thanks to the Camp Casey Patriots and Cindy Sheehan. See you in DC.

is also usual.

The righties pick someone they can't identify with as a cultural matter, like Moore and Sharpton or movie stars or Kerry and say, whose side do you want to be on? A christian white rural texan's, or that (gay)(rich)(black) guy's?

It's the fruit of the cultural divide. You either have to support Bush's policies or invite Michael Moore to dinner. But it's not true. Choices between policies isn't betraying your family or church or background, and for republicans to prey on people's prejudices and clannish identity politics is disgusting.

By now Bushes "favorite spin", "Staying the Course" means "No Exit Policy"! Hell no, they will need all the military there to fight in the war with Iran!

Given the alternatives offered, the obvious choice is simply to get out ASAP. We can then do our best to repair whatever we can after the primary cause for further damage to the victims (ours and theirs) has been removed.

There is also, of course, the fact that every additional twenty-four hours is one more day of ILLEGAL occupation. Not that any such consideration would matter to a MADMAN like his Imperial Majesty, Gutless Wonder Bush, of course.

Unfortunately, gutless wonders aren't confined to the Republican side of America's political dupoly. Sanity is currently LEADERLESS on the Democratic side as well.

A pox on both their houses. It's time for a popular uprising. Sharpen the guillotines and prepare the gallows. The Imperial Palace first and then on to the Congressional Bastille!

then the Imperial Palace

Sure. Whatever spontaneous and/or tactical manoeuvers work best.

'06 elections come first

There are plenty of alternatives to the guillotine and gallows:

--the military prison at Leavenworth, KS
--Al Gharib
--a shipboard Naval Brig

I'm sure you can think of many more.

I'm not normally an advocate of the death penalty either. But, in this case, I think I could persuade myself to make an exception.

On the other hand, there have been numerous suicide attempts resulting from their "humane" detentions of others. I suppose we could just hand them a dull razor and let them make their own decisions.

Good way of putting it: false choice. This whole right wing agenda is based on false order to get their way. The gig is up...people know the modus operandi...and realize the game. No more. Facts have been documented and will soon speak for them. No one will be silent or politically correct as not to insult their stupid argument which is a non-argument. Unfortunately, those who resort to these false choices never win the war...just the battle.

Bush Choices -

1. Cut off funding for New Orleans Levee repair (they're just a bunch of Catholics, anyway . .. )

2. Send all of Louisiana's National Guard AND their equipment to Iraq to fight in an illegal war so they will be unavailable to aid in any domestic emergencies.

3. Don't send the blackhawk helicopters to aid in the levee repair efforts.

So, did anyone report hearing any "FEMA explosions" right before the levees "broke?" Can a levee have a "pancake effect" like the WTC??


It would be easier if you liberals would just say which "problems" President Bush IS NOT responsible for. That should be a very short list.


Very good. Now that we know EVERYTHING is Bush's, perhaps liberals will stop boring people with the blame game. Yeah, like that would ever happen.

You will not see this in the mainstream news

Iraq Reconstruction and Humanitarian Relief Weekly Update

184 public works and water projects are planned

Najaf road projects improve transportation

Housing projects for returning refugees\2005-08-17\10488.htm

School improvements continue

Sunni General Conference Urges on Participating in Elections

Sunni Arabs in Fallujah ready for in Iraq's coming referendum

Kurds revive villages in Iraq

Iraqi citizenship being restored

Najaf Property Boom

IFC to invest $210 million in Iraq cement works$210+million+in+Iraq+cement+works__1111458.html?PHPSESSID=14d8898c62d72567ae4cff87fa8481b8

Iraq and Sweden Agree on Establishing a Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Iraq increases southern oil production to 2.3 mln bpd

Korea Supplies Iraq with an Internet System

Al-Najaf base to be international airport

American Grant of $20 Million for Rehabilitating Baghdad telecommunications infrastructure


New Hospitals in Maisan Province

Strategy for Water and Land Resources


Propaganda. US funds, earned by the efforts of US citizens should be used for the citizens of the USA.

So, are you contract "COINTEL-PRO" guys paid by the post, now?

We got your message the first 20 times. Why don't you go play on someone else's site.

This is called a "Forum" . .. it has to do with "logical threads of reason, fact, and conjecture." What you are doing is called, "SPAMMING" and it is quite rude and illegal.

I do hope you were never in one of my classes. I would be so embarrassed. But then again, I am quite embarrassed for most of what my government and her allies have done with the communication technology lessons I taught them. Silly me, I thought we were the "civilized" country.

"Well the dawn was coming,
heard him ringing on my bell.
He said, ``My name's the teacher,
that is what I call myself.
And I have a lesson
that I must impart to you.
It's an old expression
but I must insist it's true. "
- Teacher by Jethro Tull


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