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Good Bye to Crawford

by Cindy Sheehan on Daily Kos
Tue Aug 30th, 2005 at 06:28:59 PDT

Good Bye to Crawford
But Not to Camp Casey
Day 24
The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford

While George golfed yesterday, the worst hurricane ever struck New Orleans; oil went up to over 68.00/barrel; and an American soldier was killed in the charade and cataclysmic occupation of Iraq. The soldier's family doesn't even know what's going to hit them yet. The death is "Pending Notification." I continually ask myself: "How do George Bush and other death-mongers live with themselves?" While George vacations and bikes and golfs his way to the lowest poll numbers since Richard Nixon, other "patriots" are wrapping themselves in the Stars and Stripes and going along with the farce that the mission from hell: Killing more people in Iraq, because so many have already been killed" is somehow a good thing ordained by God. I can live with myself, but trust me, sleep does not come easily to me these days.

Yesterday at Camp Casey was, again naturally, an amazing day. Dennis Means from the A.I.M. came with a group of Native American musicians and they made a presentation to me. He gave me a shawl in the tradition of Tecumseh and he pinned a brooch of 5 stars on it from "One chief to another." He also said we should all change our last names to Sheehan and he will be known as: Dennis Means Sheehan! Sheehan is Gaelic for "Peace" which I think is such a cool thing, and not a coincidence. Casey Sheehan's sacrifice will stand for peace forever.

I missed the candlelight vigil at Camp Casey I last night, but I heard that the counter-protestors came over and held vigil with us for our killed heroes. I heard it was beautiful and life-affirming. This is what Camp Casey does for us: it transforms bitter anger into righteous, productive anger. It turns hate into love. It brings people together in new love and cements mature relationships. It brings other people together who would normally not ever meet and makes them lifelong soul-friends. It heals broken hearts and mends broken souls. I know Camp Casey has healed my broken soul and heart. A veteran from the Iraq tragedy told me that he is now cured of any bad feelings he had.

Just another day at Camp Casey.

I must admit when I sat down in the ditch on August 6th, I thought to myself: "Self, what the hell did you do? Texas in August? A ditch filled with fire ants, rattle snakes, and chiggers? Pooping in a bucket? Dodging lightening bolts and heat exhaustion? But I knew I would have to suffer it through to the end. I knew that the people of Iraq and our soldiers have it far worse than we did. I thought as long as I could have plenty of water and an occasional shower at the Peace House, that I would survive.

What I never thought, however, was that I would grow to love it here: That I would be so overwhelmed by the magnitude of love and support I receive that I would be depressed to leave Camp Casey. I don't want to leave, but I know that for the Camp Casey movement to keep growing, we have to leave Crawford and take Camp Casey to the people.

Tonight I will write to look back on the good times, less than good times and the miracles that occurred here in Crawford. But I want to thank one person for the best "vacation" and most amazing experience I have ever had: George Bush: Thank you George for not meeting with me on August 6th and thank you for being the motivation for Camp Casey. I know you don't want Camp Casey to come to the place you reside between vacations, so I would suggest you bring our troops home immediately.

But most of all: thank you my son. Thank you for living the kind of life that inspires people to work for peace and justice. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. Thank you for being the embodiment of love and thank you for being the inspiration for the Camp Casey movement. I promise you it won't end until all of your buddies are brought home. And I promise I will fight for your unborn nieces and nephews and the rest of the children of the world, so they won't be misused and abused by corrupt leadership like you and your buddies were.

I love you Casey.

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For All You "Hard Working" AMERICANS

This is what your President BUSH does while there is MASSIVE LOSS of LIFE in New Orleans and other cities accross the USA. He is so "concerned" that he is back stage with the BAND playing a guitar. Looks like it is time for MORE VACATION WEEKS!

Thank you Cindy. We all love you.

Ill bet i know one person who will be happy as hell to see you go!
At first i thought was too focused on you but i was wrong. You really lit a fire under all their asses. I'de personally like to know how it went with Capt lewis. My email address is SCOTT.HUMPHREY@INSIGHTBB.COM or please post a report here so we can all get the info, ok? One other thing i gotta ask, and i admit this is really off the wall but it's somrthing that has bugged me since 1970 if you ever talk to Joan Biaz again, would you ask her for me what the words "he's a drug store truck drivin man" meant exactly?
I know thats totally off the wall but i gots to know**HUMPHREY**

This picture and url should be cross-posted all over the internet. It will only pull his poll numbers down even more.


Make A Difference... Right Now... & Pass It On

1. Paint Cardboard White - Then Print - DOWNING STREET - On Cardboard


2. Tape SIGN To Your Local... Street, Road, Highway Sign - NOW - Repeat...

3. Hang - DOWNING STREET - Sign Under Your Mail Box

4. Downing Street - On A Stick - As A Yard Sign... What-Ever

Inspired by: snowho. Let's do it People... ECs

" Help Make Every Street... Downing Street "

Until Bush Is Impeached !

Paste - Downing Street Over Every Street Sign - Across America

See DOWNING STREET Sign on Over-Pass...

Can’t See Image Go To

Scroll Down

& Send Us Photos of... You-All

With Your - DOWNING STREET - Signs

Will Post As Many As We Can... Here

Thank You Cindy ADS and All

Working 2 Form a More Perfect Union

Will do

You've brought tears to the eyes and hope to the heart of America. We all need your hugs, your wisdom, your courage and most of all, your love.

Go get 'em, Mom.

Georgie Jr. needs a meeting.
Somebody from DC should send him a schedule;
You know friends of bill w. He needs a sponsor.
Im willing to work with you georgie. Have the cia trace post
He needs to start working the steps. He needs to get honest.
HOW stands for honest, openminded and willing; the prerequisites to recovery.
Georgie is in denial big time. Abusing God knows what...???
power?, people?, or just addicted to exercise? These patterns are well known to those in the recovery from addiction community.
Tell w denial is not a river in Iraq.
Cant we get him some help? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Avoiding reality, isolating, unable to take criticism. Sound familiar? Maybe the bubble boy will finally hit his bottem?
Do we need an intervention or will it take ...Impeachment?
God grant us the courage to change the things we can.

That ain't gonna of the 12 steps is to take a fearless moral inventory of yourself..Do you think Bush can really do that?

Imagine the amends he would need to make. How could anyone make amends for all the damage he's done? He would certainly need long term inpatient and secondary treatment and a very strong sponsor and a great home group. Someone needs to do an intervention on him. Cindy was trying to but he managed to avoid her. The problem is that the only people with access are about as sick as he is.

Dear Cindy
Thank you so much. We are with you, beside you and
behind you 100% CitizenG

Lets give him a permanent vacation
congress needs to impeach
"they dont yet see the light
but they will feel the heat"

I don't think Bush playing guitar has to do with anything.
What's the big deal about it. Who cares. Maybe just if he
could play a tune but it's just another photo op right?

You have George running scared. You've given the rest of us a voice. Lead on . We will follow.
God bless America. God bless Cindy and Casey Sheehan.

It is so sad. Now he plays 'air' guitar. There is so much suffering, and he is pretending that he is playing tunes...What a ridiculous man. He is a criminal, and hopefully, gets a guitar when he goes to prison.

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