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New NSA Whistleblower Speaks

By David Swanson

A former member of U.S. military intelligence has decided to reveal what she knows about warrantless spying on Americans and about the fixing of intelligence in the leadup to the invasion of Iraq.

Adrienne Kinne describes an incident just prior to the invasion of Iraq in which a fax came into her office at Fort Gordon in Georgia that purported to provide information on the location of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. The fax came from the Iraqi National Congress, a group opposed to Saddam Hussein and favoring an invasion. The fax contained types of information that required that it be translated and transmitted to President Bush within 15 minutes. But Kinne had been eavesdropping on two nongovernmental aid workers driving in Iraq who were panicked and trying to find safety before the bombs dropped. She focused on trying to protect them, and was reprimanded for the delay in translating the fax. She then challenged her officer in charge, Warrant Officer John Berry, on the credibility of the fax, and he told her that it was not her place or his to challenge such things. None of the other 20 or so people in the unit questioned anything, Kinne said.

Kinne dates this incident to the period just before the official invasion of Iraq or possibly just after. She says that because the US engaged in so much bombing prior to the official invasion, she cannot recall for sure.

Prior to September 11, 2001, Kinne says, it was unacceptable to listen in on or collect information on Americans. The practice was barred by United States Signals Intelligence Directive (USSID) 18. Kinne recalls an incident in 1997 in which an American's name was mentioned, and she and her colleagues deleted every related record because they took very seriously the ban on collecting information on Americans. Kinne was serving from 1994-1998 on active duty as an Arabic linguist for military intelligence at Fort Gordon in Georgia, sending reports to and collaborating with the NSA. She served at the same station after 9-11 when she was activated as a reservist.

Kinne says that post-9-11 she and others routinely collected information on people even after identifying them as aid workers for non-governmental organizations. A common rationale was that the phones of such organizations could conceivably be seized by terrorists. She recalled one case in which she was listening to an American talk to his British colleague in an international aid organization. The Brit expressed concern about the American military eavesdropping, and the American replied that they couldn't possibly be doing that because of USSID 18. Kinne recalls that her colleagues got quite excited and behaved as if the American had divulged secrets by mentioning that directive. They continued eavesdropping on the man although they were unclear at that point whether they were permitted to spy on Americans.

Shortly after this incident, however, in mid-2002, they were given a waiver to spy on Americans. This waiver was communicated to Kinne and her colleagues orally, and she assumed that it had come from the President or someone very high up. The waiver, she says, also permitted spying on Canadian, French, German, Australian, and British citizens without probable cause.

Many of the people, including Americans, whom Kinne spied on were journalists. These included journalists staying at a hotel in Baghdad that later showed up on a list of targets. Again, Kinne says, she expressed concerns to her officer in charge, letting him know that the military should be informed or the journalists should be warned to move to another location. Kinne says Berry brushed her off. He was, she says, "completely behind the invasion of Iraq. He told us repeatedly that we needed to bomb those barbarians back to kingdom come."

Berry was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer. Kinne left, went back to school, and took a job at the Veterans Administration helping some of the victims of the fixing of intelligence that she had witnessed. And early this year she joined a tour of Vermont with activists Cindy Sheehan, John Nichols, Dan DeWalt, and veterans of the war, a tour promoting the passage of impeachment resolutions in Vermont towns, a tour that helped effect the passage of those resolutions in over 40 towns up and down the state. Kinne found the experience "life-changing", and she's now decided to tell everything she knows, and to encourage others still in the government to speak out and release documentation.

"I wish that I had said something back then, but I don't think people would have listened," Kinne said.

Kinne, who now works for the VA at White River Junction, Vermont, said that she has written to Senator Patrick Leahy, who has not replied to her. Kinne has become active in Iraq Veterans Against the War. She said that the news of the current escalation of the war also helped move her to act. "That's the only reason why I am choosing to break whatever rules I may have just broken by telling you about it," Kinne said. "Because I think that this all needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. And the only way it's going to stop is if people start speaking out."

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A true American patriot.

the most amazing part of this young lady's story is that when she wrote to her 'senile' senator Leahy, he refused to answer her. Better yet, the jerk-off staffer in the senile senator's office had not one iota of a clue on how best to shuffle that one under the carpet, for we all know we don't have anything remotely close to true 'representative' government, and that these alleged 'representatives' of ours neither see our correspondence, nor care if they did see what we write them, about real problems, real 'TREASON' being done by our MILITARY by direction from this corrupt, scummy, illegitimate BASTARD WHO ILLEGALLY OCCUPIES THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT.

so, having said this, nothing short of HANGING BY THE NECK UNTIL THEY ARE DEAD (I know, you pussies out there are having conniptions over my incessant demand that these TREASONOUS SONS OF BITCHES BE HANGED, aren't you?) will suffice. This republic cannot survive if we do not ensure that for the levels of HIGH TREASON this son of a bitch and his minions in the WHORE HOUSE have committed, is fully punished by a NOOSE, after a trial in the Hague, Netherlands, for WAR CRIMES after he's impeached and found guilty of TREASON here in the U.S.

George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Steven Cambone, Condoleeza Rice, Elliot Abrams, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Steven Hadley, Douglas Feith, and any others in the Pentagon who assisted in what took place on Sept. 11, 2001, as well as the illegal war and occupation of Iraq, all need to see a NOOSE after trial. Every fucking one of them. Colin Powell needs to be added to that list, for his TREASON, as well.

after we've hanged these bastards, we need to hang every single member of the REPUBLICAN SIDE OF THE AISLE in CONGRESS and the SENATE, and then, do the same to EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT THAT VOTED TO AUTHORIZE THE PATRIOT ACT, as well as the WAR IN IRAQ.

Lastly, if the Right Wing SONS OF BITCHES ON THE SUPREME COURT cannot be removed peacefully, they need to be arrested, tried by tribunal, and HANGED for their TREASON, as well.

Amen to that!

Just don't hang RON PAUL!!!!!!! RON PAUL IN 08!!!!!!!

This is fantastic news, and I applaud this patriot!!!
However, the first thing I thought about was Sibel Edmonds and the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition. I sincerely hope that somebody would guide Kinne there, as Sibel has plenty of experience with officials that won't listen. Sibel also knows exactly what it is to be a whistleblower in regards to intelligence. Sibel also has others that are willing to testify in an open hearing, under oath. It's truly incredible to imagine what this hearing could mean for us all.

Bless these women, now it's our turn to do our part as citizens and good patriots, by getting the word out so that they may be heard - tell EVERYBODY! Everyone that knows about this should call and email Leahy and Waxman - both of which are aware, and perhaps just need some serious prodding by the public.

She is not a hero. She didn't do anything. She spoke up, but than attended a rally. Oh yeah that is an american hero. A true american hero is anyone of our soldiers currently fighting in Iraq. Despite for or against the war they are the heros and she is just a wannabe hero looking for attention.

your an idiot... its people like you who have their heads in the sand, is the reason why this country is in the shape it is... so this lady shoulda just looked the other way??? wake up ya moron. what they did is EVIL... I see you support Evil.

All Military personnell have the right to refuse illegal orders. Lt Ehren Watada was one who KNEW right from wrong and refused an "illegal order" to kill innocent civilians, a decision that has cost him his freedom.. The illegal invasion of a sovreign nation like IRAQ was and STILL is an Illegal war crime. Those participating in illegal activities of this nature can be tried for these crimes.

The troops in IRAQ murdering an innocent nation are not HEROES. They are paid monkeys who choose to pull a trigger on arabic familes, women and children for a handfull of silver, yet undoubtedly caught in a web of lies and half-truths. Those people trying to save the Patriotic young men and women in uniform from going to this illegal Invasion run by the Criminals in the whitehouse are absolutely the REAL heroes of this situation.

Why are the soldiers fighting in IRAQ anyway>? Iraq was never a threat to US freedom. If you beleive the lies of the Criminal CHimp and his cohorts, I have a Golden Gate Bridge for sale... Going very cheap.

The only WMDs' Iraq ever had, came with a recepit signed Rummy + Daddy Bush. These are the real suppliers of the WMD's. If we want a world without terrorists, lock up the Bushs' for GODS SAKE before they do anymore bonehead actions and cause more American deaths.

A soldier fighting in Iraq may certainly be a hero to his/her family. But to those who can see and recognise the lie behind it can identify these brave soldiers as poor saps being used and disposed of by an Administration that obviously cares little for the true human cost of an illegal invasion.

Lets not impeach Bush + Cheney, that takes far too long and costs way too much. There is enough evidence already of obstruction of justice to enact an arrest on these charges. I say send em to SUPERMAX, and let them pick up soap for bubba in the showers. It might remind BUSH of the late night visits GANNON used to pay on him....

Those fighting to stop the invasion are definately the true HEROES of the United States of America and the US Constitution, which of late has been violated and trashed by a Murderer and a criminal who has shown contempt for US and International law. A Murderer and criminal named George W BUSH.

As a former senior intelligence analyst, I have a different viewpoint of her actions and portrayal of her role.
I find nothing honorable in the way she has chosen to make her protest. She did not refuse to carryout the actions she believed to be wrong, instead she complied with minimal fuss.
The military, as well as the NSA are hierarchical organizations - if your immediate boss does not respond, you have the right or even obligation to take it formally to the next level.
Yes it can be a bumpy road, but it also puts those officers officially on notice that their actions (or inaction)will be brought to their superiors, and so on. If your actions result in punishment as a whistle blower, then the lid is off and you have redress actions that will bring the incidents and actions to public light.

Instead, only later, after she was out of the military, did she find her real conviction and began breaking the laws and her oaths of security to protest what she herself had done. The window of "honorable" dissent had passed.

As a junior interpreter, all of her collected intercepts were reviewed by trained analysts who were responsible to discard/destroy anything non-relevant to the lawful targets. Before a "target" is assigned for intercept, there is lawful probable cause - the details of which are NOT provided to low-level intercept operators. After all, She was basically JUST a collection/translation device.
Within analysts circles, it is well known that many terrorist/hostile operatives are trained to portray the false roles of family, lovers, or even the press when using open phone conversations-- in hopes of covering their real identity or purpose. They know full well what our limitations/regulations were and use our restrictions to their advantage.

The Hero's are the solder's who are fighting in Iraq, However; they are decieved by the idiot's who put them there? They first claimed that there were weapons of mass destruction there in Iraq when they knew that there were none. So our kids went there to fight for their country? For what? The President to give the contract for oil to the Haliberton Coorporation, of which is suppossidely owned by Vice president Dick, Dick, Dick Cheney, a front man for the Bush's (that is Senior of course) He (Bush Sr.) happens to be one of Three shareholders in the Caryle Corporation, the other two are retired navy intellegence officer William Crowe Jr. and the other is a trustee for the Bin Ladin family. of there corporations under this Caryle Group are about 100 or so Corporations that all are contracted by the Department Of Defense, the military, etc! Cheney is a front for Haliberton as he doesn't really own that company. but yet Jr. Bush goes into Iraq and then gives the contract to the Haliberton corporation without any other corporation getting any chance to bid on the huge contract for oil? Questionable at best, anybody who halfway investigates this knows that "It is all about the Bengimans" and it seems that the Bush's want them all? Once again we went to Afganistan to hunt down the man who suppossidly blew up the world trade centers (Bin Laden) However; after blowing up the mountians of tora bora and being within 13-hours of capturing or killing Bin Laden by our elite forces they were told by? and this is a Quote in U.S. News and World Report for December 2001, by the highest branch of the Executive Office to "Pack up and go to Iraq" and when questioned about it they were told to "Drop what you are doing and prepare to go to war in Iraq" They once again asked the question everyone else does not dare to ask? Why are we going to Iraq? There is no connection between Osama Bin Laden and Sadam Hassen? in fact Sadam hated Osama and his taliban and al Qada's, he would have killed any of them who would dare to enter his country hands down. Now we have maybe 1- out of 15 who are either involed in al qada and or terrorist plots out there in Iraq, and our kids are being killed over there for our Freedom and protection-Bull, they are being killed because of greed for Oil. The main Questions most people should be asking is Not whether they are Patriotic or not, but should ask these questions? (1)- What ever happened to the F.B.I. telling the public after 911 happened that they were going to get to the heart of who sent the Antrax through the post office to the Senitors to scare them? Was it Bin Laden? To date this question has completly gone out of the news papers? Why? I will tell you at the bottom? (2)-How come we have not caught Bin Laden yet? Hell we have the resources to capture a dictator in his own country, his sons also, detrown him and yet we still can not capture some old terrorist who needs to be on a dialosist machine? How far can he really get? The real reason we have never caught Osama Bin Laden is because of the Caryle Corporation? The three main shareholders there are Bush SR. Retired Navy intelligence officer William Crowe Jr. and a Trustee for the Bin Laden Family? It comes down to the Bengemins once again?

Getting back to the Money once again and you can see that the real reason why? Bin Laden has not been caught is because if they were to capture him, well then they (the Caryle Corporation) will not be getting the money from congress to fund all of those other companies that are under the umbrellar of the Caryle Corporation? That means no more money to get rich with if Bin Laden were to get caught or killed?
Getting back to my first question about the Antrax Scare? Our F.B.I. had promised in the News Papers that they were going to get to the bottom of this and find out where it was comming from? And to date as of yet! Nothing about the Antrax in the papers? Why? Because the F.B.I. had there lab test this spore of Antrax and found out that it could have only be made in two places? The spores were so finely made that there were only two places it could have possibely come from? That is the Army Research and Development for Chemical and Biololical Weapons, and the Bioport Corporation in Michican? When investigated they (The F.B.I.)found out that the Army Research and Development for Chemical and Biological Weapons was able to account for all of the spores of Antrax that they had made? However; the Bioport Corporation when asked to hand over there papers pertaining to the spores had stalled in handing over these papers and also when pressured to give up these papers they had handed over false documents pertaining to the accountability of these spores? Time and time again they stalled and resisted in handing over these papers. Why? I can only guess, but one of the Corporations that the Bush's Caryle Corporation had bought up in December of 1998 was? Yes! The Bioport Corporation? After buying the only Corporation in the Great United States Of America that makes Antrax and also makes the Vaccine back in 1998 they (the Bioport Corporation) had contracted out to the Department of Defense to Vaccinate every government employee, Congress Members, and also all of our troops with Six shots of the Vaccine for about $3.64-$3.67 cents per shot for a total amount of about $21.00 and some odd cents per person. The Department of Defense paid them up front back in 1998, but after 911 happened and the Antrax was sent to the Senitors, they went into a panic and asked to be Vaccinated. But the Bioport Corporation which was brought by the Caryle Corporation back in 1998 had told the Department of Defense that they did not make the Vaccine that they were contracted to make because they had spent the last 2 and one half years cleaning up the factory and was now unable to honor their contract? They told the Department of Defense that the cost for materials had gone up and would now cost $600.00 per shot and 6-Shots per person costs $3600.00 per person, making whoever owns the Bioport Corporation Instant Billionaire's? Making The Caryle Corporation Stock Holders Mega Bucks? Who Ownes the shares in the Caryle Corporation? Just Three people, and one of them is a Trustee for the Bin Laden Family, The other one is Bush SR.? Does that just kick you in the head or what? Knowing that even our troops refused to get the shots because they are really worthless? In reality These shots are only good if you were to contact the Antrax through Contiguous contact only, (that is if it were to land on the skin kind of contact only)not if the (Our Troops)were to in a war inhale it or come in contact with an open cut? Then it would be worthless because there is no known cure for this kind of contact? So the only ones that it is really good for is our politicians only because they would be the only ones who would come in contact with the spores by handling it through the mail, but if they were to injest it? There would be no cure for the Antrax? No amount of Ciphro or combination of antibiotics would be enough to cure you if you were to come in contact with the Antrax spores by way of injestion? Therefore; lots of Our Troops (Our Kids) over there were right by not wanting to take the shots, not to mention the side affects?
So you see these imposters who now reside in the whitehouse are nothing but a group of criminals who should be tried under the R.I.C.O. ACT. To me, as far as i am concerned, they Conspired, Cheated and Stole the Presidentcy from our Real President Al Gore Back in 2000? It was then the time for our Congress to act and look into what was going on, but they sat back and did nothing and because of this they (and this country) are in the mess that we are in now?

This is my comments on the Hero subject? Our Troops are the real Hero's dispite being decieved by our fraudulent president and all of his cronies? In the end when it is all said and done the only ones who end up suffering is the people not the Government, not the politician, but the good hearted patriotic people who have to bear the loss of their children for criminals in the whitehouse trying to steal, cheat, and take control of the natural resources for profit?


It's interesting to note that Crowe Jr.'s ties stretch far beyond being a trustee of certain oil reserve accounts for the bin laden family. Bush's Caryle Company is also tied with said action and impending fraudalent trustee sales.

I really hear and agree with you Joey....

You ask any one of those soldiers fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan and they will be the first to tell you that they are not heroes.

just like Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame, both working for an agency that has committed murder and overthrown legitimate democracies 'this nation didn't like' over the world, and then, when the snake who's belly they've lived within and drawn a paycheck by, 'fucks them' by letting the draft dodger n thief, George Bush, 'cornhole' them because they decided to speak the truth, they're suddenly 'heroes' and need our help to give them money at or whatever their website is.

this is bullshit. it's find they served their nation, but they carried out orders in their long careers that, in one way or another, fomented hatred and distrust of the United States, and having done that, they are now just reaping part of what they sowed.

just like this hapless chickie babe in uniform working at the NSA. she knows she works in the belly of the serpent, so why is she shocked when it vomits her out like so much bile?

these fuckers are indeed LOSERS. yes, what Bush did was 'treason' in in every way, make and form, outing a COVERT CIA AGENT, but having said that, this agency that his daddy helped corrupt and scummify while he was in it, inclusive of murdering a U.S. President back in 1963 (JFK), is far from being lilly white or worthy of feeling sorrow for it's employee's who are harmed by the same scumbag government that uses them to murder and screw others world-wide.

American's need to wake up and realize that until the day comes when their government 'ceases' this form of clandestine hostility and murder worldwide, that the citizenry 'US' will then be, quite appropriatedly, held accountable for allowing it to continue for more than five decades, unabated, funded by our tax dollars we give this 'beast' we pretend isn't mass murdering world-wide, on our behalf.

First off I question anyone who does not have the balls to give their name when posting! Anonymous Coward!

I wonder if you had access to the kind of information that Adrienne Kinne has, would YOU have the courage to step out and inform the American public?

She is risking her life by what she has done, are you so stupid as to not know, people seem to turn up dead left and right under this Bush/Cheney circus.

A "wanna be hero" you say? Just what the fuck are you doing to help end this fucking joke of a war asshole? Yanking on your own dick?

As for the soliders over there, they are there by their own choice of a career. It is a hard call, yes I support the troops, yes it is time to bring them home. But they too have a voice in the matter. Like all of us, if your job is messed up, then speak up, quit!

If all the troops went on strike, refused to engage, interesting thought huh?

As for YOU, come back after you have grown some real balls, have something worthwile saying, until then, just keeping whackin.
Signed: Michelle R. Freedom Fighter

Excellent article David. Keep up the Good Works!

I find this very disturbing considering we are hoping that the House Judiciary Committee will at least look at cases like ours where the government is actually crossing way over the line, and abusing the criminal justice system to SILENCE WHISTLEBLOWERS! Wrongfully jailed Whistleblowers like John Carman, and others, have no prayer for justice with INJUSTICE like this. Where is the “main stream” media in all of this??? They use to be the ultimate check and balance for our Government. Now, sadly, they are not. Our only hope is for organizations like the Government Accountability Project (GAP), The Project on Government Oversite (POGO), the No Fear Coalition and The Patrick Henry Center - all Whistleblower protection / government watchdog organizations, to become as strong as the government entities that they are watching. Currently the Whistleblower Protection Act (also known as the Akaka Bill, after Senator Akaka) sits idle at the Senate. Further, the No Fear Act two (2), additional much needed Whistleblower legislation, is currently waging it’s war to get passed Congress. This is, now more reason than ever, exactly why this legislation MUST BE PASSED! If this was in place now, there would be no need to hide in the shadows in order to speak truth to power. What we all need to do is to help these brave organizations get these bills passed, and subsequent future legislation to stop this kind of obvious retaliation and attempts to silence the very folks we need to be SUPPORTING! Alone we accomplish nothing. We need to LOCK ARMS with these organizations and speak with one loud clear voice - in the words of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Darlene Fitzgerald
National Security Whistleblower &
Author: "BorderGate, the story the government doesn't want you to read."

Darlene Fitzgerald Price, Author of "Bordergate" is running for U.S. Senator against Jim Bunning in Kentucky in 2010. Check out her web site !!! A girl like this is exactly who we need in the senate!

This is in reference to the article you posted at DU about a second person you interviewed who had worked at NSA/CSS Georgia Ft. Gordon.

AFAIK, David Faulk is the first specific, named individual to come forward publicly with allegations that Israeli Intel was peddling bad data about specific CBW sites inside Iraq.

There have been many reports from Scott Ritter, Karen Kwaitowski and others that the Israelis had been pushing faulty Iraq intel, in general, but this is more specific.

Your DU article raises some questions that need to be addressed: e.g., How did the NSA or MI supervisor know the source of the data about reported WMD sites in that text file? Why would someone working for a translations unit at NSA/NSS have access to such data? What happened to the evidence ... er, text file? Finally, do you have anything on tape or in writing from Faulk to substantiate this?

Thanks for your response. Feel free to DU e-mail me, if you prefer.

Regards - leveymg

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