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Blogger Interviews Pelosi on Impeachment

Excerpt from Daily Kos

Mike Stark: Speaker, when we do tell the public about it, they say one word. They say "IMPEACH". And I respectfully suggest that if you let this administration out of office without impeaching even Abu Gonzalez, er... Alberto Gonzalez, you will have set a precedent. The next republican administration that takes office will know that they can get away with anything they want because Democrats won’t stand up for the Constitution. That’s what millions of people are saying.

Speaker Pelosi: I appreciate your point. I think that the Gonzalez vote of confidence, as you saw, did not carry. But uhm... yeah, I understand your point, but it’s a choice that has to be made, that is to say "what is the price they are paying for the exposure?"... Look, nobody knew any of these things about Gonzalez. Let’s remember how we got to where we are – and that was by the oversight activities of the Congress of the United States. I made a decision a few years ago, or at least one year ago, that impeachment was something that we could not be successful with and that would take up the time we needed to do some positive things to establish a record of our priorities and their short-comings, and the President is... ya know what I say? The President isn’t worth it... he’s not worth impeaching. We’ve got important work to do... If he were at the beginning of his term, people may think of it differently, but he’s at the end of his terms. The first two years of his term, if we came in as the majority, there might be time to do it all...

Mike Stark: Respectfully, that’s not the question. Respectfully, the question is whether or not the Constitution is worth it.

Speaker Pelosi: Well, yeah, the Constitution is worth it if you can succeed. But I think that we are, in asserting the checks and balances that were missing, are honoring the Constitution. I take very seriously the pledge, the oath of office that we make to the Constitution – as does every person in our Congress. (unint) Our Democratic Congress is their worst nightmare because of the power of subpoena. I think that the President’s credibility now, whether its immigration – whatever it is – is so low because of a great deal of the oversight that we have done. But we are in disagreement – I’m not going to try to budge you on that – on whether the President should have been impeached. That’s a different question from "Are there grounds for impeachment?" But should he have been impeached? Should we have gone down that road? I don’t think it would have resulted in a Democratic victory that would have – in a campaign that would have resulted in a Democratic victory that would (unint) the oversight that we have now that will build the record that will allow us to get rid of them in a major way. So I believe that we are on the verge of an election that will be a decision for greatness...

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The White House is obstructing justice by refusing to comply with
supoenas. The Congress needs to have oversight in order to determine possible crimes by the current administration. Refusing to comply with supeonas is obstruction of justice and an impeachable offense.
Win, lose or draw it's the Constitution and the rule of law that is at stake, Madame Speaker.

I reiterate my call to the good people of Pelosi's California Congressional District: RECALL HER, NOW!!

Pelosi has not a clue. She is only good at bellowing the excuses of her AIPAC benefactors. Pelosi is a disgrace to democracy and is unworthy to hold such an important leadership position at this point in our history. I only wish Barbara Jordan was still alive to school all of us on what can be accomplished with the "business" of the Congress while at the same time preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution.

Nancy, it can be done but you have to start to absorb just how pissed off WE THE PEOPLE are and forget about all those rich AIPAC backers you apparrently believe the sun rises and sets around.

You have the chance to prove yourself not PATHETIC, but your time is running out. Again, California, you can send Nancy an ultimate message. WE THE PEOPLE implore you!

"George Bush isn't worth impeaching", according to Pelosi! What does she think we are - complete morons? This isn't about George Bush, but whether or not we are going to live in a fascist dictatorship. A huge shit-pile for which Pervari-Cosi is just drooling to one day be president herself; you can see it glittering in her eyes.

Impeachment isn't worth it - if you're top priority is getting to be president one day. Impeachment isn't worth it if you care most about getting your own little party elected in '08. Or, more accurately, paying your dues to your corrupt party seniors in order to advance your own "shit-stained" ass.

It just occurred to me that the people who Pelosi is paying off - by obstructing justice and betraying her oath of office - is the more senior RepliCrats - Hillary, Lieberman (and even worse) - who are running right now. If she can block impeachment - which is the same as prolonging the Imperial Wars indefinitely - plus deliver any significant Demo-Crap victory in '08 then, so she must have been promised, she will be given a shot at being president one day.

Poor little whore, she certainly is having to work for it. (Unlike Hillary, who has schemed for decades that she could marry into the presidency. We all saw it during the Clinton presidency; we were all thinking the same thing when we saw how she acted.) To think that scum like these - that chicken-shit "office intrigue" such as this - is responsible for the deaths of nearly a million people, at the same time completely bankrupting the once-richest and most affluent nation on Earth, is indeed enough to make one "pissed off", as you put it so succinctly, Richard.

This is why the traditional punishment for treason is execution - historically typically by hanging. But this is America, and the 21st Century; by now for executions we use lethal injection. \

Pelosi - and all the other conspirators - should think about that. I guarantee they are thinking about it all over the rest of the world, including over in The Hague.

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

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