You are herecontent / Family at Camp Casey w/ daughter in LA needs your help!

Family at Camp Casey w/ daughter in LA needs your help!

Buddy Spell (aka Dylan Garcia) is one of Cindy Sheehan's lawyers. He and his wife are here at Camp Casey helping to make this action as smooth as possible.

When they left Louisiana they left their 7-year old daughter, Sarah, with a friend in Washington Parish. (In LA, counties are called "Parishes")

Due to the hurricane, they have lost all contact with their friend and they fear the worst. The Spells are frantic for solid information about the state of Washington Parrish or their daughter.

If you have solid information about what is going on in Washington Parrish, please call 612-578-0130. This is the cell-phone number of Alex, a close friend of the Spells. I have full permission from the family, mods and Admins to post this personal information.

The reason I have to post a telephone number is because internet access out of Camp Casey is spotty at best. Due to the nature of this emergency, he can't spend time monitoring his PM box and emails.

Please keep this thread kicked. I will post in this thread when we have the information we need.

Do not call the number unless you have solid, first hand information about the state of Washinton Parrish or Sarah Spell.

ON EDIT: If you have a blog, feel free to post the above information on your site.


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I have been praying everything is going to be alright.I was with them this weekend and have been thinking about them ever since.I tried to call Annie's cell but keep getting a no service type of answer.All I can do for now is keep praying everything will be O.K. If there is anything I can do let me know.

I am a ham radio operator in Wells Vermont and have contacted ham radio operators in Baton Rouge who have given me informtation phone numbers to contact in Lousiana Coast Guard search and rescue. I need an address for where Sarah was staying and the friends name. My phone number is 802-325-3690. I will be calling the cell # for Buddy Spell.

My cousin and family evacuated New Orleans. Maybe they know ok?

My niece and her daughter made it out of New Orleans to Saint Landry
Parish (west).

When they declared martial law, it appears the phone systems (POTS land lines and cell tower switches) were blocked from outgoing calls.

However, my niece's daughter figured out that she could get text messages out on her cell phone to me. I could then call them and the call would go through.

I will check with them today to see if I can get any information on what is going on in Washington Parish.


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