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Turley on Olbermann: Wiretap Subpoenas May Open Bush to Impeachment

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Keith Olbermann announced on Wednesday's Countdown that the White House is refusing on grounds of executive privilege to honor Senate subpoenas and release documents relating to its warrantless wiretapping. In addition, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, David Addington, has sent a letter to Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) saying Cheney's office will not comply with oversight by the National Archives because it is not "an agency."

Olbermann then turned to law professor Joanathan Turley, who agreed tentatively that the administration might move slowly enough to "run out the clock" on its time in office. "But there is one thing that might concern them about the court," Turley said, "and that is, you know, for many years, since we first found out about this program, some of us have said that this was a clearly criminal act that the president called for. ... If we're right, not only did he order that crime, but it would be, in fact, an impeachable offense."

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Disgusted, Embarassed, Offended...

First let me say Olbermann has my vote if he ever thinks of running (as I think he will). I wouldn't care what his platform would be simply because I think he's honest. Unlike the entirety of the current embarrastration.

Second, I am disgusted with all this "talk" and hot air being blown around with no action whatsoever. Never any action. Where is Fitzgerald when we need him? Years of only talk with no action have flown by. "DO" SOMETHING!!! Dont let their term run-out. Run them out before their term.

Cheney should be rotting in a jail cell along with Rove, Bush, Rice, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Libby and the rest of these lying theives. Why do they all still have jobs, stock portfolios and salaries?!?! Common theives, people.

Of course they're Nixonian - do a little "Bushy-Dick" research. And then work out how to pull the rug from under them.

To: the Senate and Congress;

Hey, DO YOUR JOBS!!!! Stop all the flap-talk which does absolutely NOTHING but deplete the ozone!! Back Resolution 333 !! ..even if it goes against your personal agenda. Your job isn't there to forward your own agenda (believe it or not).

So far, Pelosi is a bad-joke with an even worse punchline. (as someone said) "Always smiling, smiling, smiling but doing nothing". Completely Ineffective. All talk, like every other 'pollutician'. (that one's mine).

Stop asking for contributions for five minutes and do your friggin JOBS!!!! SUPPORT RES.333 Earn first. Then, we'll give you contributions. I don't go to work and ask for my check first, do I?.

This is embarrassing. Why is Cheney.. (today, after years of the continuous unlawful and unacceptable behavior) ...still able to makes such insane statements and claims? Anyone sane person knows that Cheney is an insane, power-hungry, sociopath. Why is Cheney 'a free man' much less still in office, making decisions and calling shots, earning money???

When did lying become decent American Presidential behavior? Why is it tolerated, especially in the White House? Does this seem insane to anyone else? What message are we sending today's children interested in a future politics? ..that lying, starting an illegal war resulting in the death's of thousands of soldiers, violating the constitution, spying on your own people, 'extrodinary renditiion' and being secretive are what The President and Vice President of the United States of America does?

Why, when Cheney refused to cooperate and blocked White House Security, was he not arrested immediately on the spot? Worse, why wouldn't that be directive #1 (for the security officers) upon commission of such an offense?

Embarrassing again. Congress and Senate all quickly rallyied against Clinton, to impeach a guy who (may or may not) have had 1, (one) incident of sexual relations with Lewinsky. Everyone who supported this should have their red-faced head's between their legs right now.

BUSH, CHENEY can (and regularly and repetitiously do) abuse signing statement priveledges, manipulate the constitution, ignore laws and subpoena's, evoke bogus executive privilages right in your faces, and can concoct lie after lie after lie, even still today attempting to justify causing the deaths of thousands and thousands of soldiers, far more than 911 at this point.

Somehow, as a people, we can't find the majority to get these guys out of office???? Are you kidding? Will we act to get them out before they act against Iran? These nuts are going to piss off the world at the US, run our deficit so high and our military so thin that we wont be able to defend ourselves and "they" will all be moved to UAE when we get attacked.

You, (Senators and members of Congress) should all be embarrased to look at yourselves in the giant mirrors over your over-sized leather couches of your over-sized palatial office's behind your layers and layers of assistants and beaurocracy. I feel ill.

Yes, something's wrong in America. There's a lot wrong. Congress and Senate are failing to do their jobs while asking for contributions, the White House is manipulating everything with no recourse and lots of people are dying.

Dare I say (maybe) America isn't so great if we so quickly jump to impeach someone over something so harmless as 'a sexual act' but turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to our country and ourselves be taken-down this destructive path by such corporate low life criminals further ruining our reputation and standing in the world and putting us in harms way? For these acts, we do nothing?

I'm seriously hoping "the Bushy-Dick" has sexual relation w/ some page if tearing our country, its people and constitution to shreds isn't enough to impeach them.

Sad & pathetic. This is what happens when politicians personal political agendas are placed first over their duty to serve the country and the people.

Support Resolution 333 - you have NO CHOICE. Its time. Its your job and duty to the United States of America an WE the friggin people.

Or resign.


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