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Summary of Meeting with Representative Brad Miller (D-NC)

From the Government Accountability Project (GAP)

A group of concerned citizens gathered at a house party in Raleigh, North Carolina, on the third anniversary of the Downing Street Minutes meeting. Out of that meeting was formed the Government Accountability Project (GAP). Five members of GAP, all constituents of Representative Brad Miller (D-NC), met with him on August 17th to discuss his positions on the war in Iraq and specifically to ask him to sign Barbara Lee’s Resolution of Inquiry.

Rep. Miller has expressed early and continued concern over our involvement in Iraq and the intelligence that led us there. Last year he co-sponsored a resolution initiated by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) calling for a House investigation of that intelligence. Rep. Miller has since asked Rep. Waxman to reintroduce this resolution and he promised our group that he would pursue this with him again.

Rep. Miller seemed to agree with our priorities ideologically but appeared reluctant to take a leadership role on these issues or to seem at odds with the middle ground of the Democratic Party. Several times he expressed discomfort with various resolutions that have been introduced, complaining that while their positions may be worthy of support, their “shrill, partisan language


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Memo to Representative Miller:

Concern for the "middle ground of the Democratic Party" is hardly what is at stake here. Sir, I respectfully submit to you that what is at stake is our American Constitutional Democracy. Congress and the American people were duped by Bush and the neo cons. The country is at war as a result. Frankly, I don't care about the "middle ground of the Democratic Party".

Unless your concern is to somehow perpetuate the same agenda as the neo cons by way of some sort of neo con light, it is time for you and the rest of the fence sitting Democrats to get behinds the anti-war/peace movement. This War on Terrorism is just so much rubbish! The real terror in this world is the "economic terror" which this country commits with its policies around the world. I never thought I'd say this but it turns out that the fall of the Soviets was an unfortunate event for the world. That counter-balance of a super power in the world created tensions but never anything like the current situation.

Representative Miller, carefully read the DSM and the Resolution of Inquiry. A Congressional investigation is necessary. You have an opportunity, along with all the other members of the House, to show leadership for the American people and not just the wealthy elite of this country. You know, the ones who ship American jobs overseas to exploit cheap labor and have off-shore corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes (then get enormous tax cuts on top).

Listen to your constituents and at least give them an answer and a honest reason for that answer, and do that now. Your constituents deserve that.

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