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A Letter to Pelosi

Ms. Nancy Pelosi
Representative CA-8
House Democratic Leader

I'm not writing to you as a constituent residing within your district of CA-8, but rather I am addressing you in your capacity as the House Democratic Leader.

Like you I am quite concerned over the many acts that the current administration has accomplished and is attempting. The concern I address with you today is the war in Iraq and the tactics employed by this administration to take this country into war with Iraq.

Whether one believes the revelations brought to light by the Downing Street Memo(s) or not, it appears that removing all doubt, of these revelations, is the utmost farseeing direction this country can take.

Representative John Conyers' letters dated May 5, 2005 and June 15, 2005 requested George Bush respond to the revelations brought to light by the Downing Street Memo(s). To date a response has not been received. You cosigned John Conyers' letter(s).

It has been reported that Intelligence Officers have been coerced to comply with certain policies this administration desired which would lead to a war with Iraq. Also, the names of Intelligence Officers have been leaked to the press. As reported all these actions taken by high administration officials.

A I write the nation is witnessing yet another administration no response tactic. George Bush will not answer the poignant questions of grieving family members whose loved ones perished fighting this war and occupation.

Representative Barbara Lee has introduced a Resolution of Inquiry, H.Res 375, requesting that the administration provide certain communications between the U.S and U.K. regarding war plans with Iraq. To date, a meager, 52 (or 53) Representatives have cosponsored this Bill. One of the cosponsors being a Republican–James A. Leach (IA-2).

To date you have not signed on to this Resolution.

I am compelled to provide you with an excerpt of a letter I wrote to some local Colorado newspapers (initially submitted August 4th and 12th, 2005):

This inquiry is necessary to determine if crimes have been committed.

To date 44 cosponsors have signed onto Representative Lee’s Resolution of Inquiry. A glaring deficiency of the cosponsors–from a Colorado stand point–is a lack of Colorado Representatives who have not signed onto this Resolution.

The U.S. Constitution is not a partisan document. It does not divide us into Republicans and Democrats. Our Constitution is an American document for the People. If Congress will not impose our system of Checks and Balances and appropriately use their Separation of Powers to effect an understanding and resolution of these issues We the People should require no less and demand resolution.

We the People have been witness to too many leadership abuses recently. I urge all Colorado Representatives to sign and or support this Resolution.

As of today none of the Colorado, Democratic, Representatives have signed onto Barbara Lee's Resolution of Inquiry.

I cannot further state the gravity of our country's situation. My concerns lie with the future of this country. What an iniquity it would be for current and future generations of the world to no longer have the values this country has so proudly claimed and enshrined.

I urge your support in advancing this Resolution of Inquiry, H.Res 375.


Gregory S. Robles


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It appears to me that because of wrong decisions made in the past we are now in an unwinnable war. Every day we stay in Iraq things get worse. Getting to the truth of why we are in this position is the first step. The second and at this point perhaps the more important step is to develop a plan for leaving. Your leadership in this is sorely needed.

Virginia Mayer



And Now the People Step Forward and Charge High Treason,

and Show that Democracy in its roots today, is Corrupt.

And that the Constitution has been Altered and Betrayed

in Favor of A Small Group of Millionaires,

Over Another...

the Governed, the People of the United States.

And that the Election Process is UN-fair

and has been Overwhelmed and Monopolized by Millionaires

and their millions of dollars

Continue Reading at...

Scroll Down till You see Yellow link to 2001...

( Re-Written ) Declaration of Independence

Thank You, Cindy & All 4 Helping 2...

... Bring Forth, TODAY

... A More Perfect Union

... 4 We the People

from this day forward, and as an American citizen born in these United States of America, and NOT the PNAC Fascist State, I declare a citizen's arrest of Cheney, Rummy, Wolfy, Rove, Bush, Libby, Condi, Perle, et al and all other complicit appointees of Bushco in the PNAC conspiratorial cabal.

Good Afternoon Yank,

Your list of citizen's arrestees is a good start. I would add most of the judges appointed by Reagan, Bush I, and Georgie boy at all levels. That would immediately disqualify Roberts from further consideration as well. I'd also posthumously arrest Reagan and his crew of early PNAC's, living or dead. They would all be sent to Gitmo to be treated as war criminals and subjected to the same treatment they've subjected "enemy combatants". No charges, no lawyers, just sit on the warm Cuban ground and reflect.

Quote: "This is very different from Vietnam. There's much more at stake. Nevertheless, by the end of '06, we'll be out of there - either because we've solidified the country, or it will be beyond our control." -- Joe Biden

Doesn't that sound promissing, folks? Try to understand the grand "roll the dice" strategy involved. We initiate an illegal and immoral "shock and awe" invasion and occupation and we withdraw when the victims are either "solidified" or totally out of control. In the meantime, there will be a few thousand more casualties, but so what? It's all for a "noble cause".

And this is a guy who hopes to succeed Bush as president. I can hardly wait.

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