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Notes on Camp Casey II

August 29, 2005
Notes on Camp Casey II

As I set out with my trusty tape recorder in hand (Thanks Mike (in Tokyo)!) among the supporters of Cindy Sheehan's effort to call Bush out on his lies at the new Camp Casey, I was floored by the scene. Having only been to the first camp on a Monday and Tuesday two weeks ago, I was amazed to see at least 1,500 people of all descriptions set up under giant tents with wi-fi, live radio broadcasts (bradblog was in his 38th hour of coverage when I met him) and professional catering. The protest has come along way in a very short time. Though I didn't get a chance to speak with Sheehan this time, IVAW, the Iraq Veterans Against the War, was there in force.

David Lewis is an Army Reserve specialist from Binghamton New York. He was in Iraq for 11 months, and still has 3 years left in his contract. He wanted to come down to support Cindy Sheehan, but since he couldn't afford it, he decided to contact IVAW to see about setting up something to show support in his hometown. They instead flew him out to Texas to take part. David never trusted Bush, and never believed the war against Iraq was legitimate. While briefly home on leave before the war, he did his "homework" and had his suspicions confirmed. Lewis now faces the likely prospect of another tour in a war he has known from the start was based on lies. Though he opposes it, he says he can't file for conscientious objector status because they might make him pay back the money they've already given him for education. Money which he fears he could never pay off.

Perhaps this is why Murray Rothbard called it the "warfare/welfare state."

IVAW's Jimmy Massey is a former Marine corps staff sergeant from Waynesville, North Carolina. He was part of the original invasion force in 2003. Massey says he he planned to spend a career in the Marines, but after a short amount of time "in country," he he was honorably discharged as "80% percent disabled." The man looked in shape, and I had a guess where this was going when I asked him to elaborate. Massey has what they call post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As I learned from the great George Carlin, post-traumatic stress disorder is the third generation euphemism for shell shock - the one they came up with after after "battle fatigue" and "operational exhaustion" had apparently been determined to still be too harsh. As Carlin said, "The pain is completely buried under jargon." According to Massey, his shell-shock symptoms include: major depression, hyperactivity, nightmares mixed with insomnia, feelings of desperate isolation and fear - all on a daily basis. The worst part he said was the flashbacks. He has nightmares all night, and daydreams all day; flashing pictures in his mind's eye of the "horrors and realities" and "lack of humanity displayed" by his fellow soldiers against the civilian population of Iraq.

The Department of Veterans Affairs as been helpful to Jimmy Massey, but he says that he is one of the fortunate ones. Fortunate because he had already started showing signs of his condition while in Iraq, and the psych-test questionnaire they had him fill out before leaving reflected that. Every soldier who leaves Iraq must fill out these forms, and, according to Massey, any soldiers who starts having flashbacks, nightmares etc. after coming home are written off by the military. "Oh, now you're sick? - Tough sh*t pal you're faking it." Support the Troops, huh? Obviously, this practice disguises the true numbers of traumatized soldiers, which the state admits is at least a third and now the sick bastards at the DoD want to "review" - that is, deny - the cases they've admitted to thus far! Massey said that having seen the things he had over there, it is hard for him to believe that anyone could have been to the Iraq war and not have some of these same problems. And, of course, he reminds me, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, not only from their experience in this war, but dating back to when America started bombing that country in 1991, suffer from the same sort of condition.

So what broke this career marine so thoroughly? It happened, he said, the first time he killed a group of civilians at a checkpoint. They didn't stop at the right spot, so Massey says, he and his comrades "discharged our weapons." At the moment he realized what they'd done, Massey says, he "got a conscience," and all the power the US military's patriotic rhetoric had over this man's mind was gone. That was the beginning of the end for Massey's stay in the Iraq and the marines. The killing of civilians in this fashion at checkpoints in Iraq is, according to this witness and a simple google search, a "common story." Johns Hopkins University and the British medical journal Lancet have estimated that as many as 100,000 Iraqi civilians have lost their lives due to this war. How many Iraqi humans, whether wounded themselves or having had members of their families wounded or killed deal with the same nightmares as Jimmy Massey? It's his question, and a good one. Massey now travels the world, speaking out against war, as a true believer in the Greatness of American power, turned steadfast opponent of war and its consequences.

So there I sit near Bush's photo-op church, hearing stories of men's lives being risked for no reason, I wonder how the hell Americans ever fall for their politicians lies. How many soldiers have come home from war, knowing the very non-Hollywood reality and uselessness of combat, only to send their sons off to die in the next one?

For all the idiots with your stupid emails, don't bother unless you have an answer to Cindy's question: What Noble Cause?

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Cindy just invited Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein to Camp Casey. She couldn't think of anyone more supportive of her anti-american agenda. She asked if any of those great freedom fighters killing our troops could attend also. Michael Moore and many Hollywood Celebs. will be there.

Well, thank goodness you won't be there!

Your post is as pathetic as you and your Bush. Your are a "chickenhawk" hiding behind your cloak of annonymity.

By the way, why does your President avoid mentioning OBL? I'll give you credit for at least resurrecting his name.

This is not true. Please research and present factual, documented, corroborated information for everyone's review. Otherwise, if your remark was intended to be insulting, my suggestion is that you sign up and fight the illegal war in which you believe...They need more soldiers, and most of us do not want to contribute our offspring for Bush's lie.

TO THE AUTHOR OF : Cindy just invited Osama Bin
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2005-08-30 02:21.

Where you invested in the stock market on 3/10/2000 or 8/1/2001? I thought YOU were. This shows how smart YOU are to have voted for BUSH!

How is YOUR grocery bill these days? Don't YOU smell the sky-high inflation in the last 4 years?

How is YOUR ultra cheap gas and home heating oil prices doing these days?

How would YOU like to PAY 5.00 for 4oz of any toothpaste?

Did YOU have or need a job?

How is YOUR employer’s profit margin looking these days?

Are YOU paying more for medical benefits these days?

Need more lay-offs?

I realize there is always an unemployment benefit but they STOP eventually. And guess what? When they STOP the government doesn't count YOU as unemployeds............they just don't count YOU.

How's YOUR 401K gains in the last 4 years?

What interest rates will YOU be paying in another year on the 30-year mortgages and on YOUR credit cards?

And now if YOU have gained anything here YOU will go educate yourself to protect YOURSELF financially.

Aren't YOU paying MORE with BUSH POLICY? And YOU want to PAY MORE...and YOU WILL...very soon!

Oh yeah.....don't forget to send George Bush a little Thank You as he is leaving the White House when his term is up. If you can afford the paper!

As for the BUSH FAMILY link to "Osama Bin Laden " WHO bought out George Bush’s bankrupt company from the 70's? Who was BUSH SR having lunch with on the day of 911?

You are one pathetic person. Your head is so far up the rear end of Bush and Co that you cannot see clearly. If you really support the war, enlist and go fight or send you family members to do your dirty work, or like Bush and Co. send the family members of every one else. When judgement day comes, Bush will be rated as worst Pres. ever in the history of this country and also the dumbest. Maybe that is the reason for his nickname (DUMBYA).

I have been posting at AOL messageboards, a sort of neutral board, often very anti-bush but then the FReepers show up, though they couldn't be bothered to show up in numbers enough to fill one bus and so it was cancelled since they had hoped that everyone paying a $25 fee would pay for the bus cost of $2,000, only 8 FReepers signed up.

I often leaving links for people who are beginning to ask question on relatively neutral sites and this is a great one.

Anon one above did not answer your question "What noble cause???" are the US soldiers that died, are dying now and the hundreds of thousands of America's young people that will be forced to sacrifice their lives for Halliburong, General Electric and other war profiteers and for Skull and Bones, PNAC and Bilderberger greed and stated aims to kill 80% of the world's population and enslave the remaining 20% for a wealthy elite. I wouldn't want to be them on the fast approaching Judgment Day.

Now there's a secretive elite organization that I haven't seen much mentioned here before. It's hard to know how much of the reporting and speculation about its international workings to believe. But it's certainly something worth keeping in mind.

Here's a brief extract from an OnlineJournal item on the 2005 Bilderberg meeting that may be relevant:

In full force was that faction known as the so-called "neoconservatives" — those who have determined that Israel's security should come at the expense of the safety to the United States and be central to all U.S. foreign policy decisions.

Most notable among this group is the alleged Israeli spy, Richard Perle, who was investigated by the FBI for espionage on behalf of Israel. Perle played the critical role in pushing the United States into the war against Iraq. He was forced to resign from the Pentagon´s Defense Policy Board, on March 27, 2003, after it was learned that he had been advising Goldman Sachs International, a habitual Bilderberg attendee, on how it might profit from the war in Iraq.

Another neoconservative figure on hand was Michael A. Ledeen, an "intellectual´s intellectual." Ledeen serves for the American Enterprise Institute, a think-tank founded in 1943, with which Richard Perle has long been associated. AEI and the Brookings Institution operate a Joint Center for Regulatory Studies (JCRS) with the purpose of holding lawmakers and regulators "accountable for their decisions by providing thoughtful, objective analyses of existing regulatory programs and new regulatory proposals." The JCRS pushes for cost-benefit analysis of regulations, which fits with AEI's (and Bilderberger) ultimate goal of deregulation.

These neoconservatives were also joined this year at Bilderberg by a handful of other top former Washington policy makers and publicists known for their sympathies for Israel, including former State Department official Richard N. Haas, president of the CFR; former Assistant Secretary of State and "father" of the Dayton accord, Richard Holbrooke; and Dennis Ross of the pro-Israel Washington Institute for Near East Policy, effectively an offshoot of the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affaris), as well as the newly chosen World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz.

Dennis Ross, Richard N. Perle, and company are itching to "transfer"—translation: to ethnically cleanse—as many Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza as possible. "Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories," former Prime Minister Netanyahu told students at Bar-Ilan University in 1989. The residents of the European Community may be clueless about the intentions of Zionists toward the Palestinians, but in Israel, to my astonishment, ethnic cleansing is a popular subject of discussion. Fifty percent or more of Israelis think ethnic cleansing is a good idea. This from a nation that supposedly remembers the Holocaust.

It's been 37 years since my husband was in Viet Nam. He still has to sit where he can see everyone and loud noises makes his fist and teeth clench and he goes rigid.

Dear God we must find a way out of this hell hole.

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