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Why Aren't Your Kids Fighting in Iraq?

By Bob Fertik, President of

Dear Senator/Representative,

If you support the War in Iraq, why aren't you or your children or your
grandchildren fighting there?

The Army is short of soldiers because of the Iraq War disaster. This
shortage has put our national security in danger throughout the world.

Your family can help fix the problem that you created by supporting the
Iraq War disaster.

As your constituent, I will continue to ask this question until you call
for the withdrawal of America's children from Iraq.

Thank you


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Hey guys... sorry to post this here but if you have any contact with the folks in Crawford let them know that CU's links have been hacked... I sent an email to MWC earlier today and there's no way to know if anybody got it, but since the links remain hacked I assume they haven't.

Feel free to delete this as it's just an OT heads-up.

Who are the pro-war (and fence sitter) politicians that have children who are not serving in the military in the war zone in the combat arms? Can anyone provide a list? How about a list for pro-war media pundits?

Official's/Pundit's Name:
Chickenhawk (yes/no):

Total # Offspring:
(For each offspring serving in the military)
--Branch of Service:
--Combat Arms (yes/no):
--Afghanistan service (yes/no):
--How long?:
--Iraq service (yes/no):
--How long?:

I'd like to see every politician who supports George W. Bush, who voted to for this war and the war in Afghanistan, who voted for the Patriot Acts I, II & ...., who voted for appropriate funds for these wars, who supported Bolton's nomination to the U.N. who is a member of the American Legion, who owns stock in any oil company, who....Heck, let's just get all the Senators and Representatives to give the public this information. Then we can see where we stand and decide what to do.

I'm with you! And....whoever publishes this book or list, a reminder to name the media who supported these Neocons. If this list were published, the author would make a million $$. I would buy the book in a heartbeat! We need to have these perpetrators in black and white.

This is a great idea and one that I've been trying to find information on for some time. I would also include all appointed members of the administration.


Milt Romney, Gov of Massachuesetts


I just called... this # woirks

Give him, Bu$h and other Repugs... & Dems

A call...

ask em...

Since he is a strong

Bush-WAR Supporter...

Why O why are his

Kids not enlisting ?

Why Did U NOT Serve... Mittie Boy ???

I Said... Why Did U NOT Serve ???

...from... 1 Pissed off Vet

AND... By the Way...

Mitt Romney /Bush=WAR/Boy Supporter CHICKEN HAWK

What Side Were U Guys On In 1776 ???

Roger is a descendent of Deacon Shem Drowne

Who's silversmith shop was just down the cobblestone lane from Paul Revere shop in Boston Massachusetts USA 1775

Who's grasshopper weathervane still... Sits atop Fanueill Hall in ( Boston Mass )


Where the Minutemen, Paul and Shem discussed Art and helped direct Americas future and the direction the new American democracy would take.

If U Will Not Fight This WAR...

Quiet Please... NOW... And Tha's An Order, Sir

Go Hide Under Your Bed...


Your Day's in Office R most Over...

I really don't approve of pulling out of Iraq just yet. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but deep inside I know I need a reason, just some acomplishment, to make this invasion worth it.

And I know it never will be, but we can't just let things fall apart now. I'll be damned if the country falls to the Islamofascists.

You'd be hard pressed to find an infantryman who cares for anything but getting home in one piece by now. The only "accomplishment" they're looking for is to survive intact.

Nobody in Iraq is even remotely concerned about "blood spilt in vain". Blood spilt in vain doesn't even appear in the infantryman's view of the battlefied. It's the old vet who has survived and is safe that has the luxury of getting riled up about whether "his sacrifice" or more likely his KIA buddy's sacrifice was worth it. And he does it while sitting in some American Legion bar 20 years after the fact. But, when he was there, he wasn't thinking about "blood shed in vain", but; how not to shed his BLOOD NOW!

Stop watching those John Wayne movies. Get your priorities straight. Helping people-not hurting people is the way to go. Don't be a Christofascist.

Signed: Daniel I. Fearn, E-5, 0351, 2 hashmarks, NCM, U.S.M.C.

Those who are of age to serve their country are old enough to make such a decision on their own. Everybody has the right to choose their own career. Parent's have no right to dictate what career path their children make!! If you are for this war and pressure your child to join the military, you are WRONG! If you are against this war and pressure your child to not join the military, you are WRONG!! Let your children take the career path of their choosing. Do not make the children of politicians or other political opponents a wrongful target of your beliefs.

People, do you hear this guy? "Everybody has the right to choose their own career." Damn dude, you're lucky someone close to you didn't choose some "career" like mass murderer or psychotic torturer. And if you miss the point of that totally outreagous comment let me spell it out for you:



War isn't a career, Man. It's LIFE and DEATH.
And if you don't think I'm telling you the truth--get down to the recruiting station and start finding out for yourself. Semper Fi, Mac.

Good thing you aren't in the military, you'd be dead if stupid people make easy targets...

The military is a career-path Daniel "Einstein" Fearn. If you don't want to possibly have to kill someone don't join the services and don't become a police officer. What do you think about cops that are forced to pull the trigger? Are they taking a career in mass murder too? Many cops in crime ridden cities will end up killing more people than any of our boys or girls will in Iraq. What do you think about that?

You people and your Semper Fi, please don't use it unless you are or actually have been in the Marines. Don't disrespect these people Daniel you wessel.

Son, I spent eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps Infantry and another in the Virginia National Guard. You've missed the point just like you buddy before you. Killing is not a career choice. And if you could just stop your spouting for just a moment you might see the truth to that. In the Marine Corps being called a "Careerist" is about as insulting as you can get. Perhaps you need to know that in Marines are Lifers and follow a calling. They never, ever, if they are any good at all, choose the Marine Corps as a piddling career. Only ring knockers have careers. So SEMPER FI, TO YOU, MAC. Now get down to the nearest recruiting station and wise up.

Oh, and thanks for calling me Einstein--a great, intelligent man, Einstein, and a great and peaceful soul to boot.

Sounds like you are advocating getting rid of our military and police forces. Yep... that's a good rational thought.

This is the first posting on this site in a LONG TIME that actually makes sense.

This is America, right? We do have a choice to make of our own lives right?

Where was Chelsie when William Clinton was doing his bombings???? Not in the military...Talk about a double standard!!! Just like the fact that there are HUNDREDS of parents of fallen soldiers out there against Cindy but will the LEFTWING Media cover that? Of course not, it doesn't serve their agenda. Thanks God for satelite TV and no wonder why newpaper subscriptions and free TV ratings are falling so fast.

The bottom line is what your principle is should be congruent with your action. Thus, if you are PRO-WAR, then go, join the war! Just as simple as that.

Bill Frist has 3 military-age sons, Harrison, Jonathan and Bryan.
We need to ask Dr. Frist whether he has encouraged his sons to participate in the noble cause. If not, why not?

Office of Senator Bill Frist
509 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
202-228-1264 (fax)

Tom Delay's daugher, Danielle Delay Ferro, has a toddler at home, but then,so do many of the brave soldiers that have been sent to Iraq.
Please ask Congressman Delay whether he has encouraged his daughter to join the noble cause. Her enlistement would allow one of our weary soldiers to return to his/her family.
Tom Delay's Office:
242 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
p. (202)225-5951
f. (202)225-5241

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