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CNN Reports on Impeachment Effort

Video is posted here. CNN spins the story heavily against impeachment, and even brings its Polling Director Keating Holland on to comment baselessly despite CNN's failure to publish any polls on the issue other than one twisted survey in September 2006. CNN has never published a poll on support for opening impeachment proceedings against Cheney. In fact, no one has. Please ask CNN to produce data, not just punditry:,,

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It'll just make me too mad! How can we investigate the media and find out just why they are putting out all of this disinformation? There has to be a reason for this. What is behind the blackout and the lies?

"Miss Teen Ohio"? Bring on the ridicule, CNN - it only confirms that we're right on target. Even the data-oppressed general public has already heard of impeachment - they have already gone through their round of internecine ridicule, and now when they watch your piece on TV, they are starting to really consider the possibilities.

CNN would not even have run this slime if they could continue to ignore impeachment; they can't any more. End of Phase I. And now Phase II - trying to make Kucinich and "his pals" look like wacos - begins in earnest.

Because what they also can't ignore - in fact, the real reason for the story - is Nancy Pelosi's plummeting approval rating. Funny how their pollsters didn't dare get into explaining that. But I'll tell you - it's very obvious: the general public is seeing righ through Pelosi; to perceive her as the unprincipled political hack that she truly is. A pervaricator who will leave us saddled with this administration, to suck on it for just as long as may be politically expedient for her; she is making enemies all the way from the politicians who she bullied clear down to the Average Joe paying $3 for gas at the pump. (Note massive security, right up her ass in the outdoor shot.)

No, impeachment is most definitely on the table - this response from CNN confirms it - and Nancy Pervaricosi is, at long last being pushed right off.

So, bring on the ridicule, CNN! That Miss Teen Ohio tiara is going to look just great perched on Cheney's oversized head!

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

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