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Potomac Fever: Leach joins Democrats in backing memo bill

August 28, 2005

Count on Rep. Jim Leach. He's going to make waves again as, apparently,
the first Republican to sign on to a House resolution demanding disclosure
of administration documents related to what's known as the Downing Street

Aides to the Iowa City Republican on Friday confirmed an announcement
posted on an anti-war Web site,, saying that
Leach will become a co-sponsor of House Resolution 375, authored by Rep.
Barbara Lee, D-Calif.

The resolution, which as of Friday had 39 Democratic co-sponsors, requests
that President Bush and the secretary of state send to the House all
information in their possession relating to communications with the United
Kingdom between Jan. 1, 2002, and Oct. 16, 2002, in connection with Iraq.

This includes telephone and e-mail records, logs, calenders, minutes and

Lee said in a July 21 statement that she wants answers to questions raised
by the release of classified British memos. The leaked memos, written by
aides to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, deal with the decision to
invade Iraq, and have become a rallying point for those opposed to the

"These documents offer strong evidence that the Bush administration
'fixed' intelligence in order to mislead our country into war, evidence
the administration has failed to dispute or answer," Lee said.

At a town hall meeting in July in Oakland, Calif., Lee said, "We knew all
along that the president was misleading and lying to the American people
about why he wanted to go to war," according to the Contra Costa Times.
"We all have a right to know. . . . We're going to force them to answer
the questions by any means necessary."

Both Bush and Blair, in a joint news conference earlier this summer,
denied trying to "fix" the intelligence leading up to the war.

"No, the facts were not being fixed in any shape or form at all," Blair
said. "And let me remind you that that memorandum was written before we
then went to the United Nations."

The resolution has been dispatched to the House International Relations
Committee, of which Leach is a senior Republican member. There has been
some thought that he might become chairman, although there are several
candidates likely to compete for the post.

It seems rather unnecessary to add that Republican leadership might not be
particularly impressed that Leach is allying himself with a congresswoman
who accuses the president of lying about the war.

Nonetheless, Leach goes his own way. There are Democrats who grumble and
moan every time his name comes up, as they long for a true-to-the-cause
Democratic member from his Democratic-leaning district. But that will be
minor compared to the unhappiness this latest move may stir among Iowa
members of the GOP.



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As Rick Gagliano's piece explained:

"The U. S. House of Representatives Committee on International
Relations is comprised of 50 members - 23 Democrats and 27
Republicans. As of this writing, 10 Democrat members of the committee have publicly signed on as co-sponsors. A majority of 26 committee members is needed for passage.

A vote on the resolution must take place on or before September 16.

Including Leach with all 23 Democrats on the committee (assuming that the vote will proceed along party lines), the total now seemingly in favor of passage is 24. Representative Ron Paul (R), the libertarian firebrand from Texas, is widely assumed to be leaning toward co-sponsorship as well, leaving the margin at just one more Republican vote for passage.

The bill also has the particular status of a privileged resolution, meaning that if the committee cannot secure the required votes for passage, Congresswoman Lee has the right to seek a full House vote.

Of course, with the Republican majority in the House, passage of the resolution on that basis appears slim." ( )

This IS of the HIGHEST IMPORTANCE. This resolution of inquiry MUST be allowed to move forwards. If your Represenative is on the committe write to him/her to urge them to support H. Res. 375! This is what is here for. Here are some links and a list of the members of the U.S. House Committee on International Relations:

The committee's official websight:

Full list of committee members (with links to them):

Here is a quick list to refer to. Is YOUR represenative listed?:

Henry J. Hyde, Chairman: Illinois, 6th District

James A. Leach: Iowa, 2nd District

Tom Lantos: California, 12th District

Christopher H. Smith,Vice Chairman: New Jersey, 4th District

Howard L. Berman: California, 28th District

Dan Burton: Indiana, 5th District

Gary L. Ackerman: New York, 5th District

Elton Gallegly: California, 24th District

Eni F. H. Faleomavaega: American Samoa

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Florida, 18th District

Donald M. Payne: New Jersey, 10th District

Dana Rohrabacher: California, 46th District

Robert Menendez: New Jersey, 13th District

Edward R. Royce: California, 40th District

Sherrod Brown: Ohio, 13th District

Peter T. King: New York, 3rd District

Brad Sherman: California, 27th District

Steve Chabot: Ohio, 1st District

Robert Wexler: Florida, 19th District

Thomas G. Tancredo: Colorado, 6th District

Eliot L. Engel: New York, 17th District

Ron Paul: Texas, 14th District

William D. Delahunt: Massachusetts, 10th District

Darrell Issa: California, 49th District

Gregory W. Meeks: New York, 6th District

Jeff Flake: Arizona, 6th District

Barbara Lee: California, 9th District

Jo Ann Davis: Virginia, 1st District

Joseph Crowley: New York, 7th District

Mark Green: Wisconsin, 8th District

Earl Blumenauer: Oregon, 3rd District

Jerry Weller: Illinois, 11th District

Shelley Berkley: Nevada, 1st District

Mike Pence: Indiana, 6th District

Grace F. Napolitano: California, 38th District

Thaddeus G. McCotter: Michigan, 11th District

Adam B. Schiff: California, 29th District

Katherine Harris: Florida, 13th District

Diane E. Watson: California, 33rd District

Joe Wilson: South Carolina, 2nd District

Adam Smith: Washington, 9th District

John Boozman: Arkansas, 3rd District

Betty McCollum: Minnesota, 4th District

J. Gresham Barrett: South Carolina, 3rd District

Ben Chandler: Kentucky, 6th District

Connie Mack: Florida, 14th District

Dennis A. Cardoza: California, 18th District

Jeff Fortenberry: Nebraska, 1st District

Michael McCaul: Texas, 10th District

Ted Poe: Texas, 2nd District

As far as i can tell most of these congresspeople will only take
emails from people from their districts. How can we get around this?
Also there is a phone service called Working Assets; very green very good, they allow several free calls to DC congress whitehouse etc. per month . They also donate a percentage of their revenue to good causes like Sierra club or....check em out...See ya In DC


It's the Capitol Hill switchboard - Just ask to be conected to your rep's office...

John Perry

What is this a new group,Republicans For Truth.Thanks Jim I knew there had to be some Republicans who would want the truth no matter what it looks like.On to D.C.!!!!!

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