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Two thousand gather for anti-war Texas hoe down and BBQ

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Two thousand gather for anti-war Texas hoe down and BBQ

Over two thousand people made their way to Camp Casey yesterday for a huge hoe down deep in the heart of Texas. Full buses of supporters from Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin unload and loaded throughout the day. The day included a massive volunteer mobilization to serve up a full "Texas-style BBQ," and to support all of the camp visitors in the 100+ heat. After Cindy Sheehan welcomed many of the buses, the main tent stage featured a day of music by artists from across Texas.

Despite the quadrupling of the Crawford population yesterday, only a few heated exchanges between anti-war folks and "stay the course" folks were seen. At Camp Casey II, to greet a steady stream of pro-war folks driving by, dozens of people stood in the blazing sun and lined the edge of the road with two 40 foot banners that read, "What noble cause?" and "Support Our Troops Bring Them Home Alive."

The evening program was cut short when a thunderstorm threatened to roll over the camp. Although lighting danced on the horizon, it by passed us. Folks clustered and shared stories about Camp Casey and what they are going to do to make sure we stop this war when they get home - or get on the bus tour next week.

Photo by Jeff Paterson. Copywrite 2005. More photos from Saturday.

# posted by Jeff Paterson @ 22:45

Final Weekend at Camp Casey Underway
The final weekend of activity is well under way here at Camp Casey. Buses have begun to arrive from across the region - the first full buses have just pulled in from Austin and Dallas. The population of the camp seems to be doubling every few hours. Well over a thousand supporters are expected to join Cindy's historic vigil at the driveway of President Bush's vacation ranch by days end.

It's going to be another hot one here in Central Texas, but 1,200 bottles of water have been staged to create a "great wall" of sorts across the back of our massive tent. And there is more water and ice on it's way. If your on your way, please bring water and sports drinks, and leave your pets at home if at all possible.

Meanwhile, the "Cindy Doesn't Speak for Me" folks will be gathering in a bit at the Crawford high football stadium - home of the Crawford Pirates. Of course Cindy has never claimed to speak for them, but tens of millions have simply been moved by her determined stand. "America Stands with Cindy" is truly something much more than another political slogan now. All Camp Casey supporters are strongly encouraged to not engage with pro-war protesters in any way.

# posted by Jeff Paterson @ 11:20

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I think it's about time that the people who love the idea of peace and freedom are coming together and protesting here in America and around the world. It is a reminder that I am not a lone in my feelings about this war. We need to do more. We need to come together by the hundreds of thousands for the young men and women wounded in Washington and dying in Iraq. It is essential to let this ignorant red-neck from Texas know that we are serious about bringing our troops home. The only way that we can end this war is to protest. It seems that affirmative action of hundreds of thousands of people standing together is the only way to get the governments attention. It is not un-patriotic to protest. I am against this war because I support my troops. Our troops are only to be used in emergency, a time of war when our country is threatened. As the facts state clearly, we were never threatened and our troops are being slaughtered, their families lied to. It is time to take a stand. I support Cindy Sheehan and the thousands of people protesting in Tesas. It's time for everyone else to get on board.

Sevaria, I do not remember the name of the 60's or 70's soul group who had the hit song "Love Train" but that tune came to my mind when I read the last sentence of your post. Wouldn't it be great if that group could maybe rework the lyrics to fit today's situation?

This is the greatest site on the web for freedom loving Americans. Together we all can achieve our mutual goal of taking back our Constitution from the PNAC fascists. By the way, Roberts should be withdrawn as a nominee. Bush has no credibility to nominate anyone for anything anymore. He is evil to the core!

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