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Holy Sports Talk, Batman!

Holy Sports Talk, Batman!

Seems in some ways to be an even better indicator of public opinion than polls charting Bush's approval ratings - the sports guys are beginning to question Bush's priorities and the war in Iraq.

From an August 22 item by USA Today sports columnist Ian O' Connor:

This was a minor misstep when measured against a biking and fishing vacation lasting longer than the Spanish Inquisition. Bush is a man who cares about fitness — this is good. When a bum knee forced him to stop running, he could've done what most 50-something men with bum knees do: limit their recreational pursuits to synchronized channel-surfing. Bush burned calories on the 10-speed instead.

But nobody wants to hear about his impressive pulse rate and body-fat percentages when American boys and girls are dying overseas, and when lawmakers start throwing around the dreaded V-word — Vietnam — in the daily dialogue on Iraq.

Although not known to be a sports columnist, Maureen Dowd offers a similar side dish of snark:

I mean, I like to exercise, but W. is psychopathic about it. He interviewed one potential Supreme Court nominee, Harvie Wilkinson III, by asking him how much he exercised. Last winter, Mr. Bush was obsessed with his love handles, telling people he was determined to get rid of seven pounds.
Shouldn't the president worry more about body armor than body fat?

Instead of calling in Karl Rove to ask him if he'd leaked, W. probably called him in to order him to the gym.



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So little George Stupid is the fittest president ever, big deal, thats not really saying much, have you looked at past presidents lately, Andy Rooney is more fit than most of them. I am one year older than little George and I could take him on with my mountain bike any time; and I havent even killed anybody.

Lets concentrate on whats important, little George Stupid intentionaly started a war based on a pack of lies, and he knew he was lying. His personal motivation for this war was to be a heroic war time president and reap tons of political capital. This pea brain is willing to sacrifice the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people for his own selfish political gain; that is premeditated murder as far as I am concerned. Impeach the lying murdering bastard and then jail for war crimes, if not the death penalty!



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He has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our America,

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