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Dick Cheney Rules

By New York Times

Americans are accustomed to Vice President Dick Cheney’s waiting out a terrorist threat in a “secure undisclosed location.” Now it seems that Mr. Cheney wears the cloak of invisibility in secure disclosed locations.

The Associated Press reported that Mr. Cheney’s office ordered the Secret Service last September to destroy all records of visitors to the official vice presidential mansion — right after The Washington Post sued for access to the logs. That move was made in secret, naturally. It came out only because of another lawsuit, filed by a private group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, seeking the names of conservative religious figures who visited the vice president’s residence.

This disdain for accountability is distressing, but not surprising. Mr. Cheney has had it on display from his first days in office, when he refused to name the energy-industry executives who met with him behind closed doors to draft an energy policy.

In a similar way, Mr. Cheney seems unconcerned about little things like checks and balances and traditional American notions of judicial process. At one point, he gave himself the power to selectively declassify documents and selectively leak them to reporters. In a recent commencement address, he declaimed against prisoners who had the gall to “demand the protections of the Geneva Convention and the Constitution of the United States.”

Mr. Cheney is the driving force behind the Bush administration’s theory of the “unitary executive,” which holds that no one, including Congress and the courts, has the power to supervise or regulate the actions of the president. Just as he pays little attention to old-fangled notions of the separation of powers, Mr. Cheney does not overly bother himself about the bright line that should exist between his last job as chief of the energy giant Halliburton and his current one on the public payroll.

From 2001 to 2005, Mr. Cheney received “deferred salary payments” from Halliburton that far exceeded what taxpayers gave him. Mr. Cheney still holds hundreds of thousands of stock options that have ballooned by millions of dollars as Halliburton profited handsomely from the war in Iraq.

Reviewing this record — secrecy, impatience with government regulations, backroom dealings, handsome paydays — it dawned on us that Mr. Cheney is in step with the times. He has privatized the job of vice president of the United States.


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Impeach Impeach Impeach! Is it possible to impeach the Veep for violations against the constitution? Is it possible to impeach the Veep for violations like obstruction of justice? There must be a law somewhere that stipulates destruction of documents in an ongoing investigation as a violation of the law.
Cheney is the puppetmaster and needs to be de-throned before any more LIVES are LOST. I've read about armegeddon, I just didn't think it would be my own ELECTED leaders that would end up being the Anti-Christ.
Cheney needs to go first, it would put bush on center stage. Not to mention, Chimpy's glaring stupidity would become more apparent without his Master around, a buffoon without guidance - even with guidance. Chunky is greasing the palms of everyone to secure his Island in the Gulf and thoroughly enjoys being the benefactor in the office he has sold out.
I am disheartened and offended this group of greedy-power-brokers have trampled on the Constitution, the Geneva Convention, our soldiers, and the trust and good will of the American People to line their pockets with blood money. If it were my family member killed because of these sorry wastes of genetic material...

The Bush's need to go back to their home planet.
Mr. Bush Senior, why the heck didn't you discipline that boy? More spankings and beatings were completely necessary. But I guess you had your OWN political aspirations to attain, like Pappy Bush the Nazi lover.
Mrs. Bush the elder, why didn't you just abort when you had the chance? You shouldn't have drank so much during pregnancy.
Thanks alot Bush and Cheney Family, you have taken MY beloved United States standing around the world and trampled on that too!


I'm as angry as anybody, and this is way off-topic, but I would ask that you read about corporal punishment and the effects on children. Trying to grow some peace here. Might be hokey to some, but there is no way to peace, peace is the way.

It should always be remembered that Cheney's first assignment was to ascertain the possibility of terrorist attacks in the US. This was in May, 2001. Look it up. Cheney never
had a single meeting. Instead, his action was to build a bunker for himself. The tragedy of 9/11 points out what must be considered one of the most inept administrative bungles in history.

Why all this has not been
trumpeted loudly in the press is a prime example of a compliant media.

He has committed TREASON. And, he is a war criminal.

No one takes Kucinich seriously. How come? So far he's been the only one with spine
enough to call for Cheney's impeachment.

Where are all the rest of the weak sisters we call Democrats?

Throw the bums out in 2008!

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