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Velvet Revolution Takes Off The Gloves

Velvet Revolution Takes Off The Gloves,
Launches Controversial Long-Term Ad Campaign

CRAWFORD — The Velvet Revolution, a nationwide movement started immediately following the discovery of numerous voting discrepancies in Ohio following the 2004 Presidential election, is launching a long-term advertising campaign questioning “why the rich children of this chicken hawk administration won’t go to war.

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These ads should be sent to congress. I've emailed my congressman about downing street memo's, Barbara Lee's resolution and the CIA leak but havn't got an answer yet. Maybe they will read the ads and conclude that something is going on, something that just might take their job away from them. We are starting to click as concerned Americans, We will win this fight against a corrupt dangerous administration. It's time to put Cheney, Rumsfeld and their puppet Bush in jail, but first we need to impeach them...and that we will do.

Though people have spoken widely about the March on the 24, Sunday the 25, they will have more activities on grassroots organizing, and equally important, Monday will be "lobby your Rep." Day.

I hope to see many of you there even if you have to take Monday off work! (I will be!)

In spite of a failing mainstream media and wimpy Democrats in Congress, "we the people" still run the show.

Mr. Bush, your worst days are just ahead.

Rove is useless to you now, time to fire him.

Things are really bad in this country when the only way to have the truth in print is for the public to pay for it in ad form. Where is the news on Feingold's bill to ban lobbyists? Where is the coverage on the planned protest in Washington in September? Where is Hillary's bill s-450 to reform voting and ban e-machines without paper trail?
etc. etc. etc. ...


from the ( Re-Written ) Declaration of Independence

first published in 2001 by


LEAD TO A MILITARY for Millionaires ONLY.

Multimillionaires after stealing elections

NOW OWN... the US Military

without the consent of the People of the United States,

And this is a National Security Nightmare for the American People

and for People around the Earth.

And He keeps among us, in this time of Occupation by Millionaires

over the upper, middle and poor class,

a Standing Army to protect the illegally

and unfairly BOUGHT elected offices.


He keeps a large domestic police teams and the military in place

to protect the Millionaires in Power,

to protect their perks that get them re-elected and re-elected

in election after election

and keep under their control, the People.


He conducts a Drug War to Police America and the World,

instead of confronting the underlying health problem

of the hopelessness people feel having a government

dominated by the Millionaires Class.


Around the world,

His Example and the Reality of Corrupt American Democracy

has created a big HATE target all over America

and on the Backs of all Americans.


He and the Rich have forever, provided illegal,

UNFAIR dishonorable ways for their sons

to get out of going to WARS with deferments from the draft,

government manipulation

and other UN-EQUAL, UN-FAIR corruption.


All the while the Middle Class and Poor Class die

in disproportionate numbers

to the millionaire class

in all WARS.
. ... Continue Reading 4 FREE If U Want 2 at...

Scroll Down till you see...

Yellow LINK 2

( Re-Written ) Declaration of Independence

Thank U and Keep Up the Good Fight !

& All U Sweet Supporters

In ( Cindy s ) Ditch in Texas

and All Around OUR Earth

Peace & Love 2 U... Yes U

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