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Grim reminder of the future

Grim reminder of the future
[Information I’ve seen indicates that] 89 U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan so far this month as the four-year anniversary of Sept. 11 approaches, with no sign, or mention, of Osama bin Laden, despite bombings in London, nor does President Bush appear interested in finding him or the anthrax terrorists. Indeed, Bush is busy setting vacation records.

For Americans who’ve noticed the looming cloud over the United States since Bush took office and wonder, “What’s going on?

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Sadly, I was just visiting my own father - a lifelong Republican, who despite doubts about the current administration, explained to me that we are in a holy war now, and that it is "us vs. Islam" and that this activity in South Carolina was the beginning of a movement to eliminate Muslims and their evil religion from our shores.

I was stunned.

Israel's disinformation and deception campaign continues apace, converting a Presbytarian into a "Christian Soldier," fighting a war on Israel's behalf.

Even more sadly, over on Congressman Conyer's blog, nearly all discussion of Israel has been banned under the false flag banner of "anti-Semitism," in deference to the Congressman's political aspirations.

What could be more telling about the extent to which AIPAC has full control over our own foreign policy? We are fighting a war on Israel's behalf, to build bases to protect them, using our treasure and our blood, with a False Flag Operation as the pretext for it.

Google: carl cameron israeli spies
Google: "dancing israelis"

View the 4 part series Fox News series - which has been hidden from public view.

Explain the "Dancing Israelis"

Explain their deportation without charges.

Speak of the government of Israel in a negative light on Conyers Blog, and be banned.

Sometimes we can determine who is guilty by their own actions.


Ask for a definition of anti-Semitism

They won't even define it.

Saving the Republic won't happen unless the DEMOCRATS WHO ARE BEHOLDEN TO AIPAC cut their ties and run against AIPAC's influence over our foreign policy.



By Norman G. Finkelstein

In this long-awaited sequel to his international bestseller The Holocaust Industry, Norman G. Finkelstein moves from an iconoclastic interrogation of the new anti-Semitism to a meticulously researched expose of the corruption of scholarship on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Bringing to bear the latest findings on the conflict and recasting the scholarly debate, Finkelstein points to a consensus among historians and human rights organizations on the factual record. Why, then, does so much controversy swirl around the conflict? Finkelstein's answer, copiously documented, is that apologists for Israel contrive controversy. Whenever Israel comes under international pressure, another media campaign alleging a global outbreak of anti-Semitism is mounted.

Finkelstein also scrutinizes the proliferation of distortion masquerading as history. Recalling Joan Peters' book From Time Immemorial, published to great fanfare in 1984 but subsequently exposed as an academic hoax, he asks deeply troubling questions here about the periodic reappearance of spurious scholarship and the uncritical acclaim it receives. The most recent addition to this mendacious genre, Finkelstein argues, is Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz's bestseller, The Case for Israel.

The core analysis of Beyond Chutzpah sets Dershowitz's assertions on Israel's human rights record against the findings of the mainstream human rights community. Sifting through thousands of pages of reports from organizations such as Amnesty International, B'Tselem, and Human Rights Watch, Finkelstein demonstrates that Dershowitz has systematically misrepresented the facts.

Thoroughly researched and tightly argued, Beyond Chutzpah lifts the veil of contrived controversy shrouding the Israel-Palestine conflict, enabling readers in search of a just and lasting peace to act on the basis of truth.

"Whenever Israel comes under international pressure, another media campaign alleging a global outbreak of anti-Semitism is mounted."

We have proof of the verity of this statement. Just recently the Pope made a public statement about his concern over "the rise in anti-semitism".

If that ain't a "coincidence".........

By blocking all talk about Israel. This is AIPAC Israel's neoconservative movement that's what its all about, READ THE PRESS REPORT:

How the fuc* is this about anti-semitism?!?? Its about anti-zionism, THOSE IDIOTS HAVE BRAINWASHED PEOPLE!!!! PERIOD!!!!

A Zionist does not = a JEW, Judaism is the OPPOSITE of Zionism!!!!! Most zionists aren't even true JEWS!

Doug E.

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